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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Black America are not victims.

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( If there is one thing I know, it is that you cannot appease or ignore evil, malicious, inappropriate behavior. It must be confronted, or it will spread like an infectious disease, injuring not just that with which it comes in contact but becoming a pandemic.

Such has become the noxious behavior by many blacks in America today. Inappropriate, hateful behavior is a grievous injustice to the whole of America and is never acceptable. It is long past time that such behavior is met with the harshest criticism and condemnation.

The year is 2017, and yet to listen to many blacks today, one would think the year was 1858 and Africans were still being sold on the auction blocks. Despite the complaints and doleful soliloquies of those blinded by animus, blacks have the same opportunities as every other American. They are only limited by bad behavior, bad attitudes and/or bad decision-making of the individual. Being disadvantaged by familial bad decisions and dysfunctionality is not the fault of America nor is it evidence of dislike for blacks.

No one has stated the situation I address more clearly than the late politician and sociologist Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, D-N.Y. Moynihan, in a letter to President Nixon in 1970, wrote: “The time may have come when the issue of race could benefit from a period of ‘benign neglect.’ The subject has been too much talked about. The forum has been too much taken over to hysterics, paranoids, and boodlers on all sides. We need a period in which Negro progress continues and racial rhetoric fades.”

His critics misunderstood Moynihan’s point and, I argue, did so intentionally. His point was that focusing on blacks as a separate people was not conducive to eliminating the problems so visible among blacks at the time. His point is even more pronounced today.

In Moynihan’s letter to President Nixon, he continued, saying: “The incidence of anti-social behavior among young black males continues to be extraordinarily high. … this is the biggest problem black Americans face. … Black Americans injure one another. Because blacks live in de facto segregated neighborhoods, and go to de facto segregated [schools], the socially stable elements of the black population cannot escape the socially pathological ones. Routinely their children get caught up in the anti-social patterns of the others. … This social alienation among the black lower classes is matched, and probably enhanced, by a virulent form of anti-white feeling among portions of the large and prospering black middle class. It would be difficult to overestimate the degree to which young well educated blacks detest white America.”

Over the course of two days, Moynihan’s words were transpicuously born out. On May 12, Fox News reported that students at Harvard University had raised money to hold a segregated graduation ceremony for blacks only. It is to be called the “Black Commencement 2017.”

On May 11, Cristina Laila reported that a black associate professor, Dr. Tommy Curry at Texas A&M University, during a podcast made abhorrent and racist statements. Curry said: “In order to be equal, in order to be liberated, some white people might have to die.” He then opined that whites were “using guns to intimidate blacks.” (See: “Update: Texas A&M President Defends Black Professor’s Comments ‘White People Might Have To Die’ as Free Speech.”)

Also on May 11, Matthew Stein of Swarthmore College, writing for, stated: “After three days of occupation by students of Kerr Hall, Chancellor George Blumenthal agreed to give all black and Caribbean-identified students a four-year housing guarantee to live in the Rosa Parks African-American Themed House; bring back the building’s lounge; paint its exterior the ‘Pan-Afrikan colors’ of red, green, and black; and force all new incoming students to go through a mandatory diversity competency training.” (See: “Black Student Group At UC Santa Cruz Threatens More Campus Takeovers If Additional Demands Not Met.”)

These affronts to reasonable minds cannot be appeased. They must be confronted with a clear message that said behavior will not be tolerated, that they have a choice to become a part of the student body or leave the school, but that their type of behavior will in no way, shape or form be condoned.

By capitulating to the demands and behavior of these students, the administrations have furthered the pandemic of intrinsic black hatred.

It is time for Americans, especially black Americans, to confront this malevolent behavior with fierce condemnation. As I previously stated, this is the year 2017; unless blacks are going to march and protest against the unprecedented number of black women murdering their unborn children, the unparalleled dysfunctionality in so many black households, against self-victimization, ad nauseum, the very last thing they should be protesting about is not having the same opportunity every other American has.

Written by Mychal Massie

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