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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

They Can’t Lie to the One That Reads.

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( Many of us grew up hearing the phrase “Reading is Fundamental”. This is very true, and our lack of reading what we deem boring could be the reason so many have a misunderstanding of how the government works. Let’s have a moment of honesty. How many of us will get into an argument about a bill in Congress, but never actually read the bill…not even the short version. Some of our people would argue that slavery was abolished, but never read the thirteenth amendment for themselves.

Several of us believe we have the unshakable right to vote, but don’t realize that every 20yrs our “right” must be re-instated…George W. Bush was the last president to re us up. There are books scholars would deem vital to the understanding of black issues in America, and many of our people have not picked them up. There are books throughout literature, like 1984, that are being referenced based on what is happening in our country…too many of us have never heard of it.

As sure as many of us have access to internet, smartphones and google there is no reason why we should not be reading more. The truth is, when dealing with government, it could be deemed as an asset to the politician that we are not reading as we should. Policy, and bills are public information and can be accessed online. It is not wise to leave ones enlightment in the hands of others. There comes a time when one must pick up the information and see it for themselves. Knowledge attained though work belongs to you and no one can steal it. This is important because at the point we take the initiative our arguments become more calculated and less emotional.

We don’t have to merely like with “we are disenfranchised and will fight for freedom, we know exactly where we are being oppressed“. Reading for ourselves may also show us how to sidestep the landmines that have been planted for us. When dealing with our justice system it is important to know exactly what your rights are in the area by which you live verse assuming such.

If you don’t want them to find it hide it in a book”, yes we’ve heard this one also. Please know it’s not just our people that need to read more. Some republican whites are angry not at the threat of losing the Affordable Cares Act…truth be told many of them never read it. They were caught up in it being called Obamacare, and now they realize they don’t want to lose this act. Now more than ever we must instill in our children not the joy of reading, but the idea that reading can save their life. Being properly informed is one way to hold your elected officials accountable because you know what they are voting on, and how it can affect you.

If you don’t understand what you are reading let’s break out the dictionaries, and form community groups that help us better understand legislation for ourselves. Just as Christians should read the bible for themselves verse just hearing the scripture second hand…we must do the same when it comes to being informed about the dealings of this country. When you have read the black and white for yourself you can’t be moved nor lied to because you know what has been written. Let’s encourage this level of literacy in our community to strengthen our movement.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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