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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Challenges of Being Black in America.

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( People can’t snap their fingers and change their race in an instant. In fact, it’s impossible to escape race. When you’re born as a black American, then you’re going to have to live through that until the day you die. However, there are some who think they’re more superior than most just because of the color of their skin.

We all have races, and we have individual traits that make us unique from others. Still, society dictates that there will always be a superior being – a superior race if you will – among the many others living in this one Earth we all share. This mentality has brought people to think that they’re better in every way than the rest of the world. With that being said, being a black person in the United States is quite difficult, and they do have struggles that are reasonably obvious to the public eye, and yet some circles choose to disregard these challenges just because of the color of their skin.

An Inability to Communicate Properly

Racial discrimination is so large in the US that it inhibits people, especially black Americans to suppress their feelings and emotions. One of the most common thoughts about seeing a black person walking about is that they’re up to no good. Being taught to immediately judge a person by their looks can lead to frustration, sorrow, disappointment, loneliness and even anger. However, all these feelings just get pent up inside because it’s going to be difficult if the individual being targeted by these false claims to react to the accusations. We’re all human beings on this planet; as such, we need to understand and be understood at the same time. Sadly, many people don’t feel the same way.

To Be Good as the Whites

Before we proceed, note that this post is by no means to degrade all whites or blacks. However, we can’t rule out the possibility that there will be white and black Americans (or people in general) that will always be up to no good. When the topic of racial discrimination is at hand, there will be some individuals who’ll think that the whites are the most powerful and most dominant race on this Earth. The constant struggle to prove that a black American is as good as a white, or any other person on this planet creates an everlasting ache the likes of which some people might never know.

There are no Black Role Models

Again, white supremacy is a thing in the US, and it’s very real. Some people might disregard it, but there are many people in America who don’t like different skin tones and color. Some companies won’t even accept certain individuals just because they don’t like the color of the skin. A person has responsibilities and integrities, and the sad part about this is that being honest about your feelings will be the toughest way out of the dilemma.

The Fear of the Police

Unfortunately, white supremacy digs deep into the heart of the police force in varying regions across the US. There are even reports wherein black men and women get arrested for no apparent or legitimate reason when all they were doing was taking a nice stroll at the park or sidewalk. You can be the best defensive driver in the world, but once a police officer thinks that you’re up to no good just because of the color of your skin, then you’re in for trouble. Us blacks are also always looked at with suspicion at a store. I very much like forums (I am a moderator at as a means of communication because atleast there people communicate without any racial profiling.

The challenges of being a black individual in America rise each day, and the current administration sees no sign of stopping this atrocity.

Staff Writer; Matt Harris

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