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Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner: Culture Vultures.

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( A few weeks ago, word (and images) spread that the two youngest sisters from that family that is so overrated and just won’t seem to go away, decided to take it upon themselves to strategically place photos of themselves over those of Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G. in an effort to sell overpriced t-shirts. While their (try not to laugh)…fans thought that the shirts were the coolest thing, like ever, those of us who know better were absolutely stunned.

Maybe we were not so much stunned that they, considering their ages, and race, don’t really know what Tupac and Biggie mean to multitudes of fans in the African American community, but we were somewhat bewildered as to why there is no one in their camp with enough sense to say to them, “Hey lil bitches…this is not ok”.

One can only assume that the same advisor that encouraged Kendall Jenner to shoot (no pun intended) a commercial depicting herself as white savior to the black community who ends police violence against us negroes by offering bigots with badges a cool, refreshing sip of ice-cold Pepsi, had just a little bit of influence in her decision to associate herself and image with two of our community’s most prolific hip hop artist.

As for the younger sister Kylie Jenner, I can only think that the fascination and attention received from young black men, the tendency to take credit for inventing things that precede her existence from other cultures (I don’t know, say like, braids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and a sheer lack of intelligence may have played a big part in why she felt like this was just another way to make some money and that it was perfectly okay.

In most cases, the people that follow and support these no talent, overrated “celebs”, are often similar in thought process and perspective. For instance, one of their followers quipped, “I don’t know why this Biggie person’s mother is so upset by this when he has not said one word”. YESSSSSSSS…the young, lost baby actually posted those words, to her social (or what I have labeled anti-social) media page! This is what we are dealing with people.

Shame, shame, shame on those around them, including the two older thots, and their mother who have made it their business to be in relationships with and/or marry multiple black men, for not stepping in and insisting that this is NOT okay. But wait…in order for big sisters Kim and Khloe, and their mom to do such, it would have to mean that they actually gave a damn about the culture into which they have screwed and married, instead of just giving a damn about being screwed by men of said culture. Just saying.

Staff Writer; Erica Van Jackson

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One Response to “Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner: Culture Vultures.”
  1. Latasha M. says:

    Kylie Jenner & Kendall Jenner are just younger versions of Kim K. Just shameful how the Kardashians have pimped the black community. Sadly black men has helped out.

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