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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Truth Of Genesis: The Seven Feasts of Yehovah, Part 7D.

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( This was supposed to be the finale of the Seven Feasts series. From Genesis through Revelation, the seven feasts play a major role in the sequence of events, and how ordinances are applied. The Hebrews were commanded to follow them for all time, and I suspect that even while Yeshua reigns from the New Jerusalem, these feasts with yet be carried out. One supporting factor is that all the Earth will have to send an emissary to Jerusalem forever at the Feast of Tabernacles, else their country shall have no rain for a year. It will be in honor of Yeshua’s birthday.

First, concerning the seven days which were shown to Moses on Mt. Sinai, the chronological order of the days follow the same sequence as the seven feasts. Passover is the Fourth day, on a Wednesday, and is the only day of Creation Week (4.6 Billion BC) which Moses saw. The fifth day represents Restoration Week one, which Moses could see the creation of the sea dinosaurs (monsters) and the first birds, in 244 Million BC. This aligns with the feast of Unleavened Bread, on a Thursday. This followed the “Great Extinction” of 245 Million BC.

The sixth day, on a Friday, represents Restoration Week two. On this day, Moses could see the formation of the giant land mammals, the first horse, and the third advent of mankind, which was not Adam & Eve. This advent of mankind was the first to be made in the image of Yehovah, unlike the previous two eras (of mankind). Who knows what previous mankind looked like? This is why the sequence of events in Gen 1:24-26 (in 64 Million BC), is different from that of when Adam (Gen 2:18-20) was made in 7200 BC. This aligns with the feast of First Fruits.

The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) completes the feasts of the Spring. Looking at the seven days of Moses, this is on a Sabbath day. The Lord of the Sabbath, rose from the dead on the Sabbath, completing the notation of the number four, which is the number of humanity, and the number of the tribe of Judah. Yeshua’s humanity came before His divinity. Yehovah rested (for the fourth time) on this day, which brings to an end the third week of Restoration, after Earth had suffered a third mass extinction event (in 24 Million BC?). This begins the fourth era of mankind on Earth, which lasts for maybe 23 million years, before the fourth extinction of life occurs on Earth. Upon each extinction, a remnant would be saved within the hollow Earth. Such a remnant were the “sons of God” in Genesis chapter 6, and in the book of Job. In other words, they were pre-historic mankind, not “fallen angels”. Angels don’t have reproductive organs.

The “Day of Trumpets” begins the Autumn feasts. It is represented as the “first day” that was shown to Moses on Mt. Sinai. The fourth extinction on Earth (1 Million BC?) had ended with a global flood, which is why the fifth week of restoration begins in darkness, and there are no continents (land masses) to be seen. The “first day” should be read as” the dry ground could not be seen, and was void of (air breathing) life; and darkness was on the face of the oceans”. Since there was no man on the Earth to see (the signs of) the Sun and Moon, they were “turned off”. The Sun was rekindled on the fourth day of restoration week four, over 900,000 years ago, which Moses did not see. He only was shown the first day of that week of restoration, which began the fifth era of mankind.

The “Day of Atonement”, begins the fifth week of restoration, in which Adam and Eve were formed, right after the Ice Age, was in 7200 BC. This is the era that “the Creator’s son” comes to Earth to rescind the reign of Lucifer over the Earth. The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was put in the Garden of Eden not as a snare to mankind, but as entrapment for Satan. As a result of Satan usurping the birthright of mankind, it opened the door for Yeshua to come and redeem the Earth from Satan. Jesus came and “atoned”, or made recompense, for the sins of mankind, breaking the yoke that Lucifer had on the Earth.

The Feast of Tabernacles represents the third day of Moses, which was the gathering together of the waters, the bringing forth of the grass, fruits, and herbs. This day, which Moses saw, is in the future, when the seventh and final advent of man will occur. Actually, it is the advent of Yeshua, the King. Forever and ever, Jesus will reign from the New Jerusalem, and “God will be with us”.

This era will never end, and death & disease will only be in the history books. Every gentile nation on Earth, will have to send a representative to Jerusalem every year for recognition of Yeshua’s birthday, which is the first day of the seven day feast of Tabernacles. Jesus was born on September 26, 3 BC. If any nation fails to send an emissary, that nation will have no rain for a year. If that nation fails a second time to send a representative, that nation will be cursed with a plague.

Yehovah performed His creative process in seven stages or eras, which will culminate with the Feast of Tabernacles. The Seven Feasts have such a wide spread of applications, they were more than I had originally anticipated. So it looks like I’ll have to go to Part 7E, and try to cover Salvation and Final Disposition.

Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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One Response to “The Truth Of Genesis: The Seven Feasts of Yehovah, Part 7D.”
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