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8 Extremely Common Causes Of Flat Tire You Should Be Careful About During Your Trip.

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( Ever changed a flat tire in your life?

Do you find it easy to change a flat tire or is it mind numbing?

Flat tires are a hassle that everyone wishes to avoid. It is not just time consuming or energy draining, but also very dangerous for your well being as well as the well being of others around you.

One shall never drive on a flat tire because it may flip the car over, it may completely damage the rims and it may even slide the car around. All these and many more incidents can occur, which can also lead to some devastating accidents.

Common Causes

The following are some of the common reasons why flat tires are caused:

  1. Sharp Objects

One of the most common causes of flat tires is a sharp object. People throw sharp objects like nails, metal scraps or broken knives etcetera on the roads, without even thinking about the vehicles that may run over it. It is a possibility that your car may run over a sharp object and create a hole in the tire, making it loose air pressure and become flat. The only two options that you have then is to either getting it towed or to replace it with an extra tire yourself. Drive safe!

  1. High Pressure

When the tires are over-filled, the pressure in them increases. There comes a point where the pressure is too much to be contained. Such high pressures result in tire bursting or valve damage. Keep a check when the tire is being filled and avoid such incidents.

  1. Damaged Valve Stem

One of the other common causes are damaged valve stems. It is the tiny protrusion which is unscrewed to inflate the tire. If it is damaged or loose, it can cause a leak; resulting in a flat tire. Regular change will help to avoid this to happen.

  1. Unexpected Damage

One can never know all the reasons for a particular incident, same is the case with a flat tire. You may never know how or when it happened, so it is better to drive carefully and check all the parts before leaving for a road trip because nothing else spoils the mood, as a broken down car. It is better to take time before leaving than to spoil the trip due to car issues afterwards.

  1. Vandalism

Always be careful in terms of the area, you park your car at. One of the frustrating reasons of flat tire could be a person, intentionally inflating the tire of your car. Even though, you can simply reflate it, but it is extremely irritating to experience such a thing.

  1. Ripped Tire

A worn or ripped tire can be another reason for a flat tire because it can easily go flat, as it is not able to feel the pressure caused by the roads or the weight inside the car. Always check for damage and regular change is necessary to have a safe road trip.

  1. Collision

When a car collides into the sidewalk or when it pops a curb, the tire and the rim separates. The rubber slips slightly from the rim, causing the air pressure to reduce slowly. You need to call a professional mechanic to solve this problem, so it is better to drive carefully than to be rough.

  1. Bead Leak

Sometimes, the air leaks from the tire beads, causing the tire to go flat over time. To keep a check for such a problem, you simply need to spray the tire with soapy water and if bubbles forms up, it means that there is a leak. Always check it before you leave for a road trip because it’s better late than never.

Better to Check

As already mentioned multiple times above, you should drive your car safely to avoid any incidents to not just your life, but the lives of others. Nothing spoils the mood of a road trip more than a need to call a car towing service.

Still, always choose the best one to keep your car safe, in case of flat tires.

Staff Writer; Terry Ford

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