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Thursday, December 13, 2018

T.D. Jakes: ‘The Church’s Have Become Prostitutes To Politics’!

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IT’S not unreasonable or naive to believe that when the religious leaders in your community give advice that they are giving it with a pure heart and for the best interest of the person or the community but that’s not what we have in the black community from the religious leaders , our religious leaders are capable of using their spiritual authority for political reasons and will do it for cash and now after decades of this immoral practice it has not only squandered our political capital and made us the stupidest voters in history but it has also contaminated and destroyed what little integrity the black church had and we’re witnessing its final day’s.


THE DEMOCRATS learned long ago that if you want the black vote you have to have the black preachers because black people especially black women do whatever their preachers tell them, the first to benefit from this union was of course JESSE JACKSON who earned the support of the democratic party establishment by ending the resistance that the black church had towards homosexuality and abortion and this turned out to be the consummation of the marriage between the black church and the democratic party.

AL SHARPTON who is fourteen years JESSE’S junior and considers himself JESSE’S protege’ took the craft to another level by openly shopping the black vote to whoever would pay him and AL didn’t try to hide it he would openly boast he could deliver the black vote and that’s what made him valuable, AL recently talked about HILLARY’S loss to TRUMP in the recent elections , he cynically said ‘her mistake was she did not mobilize in the black community, he invited her to meeting of black leaders but she declined to attend’ , a decision he said led to her eventual loss , AL often talks about the vast network of black preachers he can tap into to get the black vote out on any given issue or candidate and for cash of course !

AL said ‘ we had one of the biggest gatherings of black ministers and all at the convention in PHILADELPHIA RIGHT!, they’re all there MARC MORIAL , the URBAN LEAGUE , the head of the NAACP is the the civil rights activist, how do you not have HILLARY come by he said,these are the people that get your vote out that’s your base , you lost MICHIGAN by what 15, 20,000 votes, you could’ve gotten that if you mobilized two housing projects and three church’s. http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/05/23/al-sharpton-explains-why-hillary-clinton-lost-to-trump-surprisingly-his-explanation-makes-sense/ the democrats are totally dependent on the mindless black vote but instead of having to campaign or compete for it they can simply pay the preachers.


THE two preachers caught in one of JAMES O’KEEFE’S ‘project veritas’ sting thought they found a wealthy consultant who needed the black church to get voters to the polls and both preachers MARLON .C MACK and MARION JOHNSON go into great details of how they are able to get their congregation to the polls and tell them who to vote for, both preachers also explain to the fake consultant how they can be paid without violating the law and most importantly they state , ‘this is how most church’s do this’.

YOU’LL also see the contempt that these so called men of GOD have for their congregation, they know they’re people are ignorant about politics but instead of teaching them and making them informed and intelligent voters , they manipulate them and sell them to the highest bidder , these men are a prime example of the quality of leadership in the black church they see their own people as nothing more than meal tickets and even though they know their people are impoverished and poorly educated they don’t care and they don’t feel a thing because it makes their job that much easier, all while posing as men of GOD it’s a amazing story and if you do a little research you find one of the preachers MARLON .C MACK http://www.nwitimes.com/news/local/pastor-accused-of-child-molesting-jailed/article_66eb6f72-fa5f-5091-bb6b-cdc25d07c121.html has a history we’ll all find repulsive, which sadly has also become a feature in the black church, I know there are a few black religious leaders who are sincere and do walk the walk but for the most part our religious leaders are mediocre con men sucking the blood of their own poor people.


SINCE T.D JAKES has become the biggest name in the religious entertainment industry I’M happy that it was him that finally stated the obvious and that is ‘the church has become a prostitute to politics’ http://www1.cbn.com/cbnnews/us/2017/may/t-d-jakes-the-church-has-become-prostitutes-to-politics and that statement is a little misleading because the black church has been a prostitute to democrat politics for decades, we were forbidden to even consider the republicans or anyone else and how the black preachers got away with this for so long just boggles the mind.

BLACK CHURCH goers should know that for the last 3 decades you have voted for everything that is immoral and indecent in this country abortion and even partial birth ,homosexual marriage and the now transgender movement and even allowing them into our daughters bathrooms and I can also tell you the last 8 years alone you have voted for all of GEORGE SOROS’S satanic agenda’s and his candidates.

FOR a people who claim to be walking with GOD its strange how you vote for evil every chance you get, this has to be acknowledged so that you may stop taking advice from people who are trying their best to lead you to hell.

THE BIBLE has a lot to say about preachers who lead their flock astray and none of it is good , we have to learn to think for ourselves because black leadership is not trustworthy enough for us to defer too , especially our politics , many of us may believed we’re saved but GOD has your voting record.

AGAIN its good T.D. JAKES finally comes clean and tell the truth about the political situation we find ourselves in, but he’s only about 30 years too late!

Staff Writer; Robert Jordan

Official website; http://TheAfricanSpear.com


4 Responses to “T.D. Jakes: ‘The Church’s Have Become Prostitutes To Politics’!”
  1. Rhett Ralph says:

    I just found out about thy Blackman.com. And I must say it is a joy to read the truth about issues that we as black people do not pay attention too. The topics you talk about are the same ones I talk to my friends about. Black folks have to become more aware of what’s really going on today. We cannot keep waiting on the Democratic Party to bail us out. The Democratic Party is not the Party for our people anymore. They only come to our community when they need us and they barely come then. They just automatically know that black people are going to vote democrat regardless. Knowing that most of our people are not going to do any serious research on a democratic candidate to see if they even support what we are looking for in a candidate. Simply put we, black people as a whole have to organize, unify, create our own agenda and seek out a candidate that’s at least going to make a serious effort to get things done. And if that means creating another separate Party from the democrats and republicans so be it. Strength exists in numbers does it not? Its time to wake up, wise up, and rise up!

  2. M Anthony says:

    Juanita Bynum exposes Jakes “get ready, get ready”.

    And yet she is just as fake

  3. M Anthony says:

    T.D. Fakes is one of the biggest preacher pulpit Pimps in this country. Getting women to come to his conferences to get “loosed” or set free when the Bible already said Christ has done that. And who the son has set free is free indeed. T.D. Fakes is a moneychanger just like those moneychangers in the temple when Christ turned over the tables.

    Read Matthew chapter 24, among others. Jakes is loved by the world even though the Bible says be careful when all men speak well of you. He brought wounded, un-submissive Juanita Bynum to the forefront and you see how she turned out once she was exposed.

    Jakes is very rich and his followers are fools he has sold hope to at a price tag. When did Christ charge for anything?

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