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Friday, June 22, 2018

Michael Jackson’s Family is a Shame.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Apparently, away from the music, Michael Jacksons family simply doesn’t care about his legacy regarding the handling of his estate. It was so sad that as great as Michael Jackson was he lived his life in turmoil and pain. Michael Jackson was reminded that he was black when he was handled during those child molestation cases. We can’t forget that the world knew those kids were not his biologically no matter what he said. Michael Jackson’s life had become one big media circus…it’s so sad he was living with such drama. However, his family seems to have a drama strand in their DNA.

Could it be that one of the legacies of Michael Jackson is that the Jackson name stays relevant because of the foolishness of his family regarding his money? Poor Katherine Jackson…she has also been through so much, and she was the only relative other than Michael Jackson’s children mentioned in the will. It’s not hard to believe that the Jackson siblings, aside from Janet Jackson who has her own money, would take advantage of their mother.

The sad part is they can’t even seem to govern their own children. it was so sad that Katherine Jackson felt the need to fear for her safety where her nephew Trent was concerned. Media outlets report that she was kept away from him by the family, and ended up in London with Janet Jackson. Of course, she dropped the charges, but now this nephew feels she should pay his court fees, and can, since she freely gives so much money to her children. We know this is not what Michael Jackson envisioned as the behavior of his family upon his passing. The problem is it is all too common where large estates are concerned.

This family ought to be ashamed of itself. It’s two major superstars have both had to deal with the drama, and foolishness of their greedy behavior. Word is this safety concern for Katherine Jackson could have had a hand in the ending of Janet Jackson’s marriage…who knows. No one leaves their mother in harm’s way. Michael Jackson will always be known as the King of Pop. We will continue to remember him through his music, and some of us will wish he was still here. It’s unfortunate that when we hear his name now it is still attached to a media circus.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Sassy


One Response to “Michael Jackson’s Family is a Shame.”
  1. MJ is GOAT! says:

    Why tarnish this man legacy. I wish Michael Jackson family would wake up, and realize the king is dead. No more free meals, free money, so the family needs to go back to work. Why grown ass people have no problem eating off their brother legacy.

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