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If War Happens.

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( Natural disasters happen every season. We have seen countless footage on snowstorms, tornados, flood and hurricanes. Yet, until we are facing it we often tend to disregard standard seasonal preparations for the area we live in. How many of us have adequate renter’s insurance, enough nonperishable food to last at least two weeks, or batteries and flashlights? Many people are waist deep in the hustle and bustle of week to week like that we often don’t give much thought to the preparation of natural disasters. When they occur, we suffer from the actual trauma of the event as well as things that could have been offset by basic preparation. One can only image how unprepared many Americans are so something that has ever happened in our history…war by a foreign entity on American soil.

Most of us understand war from watching fighting overseas or from paying attention in American and World history. However, there is no direct reference that tells us that we should have any idea what we would do if what we see on TV were to happen on our streets. If war were to happen what would you do? The actions and positions of the current administration has many Americans wondering how they would face that challenge. America definitely has internal issues of its own, but would it be able to pull together if under attack? Many would like to believe that nation would come together. Yet, the issue of preparation is still a problem. Talking about setting aside provisions for a rainy day…or days can’t be just a theory it must become a reality.

We must consider the skills necessary to survive if the daily immunities we are accustomed to, such as electricity, were to be removed. Granted basic disaster never need it, which is always the hope, but having an idea of what you’d do in a crisis does not make you pessimistic. Having a plan of action can alleviate panic in times of crisis which gives one a better chance of surviving. Below are a few things you can do to start your own preparations.

1. Have a cash safe at home that is not in a bank. When crisis takes place we often can’t get to our money that is in the bank. The discipline to save and have cash on hand will be a great asset.

2. Access your pantry. Every time you grocery shop grab a few extra can goods, water and toiletries. You will always need these items and when chaos happens the stores are hit hard. If you are prepared you won’t have fight that mayhem.

3. Keep an up to date map, and become efficient at reading it. We rely heavily on GPS and other forms of technology, but if power is down grids are down it’s only a matter of time before your phone an GPS is down.

4. Know many routes to get out of your area. In a panic scare the main, and even secondary, methods of evacuation will be jam packed. The more you know about your area the better chance you have to getting your family out of a dangerous situation.

5. Talk with your family so that you all can coordinate what you would do in a crisis so that you can keep up with your loved ones. Communication is important.

6. Study and research preparations for a war as you would a natural disaster. The more you know and understand the better chance you have of surviving. Don’t allow sources to scare you…just take what you can use.

7. Agree on methods of self-defense and what, if any, weapons you feel it would be necessary to own. This is usually a very touchy subject, but you would want to explore all viable ways to protect your family.

A lot of what has been mentioned here are good things to have set in place for any crisis that may occur. I know some may think that putting a few dollars aside might seem difficult, but it could save you a lot of heartache latter down the line. Securing the future of one’s family must be a priority. We don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but we do know there are a lot of changes happening around us every day. The governing of this country as we know it has altered, and we don’t know what that will mean for us in the days ahead. Whether its natural disasters or the threat of war prepare a plan or exit and survival for your family.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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  1. Douglas Loss says:

    All very true, Christian. There is a whole movement built around this kind of thinking, called “preppers.” This means being prepared for a disaster. There are some people who go overboard, of course, but there’s really nothing wrong and quite a bit right about thinking about what could possibly happen and making some “just in case” plans. There are many websites that can be helpful for this, but you might want to start with, which styles itself, “Prepping with Optimism.” This webpage ( is a good place to begin.

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