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The Social System’s Major Role In The Ongoing Assault Against Urban Youth.

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( Historically and today, the social system has had a very notorious role in the ongoing assault and criminalization of urban youth in America. And it has affected the lives of our youth in this country in so many negative ways.

One notorious example of this is recently when six urban teenage males in Florida were illegally chased and pushed into a pole causing the car to burn that later led to three of them being killed at the hands of the Pinellas County Sherriff’s Department, the same murderous thugs that are also responsible for the deaths of three teenage urban girls last year when they were murdered in an eerily similar way by being illegally chased, corralled, and pushed into a pond by one of the most notorious thugs that PCSD has in Howard Skaggs who is in charge of a special chase unit called “The Wolfpack” in which I personally call “The Thugpack” specifically designed to illegally chase and kill young urban teenagers.

And then to cover up their crimes of murdering these young teenage urban kids, The PCSD along with the disgusting, offensive, oppressive, vicious, slanderous, and destructive colonial media wasting no time attacking, slandering, and blaming the deceased urban kids, their families, and the entire urban community for their deaths by saying that “they deserved to die.” and that a car is more valuable than three black teens killed by the state.

Another way the social system attacks urban youth that many people in the urban community don’t talk about is through this poisonous, toxic, and destructive music that big parasitic capitalist corporations like Clear Channel force feed our kids on a daily basis by telling young urban males in particular to not respect the sisters, sleep with every woman that approaches them from within 50 feet, stay drunk on that purple drank and turn up at the club and make it rain, disrespect their entire community, promote and glorify horizontal violence against another brother, slinging rocks to other young brothers, and stay high like Nate Dogg once said back in the day “Smoke Weed Everyday” as if it was a public service announcement.

And then that same poisonous, toxic, and destructive music that is force-fed to our young boys also negatively affects our young girls when they hear messages of disrespecting one another, hating themselves, take pride in being a “bad bitch“, sleep with every guy that comes from within 50 feet of them, and Nicki Minaj even took it a step further when she encouraged young urban girls to “suck a n***a’s dick while he’s counting stacks on the table“.

And then a lot of our youth are also attacked by the current social system when they are arrested for minor things at school that colonial kids get away with like having guns and drugs in their possession. The prison system is modern day legalized slavery in which the colonial ruling class and big parasitic capitalist corporations make millions and billions off the mass exploitation of our youth that are currently incarcerated by the state.

Also, one of the biggest ways that the social system attacks urban youth is through the public school system where they’re being constantly attacked, criminalized, and demoralized on a daily basis by not only mostly white nationalist administrators and teachers, but are also targeted by police officers that often intimidate, harass, taze, pepper spray, and violently throw young urban kids to the ground with a knee put in their back that leaves young urban kids with physical and psychological injuries that are difficult for some to overcome.

Even the public school history curriculum constantly attacks and demoralizes young urban kids on a daily basis by telling them lies of “Their history started with slavery“, “They’ve contributed nothing throughout world history“, and “They’ll always be inferior to whites“.

Also, young urban kids are also attacked and demoralized in the form of these oppressive, discriminatory, and negative “dress code” policies that are viciously enforced by school systems across the country that prohibits young urban students from truly expressing their culture and their heritage.

An example of this is when a high school in a predominant urban area in Kentucky last year had an enforced “dress code” policy that had very blatantly discriminatory guidelines like “The policy says that students can’t have their hair in cornrows, braids, twists, and locks. It also says students cannot wear braids, and that cutout designs are forbidden. The new policy also has rules for male students. Under the policy, they cannot have hair beyond their shoulders, and it cannot go below their eyebrows. They are also forbidden to have highlights or colored hair not qualified as a “natural hair color.” Additionally, students cannot have hair colors that are two-toned, or sharply contrasting.” Those types of “dress code” policies are meant to specifically criminalize and target urban kids.

The Conclusion – We must teach our kids about the numerous ways that the social system continuously attacks, criminalizes, and demoralizes them on a daily basis so that they know who their true enemy is and what they’re truly up against which is the social system. We must also teach our kids on how to fight back against this vicious and oppressive social system, not to be assimilated into it.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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