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The System’s Attacks Targeting Urban Women – Sterilization & Mass Incarceration.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Recently, lawmakers in Tennessee have now made the prison environment for female inmates, particularly female inmates from poor urban areas less humane and more deplorable.

According to reports, inmates in Tennessee jails have been given the option to receive lighter prison sentences if they agree to receive vasectomies or insert a contraceptive device into their bodies. This new law in Tennessee systemically targets and also brings negative implications for urban women.

In California, urban women were also being forcibly sterilized against their own will while their bodies are often being violated in the process. Between 2005 and 2013, 144 female inmates were forcibly sterilized against their own will without consent and most of those forced sterilizations were systemically targeting urban women.

Sterilization is a part of the continuous colonial attack on urban women and is also a major part of the colonial terrorism that’s has been inflicted against urban women for over 600 years because for colonialism and imperialism to maintain its dominance over the oppressed, repression and exploitation of the oppressed must be continued.

Even one of the most notorious white nationalists in American history in Margaret Sanger, a “hero” of the other notorious white nationalist in Hillary Clinton, who notoriously called urban youth “superpredators” over 20 years ago as well as being responsible for putting more than 100,000 police officers into urban areas that rapidly increased the death count and incarceration numbers for urban people back in the 1990s.

Margaret Sanger was very unapologetic in her white nationalist views and often advocated and promoted the sterilization of urban women as a form of decreasing the birth rate for urban children. Don’t believe me “Google It

Last year, I wrote an article detailing the mass incarceration of urban men and its destructive effects. I’ve also written several articles of notorious cases that are directly tied to the modern day holocaust that’s currently happening in this country via mass incarceration from Kalief Browder, a 16 year old brother illegally incarcerated and killed by The State to Missouri lawmakers signing a law systemically targeting and criminalizing urban kids making schoolyard fights a felony.

Urban women are also filling up the prisons, but not as extremely high as their urban male counterparts. Urban women are being incarcerated mainly over nonviolent drug offenses in the very same way as many of their urban male counterparts.

When many people talk about the modern day holocaust in America known as mass incarceration, they mostly focus on urban men and the negative and destructive effects that have been inflicted on them by The State, but urban women are deliberately excluded from this type of conversation because they think that mass incarceration “doesn’t affect urban women” as much as it does urban men. That’s a false statement because not only are urban men affected, but also urban women are just as affected by mass incarceration as urban men in this country.

Major issues that affect urban women daily like mass incarceration are deliberately thrown under the rug by pseudo-conscious dudes that view issues regarding urban women are “not as important” as urban male issues. That’s a bunch of bullshit because that’s a very backward and counterproductive type of thinking that’s detrimental to our community because systemic attacks against our sisters is an attack on our entire community.

According to Drug Policy Alliance, urban women are 25 percent more likely than Becky to be incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses. America is a country that operates in the interest of parasitic capitalism and imperialism which in turn creates death and destruction everywhere it goes, not just in this country, but worldwide.

The Conclusion – It’s important that we as a community also discuss issues that affect urban women daily so that we can come up with valuable solutions in terms of helping our sisters be free.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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