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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

African American and African Children Should Be Blogging.

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( The inclusion of technology especially the explosion of wireless technologies provide African American and African children a great opportunity to share their voices. No time in human history has the human voice been able to reach so many people instantly and so powerfully.

Digital technologies have embedded themselves in the lifestyles of children, the communication gaps have been forever destroyed. The only challenge is to open the eyes of African American and African children to connect with each other. Blogging either the traditional way of writing or even the growing Podcasting, Vblogging and other streaming services opens unimaginable ways to collaborate and network. The use of Microblogging can be seen in Africa because the scenes that the world does not see can now be enjoyed.

“On Twitter, the ebb and flow of conversations such as #TheAfricaTheyNeverShowYou and the role of global media in its perception of the continent remains a great talking point.” CNN Africa Social Media Consumption African Americans have moved into a digital age that is embracing ideas of diversity and multicultural shades of acceptance and unity. Children are not quick to see shades of color as adults do; parental influences directly affect the growth and development of children in their mental, emotional and spiritual growth, if directed in the right ways they can be beneficial and productive.

In a world of diversity parents cannot afford to teach their children racism, bias, bigotry and prejudice because they cannot predict what environment their children will be working in or what relationships that will develop either personal or professional.

Technology breaks down the limitations of connecting, but parents build mental barriers that destroy trust and relationship building.

The inclusiveness of technology is taking many of those of color and culture into the 21st century where they can connect to the world. There is an estimated 8 million bloggers in America (The State of Blogging 2005), Pew Internet & American Life Project). Africa has an estimated around 9% of Africans use social media.

Technology is infused in all aspects of life and is expanding daily and becoming more intuitive to the wants and needs of the user. This is requiring African Americans and African people to accept and embrace the education required to grow. There is so much technology available in schools  children need to understand how to apply these new tools to life not to just play games or cyberbully.

The ease of access to resources via the internet has helped proliferate a wide range of information and educational discourse that has helped lessen gaps to those who lack access to them. Places like Moguldom builds on this premise by providing a platform that allows the discussion of topics in the African-American context like inequality in tech and business.
If knowledge is lacking then children of African American and African diaspora will be at a disadvantage. They will be struggling to acquire the knowledge to be knowledge workers in a digital world of information.

The proficiency of reading (literacy/comprehension) and writing (creative thought process) is needed now more than ever. Manual labor jobs are still there, even they are using technology that requires thinking. Statistically African Americans are behind in technology applications and implementation (digital divide) professionally and educationally. Social media will not produce jobs, it will not empower people monetarily. Degrees and certifications are the way to go that will empower children for careers and financial stability. Teaching our children blogging is a new world, a world of digitized created expressions and voices on a multitude of subjects that matter.

The skill of blogging does opens doors to avenues of business ventures to expand literary and informational access. Their voices are provided a platform to share their  happiness, trials, tribulations. Each generation has moved from the spiritual songs, hymns and other harmonic expressions that past generations have used. Today in this digital age the quiet sounds are of processors of digital devices that move codes, create binary languages that produce what is held in the hearts and minds of children, youth, teens and young adults.

Blogging produces content for cyber-publishing, to share stories, ideas, passions, and in some cases rants and raves. The capability for African Americans and Africans to launch their own newspaper, magazine, radio and even television shows is empowering. What better way to involve generations to become contributors to the discussions that need to be
presented to the people.

Africans and African Americans must embrace technology and all that it has to offer to build communities up to educate each generation to be better than the next. Technology is about communication between people and helping them to be empowered.

Staff Writer; William D. Jackson

Find out more about this talented writer over at; OCS For Education.

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