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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

HBCU Presidents WERE NOT Realistic.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Hope, optimism and fair chances are all positive attributes to have. However, one must be careful not to squander such things on groups and people that have clearly shown you they have no care for your wellbeing. Now, if we go back to the presidential campaign Donald trump showed black America that he has no regard for our interests. He was inflammatory and demeaning in his commentary. For all we know he felt most of us were uneducated, poor on welfare, and lived in warzones…wait we do know because that was his rhetoric. His thoughts were clear and there was no mistaking it. Upon being elected we were told we should give this administration a chance. We were asked to be optimistic about an administration that did not acknowledge us as a people.

We watched comedians and athletes willing to cross the line to speak with Trump. Many of is wondered what they thought to gain. It was obvious that this man lies for a living g so no promise would be honored. Did they inform trump that as a community new were thoroughly offended by his rhetoric? Did they realize that before they could speak with him about assistance from his administration they needed to address or humanity? Many ridiculed those that met with him. We’re HBCU Presidents watching?

This is a fair question because we must assume that they watched the selection of the they had to know Betsy DeVos would not carry their interest. However, some HBCU Presidents met with her, and ended up meeting with the new president. For many of us there was no explanation for meeting with this administration. We understand working with elected officials regardless of party but the distrust of this administration is warranted, and not merely party line disagreement.

Maybe the HBCU Presidents that went to the White House thought they could have hope…if they did they weren’t seeing clearly in February. It’s? may and now the same Trump they met with months ago is questioning if funding HBCUs is constitutional. For him to question that makes our HBCU Presidents look naïve in the eyes of their people, students and universities.

This is the okay, but at some point we can’t afford to continue to be used as pawns. We have to assume that our leaders placed optimism above logic in this matter…then they were not thinking. At what point, do we begin to turn inward for support and resources. This is not to say we don’t need Federal funding, but we should not allow administrations to shame us before our people.

Dear HBCU Presidents, I can’t imagine the difficulty nor weight of your job. Many futures rest in your hands. With that being said this administration did not deserve your optimism. There must be another way other than always being willing to offer the olive branch with no regard for our well-being as a people…no regard for our education.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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