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Towards a Better Society: Redefining The Role of a responsible citizen.

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( There is a solution to every problem. The world around us is made up of our thoughts. We weave thoughts, set our own rules, write the meanings of right and wrong in our own ways. But it is a universal truth that all the problems have a solution, at least if you are not a pessimist like that philosophical friend who has given up hopes on the world.

When a problem occurs, there will be problem solvers. But when it comes to strengthening society, we look for help or we want someone to watch us making changes. We are living in the age where everyone wants to see what’s on camera. Well, who cares about what’s going on behind the scenes, right?

We choose people and start treating them the supreme power. Whether they are knowledgeable or not, such so called authorities have been influencing generations since ages. No matter whether they are solving the problems in reality or not, but since they are the supreme power, people believe that they will bring the required change. If you ask them about a time frame, they have hundreds of excuses and the most common one is “you are the culprit.”

With time, we see new faces, new administrators, new lawmakers and brand new authorized persons.

So what should you do? Should you stop casting vote? Or give up on the society? Not at all, right? Such things don’t help in building a strong society. The best way is to make a decision, start acting upon it and stick to it.

Don’t Just Speak, Act

Don’t wait for the right moment because the right moment is your present. Make it count. Make it memorable. Why do you wait for the authorities to tell you to do something? Why do we wait for their advertisements to encourage us? Can’t you be your own inspiration?

Grow up

We have to take responsibility for everything we do. Don’t wait for someone to call for action and don’t play the blame game. The world is full of complaints, and let us not be the one who complains. Social media warriors exist around the world but never changed anything. Rather blaming for problems, we have to be proactive in problem-solving. Responsibility brings discipline, vision and the ability to learn from mistakes.

A girl from a remote town near Durham, NC made a difference by grabbing the attention of Governor. She wrote a letter to him with a request to provide basic facilities to her village. The Governor’s Office was impressed by the action taken by this teenager and it ordered the local authority to improve the infrastructure of her town. This is the change every “American” can bring!


Developing a strong society doesn’t necessarily mean free stuff. Educating poor children or providing them study material for free doesn’t fulfill the actual needs. Teach them a skill you are proficient in. Educate people you meet. Teach them a skill through which they can earn, share the knowledge and empower others.

A Good Society Is Open to Questions

A fair social environment is all about how open you are for questions. Rather blaming or avoiding answering the hard questions, why don’t we face them. What’s wrong if someone is questioning us about our beliefs, attitude, solutions, strategies, and plans? Let them ask. Running away from questions or showing aggression over such questions not only increases the problems, but it reflects your lack of patience and knowledge as well.

Join a Cause

No, it is not about registering yourself with an NGO and it is also not about joining some social workers to support their cause. Find your own cause. Find a problem you don’t want to see arising in your family, relations, and society. Find a cause and fight. No matter whether you are alone or having a huge followership. “Be the change you want to see in the world,” said Mahatma Gandhi.

None of these ways involve government at all. So regardless of your opinion about your government, there are things which only you can do. Feel proud that you alone can change the things around you. You alone can solve the problems and can give a better life to people. No matter what your social or financial status is, giving a better society to the next generation is completely in your hands.

Be so strong and confident that no one will have to push you. Administration and faces will change, but the society you live in won’t change itself. The choice is yours. Do something or just sit and curse.

Staff Writer; Corey Shaw

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