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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Coca Cola Will Always be Unhealthy.

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( I absolutely love strong carbonated drinks. Coca Cola was once a favorite, and I admit I indulged in the drink often. However, I begin to wonder about Coke when I saw it used to clean a car battery and when I learned I could clean blood off many surfaces. If Coke could clean corrosion off a car battery one has to wonder what it does to the inside of the human body. In addition to those concerns watching avid Coke drinkers battle with diabetes, and even dental problems was enough to truly consider the worth of this drink. The problem is many of us know these things, yet can’t let go of this drink to save our life.

In 1983 Coca Cola came out with Diet Coke, and many jumped on this rink craze as a “healthy” alternative to drinking Coke. However, it has been proven that diet soft drinks are worse than the original version of the drink. In addition, when dealing with weight loss challenges one hurdle to face is portion sizes. This obstacle applies to beverages as well as food. Diet Coke, and does Coke, seemed like an addiction drink that is consumes in high quantity. If a drink such a Coke is highly consumed then there is a change that water is not consumed in the amount the body needs. In 2006 Coca Cola cashed in on the new push for fitness and better health in launching Coke Zero which is zero sugar and calories.

This option faired better then diet coke for those that were not only watching sugar, but counting calories. There is even a version of Coke Zero called Coca Cola Zero Sugar is set to his shelves this year. Coca Cola is definitely a refreshing drink going down, and it has the carbonated bite some of us have grown to love…and need. However, many of us must come to terms with a simply fact: no matter how many versions of Coca Cola come out it will never be a drink that is healthy. It doesn’t matter what they take out, because what stays in is simply toxic and always will be.

Since many of us can’t drink just one Coke the amount of phosphoric acid is harmful to the body. When we go back to the list of non-dietary uses for Coca Cola we must ask ourselves if we want that in our body. Coke over time can strip your teeth of its enamel. This can’t come as too much of a surprise when it cleans the car battery, if allowed to sit cleans the grout on floors, clean the toilets, remove rust from pools, remove stains such as blood, and this list can continue on.

There are many alternatives to the caffeine we could get from Coke. While the body goes through many chemical changes when one consumes coke, but one in particular is “45 minutes after consuming it, brain center for pleasure is stimulated by the raised production of a hormone called dopamine. This is the same situation heroin creates in the brain.” That is enough to find a better alternative for caffeine and carbonation.

Granted some will continue to drink Coca Cola no matter what studies show. If you do so do it knowing that it’s never going to be a healthy choice, and you drink it at your own risk. As for me I will be exploring other options because the threat of this drink, and others like it, aiding diabetes is enough to scare me straight.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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2 Responses to “Coca Cola Will Always be Unhealthy.”
  1. Gehrkster says:

    This is a good article. I think not only Coca-Cola, with its carbonated characteristics and poor choices for health but much of the American diet options. If one were to look at their daily diet and analyze The effects of pesticides which wipe out our own natural gut Flora that is now emerging to show a connection to our emotions through the Vegas nerve, GMO’s, and all the deep frying which alters certain oils and starch components into carcinogens. It’s become very difficult to eat healthy and with all the research going on showing that while many are making a mint by producing fast foods it is sad to watch Americans become such an unhealthy nation. It doesn’t seem the FDA is as concerned about the health of the nation as they are about making more money. Money doesn’t buy health when this type of activity is going on. I’m not sure when or if it will stop but my predictions are we will see our nation grow to be more unhealthy overtime. Why would we want to give our kids things that can cause such damage such as fake dyes, NutraSweet, saccharin , MSG? The list goes on. Unfortunately so many people don’t understand how important it is that we give our brain the important nutrients to continue to develop. It’s not surprising we have all these diagnoses of ADHD. Epocrates nailed it Wayback when when he said, “Food is your medicine.”

    I don’t believe it singling out the Coca-Cola brand I think it’s being aware that our bodies and our brains are being fed toxic chemicals that happen to taste good. Quit being lazy America, take care your brain invest in your self and our children and take a stand. We need to prioritize our children, our heath, which in turn will improve our ability to educate further.

  2. Coleman says:

    I’m wondering, why did you single out Coke brands ? … Would this not be consistent with other beverages such as Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and others?

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