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Umar Johnson: What Are We to Think.

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( I am very skeptical about speaking against a leader that takes a stance against the establishment for black people. Due to quite a bit of study it is clear that scholars are human, and they don’t get the answer to every situation right. I’ve listen to Umar Johnson for some time now, and it is clear to me that I cannot agree with everything he has to say. However, when it comes to the discussion of systemic racism, and the issues our children face with education he speaks quite a bit of truth. Umar Johnson was recently on Newsone with Roland Martin, and Twitter had quite a bit to say. Granted the panel was not fair, and both sides could use a lesson in debate…and manners. I understood Johnson’s point on systemic racism. Roland Martin, the panel should have been better equipped for this particular guest. It appears the panel was not there to engage in discussion, but to discredit Umar Johnson. This is where the problem arises.

Umar Johnson is a disappointment…not because he is passionate nor because he is brash. None of us will agree on everything, but he is a disappointment because he seems to forget who he serves. Leadership is about service, and in his case, being a service to black people. Though I did see the apology…this was one of the major issues with Umar Johnsons infamous YouTube rant this past December. He seems to forget, because of the purpose he set, he is NOTHING without the people. He seems to forget that if he is a leader…or the “Prince of Pan-Africanism” he represents the people.

How can he represent us when he, a scholar, cannot present a matter without getting hostile. He doesn’t seem to handle discussions well with those that have differing positions. Umar Johnson, you are not the only smart black in the room, and we should all respect each other’s intelligence. Because he works with children, and so much of what he does is directed towards children how he presents himself is important as they are watching. Umar Johnson doesn’t owe this oppressive establishment an explanation, but he does owe one to black people. The brother has received, as he stated, $700,000 towards opening a school…but does he have the system in place that he will need to be successful with the school. Where is your board of established education administrators, where is your plan? The people have the right to ask…as they have sowed into your vision and they are owed an answer.

Lastly, there is the issue of this doctorate. Within black community when black students achieve their doctorate, for all the hell it cost, it is a big deal. If your academic credentials are called into question by the community you lead it’s a simple fix “show and prove”. Being a leader is not about pride and ego…bring the documentation. In his YouTube rant he spoke to not needing documentation because he’s a scholar.

Well, Umar Johnson one of the cornerstones of scholarship is documents brother what are you doing. Many of us have conflicting views about Umar Johnson because we want to believe in the work, and the fire this brother brings. The problem is he knows the establishment is crooked, and he knows there is division among our people yet he doesn’t seem to aid in the unification. Yes, he does owe black people answers because it is us whom he serve…he’s seem to have forgotten that.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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