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Whitney Houston: It Wasn’t Bobby Brown.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Some people won’t let the deceased rest, and they can’t accept the truth of a matter. When Showtime aired their documentary on Whitney Houston the discussion rekindled about Bobby Brown’s involvement with her drug addiction. So many of us love Whitney Houston, she is The Voice that can never be replaced. To this day we can listen to her music, and it invokes feeling, and it moves us. The loss of her was such a tragedy, and everyone was looking for someone to blame.

Yes, we had no choice but to acknowledge that our beloved Whitney Houston indeed was addicted to drugs, but what we didn’t want to believe was that the problem predated Bobby Brown. Whitney was the American Sweetheart of Pop and R&B, and there was no way this good girl raised up in the church with musical Icons for family members was responsible for her introduction to drugs. It was so much easier to blame the bad boy of R&B Bobby Brown. He seemed to be everything she wasn’t…edgy, loud and wild.

The problem many wrestle with, but need to acknowledge is: Bobby Brown did not introduce Whitney Houston to drugs. In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey Whitney Houston’s brother, in the presence of her mother, admitted to introducing her to drugs. With that being, said it’s time to let the Bobby Brown did it sentiment go because it’s simply not the truth. To this day when the subject of Whitney Houston is brought up, and her death is discussed Bobby Brown is named as a culprit in her demise. She was just too good for him. Well Whitney Houston was a real person, and had her tendencies. She wasn’t the image the record company portrayed; that doesn’t make her a bad person it makes her human.

The media, and fans, have blamed Bobby Brown to the point he was ill-treated when she passed. Regardless of their fall out…Bobby Brown loved Whitney Houston, and the loss of her life hurt him. On the back end of losing her he would lose the child that was the product of their union and love. Many owe Bobby Brown an apology he will never receive.

There are some that won’t acknowledge they have been wrong about him, and insist against facts that he was the undoing of her. Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston, at some point became unhealthy for each other and drugs had plenty to do with that outcome. It’s far time to lay this too rest. Love Whitney Houston, but let’s stop demonizing Bobby Brown…he didn’t start her on this path.

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6 Responses to “Whitney Houston: It Wasn’t Bobby Brown.”
  1. Lenuta Petre says:

    In the same interview with Oprah Winfrey mentioned in the story, Whitney Houston also said: “I wasn’t happy with the marriage…. I was losing me into that by trying to be pleasing.” At the question of Oprah: “When did the drugs start?” Whitney answered: “Before the Bodyguard it was very light. After The Bodyguard, I had Krissy, it started getting heavy.” About Bobby drinking, Whitney said: “The alcoholism, that’s an ugly thing. Either you’re going to be a really nice alcoholic or a really mean one. He was really mean.”
    So, I totally agree with the xyz’s comments.

  2. xyz says:


  3. xyz says:

    @Wayne, the truer words have never been spoken.

    This entire article is dumb, this biopic is very inaccurate and should never be used to discuss anything related to Whitney Houston to begin with.

    Like I said, he did not introduce her to drugs, neither did she introduce him, yet his behaviour contributed to her addiction very, very much.

    Strange no one wants to side with a woman, one of the all time greats but here we have another “Bobby was not bad” article where the author “forgot” to mention what you said and many examples of his disgusting behaviour which started not so long after they had married and has not stopped since.

    He has been exploiting her, changing her story, lying about her for decades but dummies side with that loser who had one hit album 30 years ago, pretty much like MC Hammer but the latter’s album was bigger.

  4. xyz says:

    Looks like Brown’s PR team is working overtime. Whitney never said he introduced her to drugs, Whitney family never said he did it, Whitney never blamed anybody but herself for her addiction.

    While Bobby Brown did not introduce her to narcotics his unacceptable behaviour: domestic abuse, being an unfaithful bum who did not even work, preferred to spend time behind bars or with strippers instead, his constant insecurity, putting her down had a huge impact on her addiction.

    It was established many years ago that each time she wanted to stay clean Brown did not want her to.

    Why do we owe him an apology ? He is depicted as much better than he was, partially thanks to his male privilege, doesn’t Brown owe Whitney an apology ? Doesn’t Brown owe Whitney an apology for trying to rewrite history, for using her kindness both before and after she passed, for abandoning their daughter when she needed somebody she could rely on the most, meaning just after Whitney’s passing.

    Nobody owns him an apology.

  5. wayne says:

    When she brought Bobby Brown in her life she brought the devil with her why stick up for the scum the guy spat in her face.

  6. Sherry P. says:

    Glad someone finally has finally spoken the truth. Why do the masses continue to blame Bobby Brown. Whitney was an adult, drugs among other stuff sealed her fate.

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