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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sports You Can Play In Your Home.

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(ThyBlackMan.comDon’t fancy joining a club? Getting into sports needn’t be so much of a chore. In fact, there are many sports that you can play without having to even leave the house. Here are just a few home sports options that can be great for staying active at home and inviting friends over.

Play golf in your living room

You don’t need to take a trip to your nearest course to practice your golf swings. Indoor golf sets can be a great feature to have for your home and can be easily hidden away out of sight when not in use. You won’t be able to practice your long shots, but for those short-distance shots you can practice away. You can also move cups and practice shots round corners and essentially set up your own crazy golf course from home.

Consider table sports

If you’ve got the space, why not buy a table game of some sorts such as a ping pong table? These can be great for social occasions and some can even be doubled up and used as tables by simply disguising them with a table cloth. Make sure to read ping pong table reviews so that you can find one with the right dimensions and price tag for you. Other table sports include table football and air hockey.

Hang up a dart board

As a social or lone home sport, darts is perfect. It doesn’t cost any money, and it isn’t particularly physical either allowing anyone of any fitness level to play and enjoy. Dart boards can be hung up in any room of the house, although it’s advised not to have anything in the immediate area that could get damaged. A backboard can also protect the wall from darts creating holes in the plaster. Many people will hang up a dart board in a garage or outside. If you are hanging it outdoors, make sure to take it in when the board is not in use, otherwise the weather could cause it to decompose.

Utilise your garden

There are lots of cheap and easy sports that can be played in your garden or front yard. A basketball hoop can easily be fitted to a wall and used to practice your shots. This is a great home sport that can keep you active, and you compete against and play with other people to make it social.

A soccer net can also be bought and used for practicing penalty shots. A net is cheap to buy, although you can simply make do with your own makeshift goal posts that could be anything from cones to a chair and a tree.

You can also consider buying a punchbag for practicing boxing on. You can build a hook hanging from a wall and hang one from here. Make sure that the punchbag is waterproof – if not, you can always store inside when you’re not using it.

Staff Writer; Ted Ross

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