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Monday, June 18, 2018

Eminem: White Hype or Legend.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Eminem is considered a legend by some, just a good rapper by others and some even consider him merely white hype. When the subject of hip hop legends is brought up we tend to see some of the following: Rakim, Nas, Jay-Z, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Scarface, OutKast, UGK, Tupac, Biggie, and the list goes on. For some Eminem, who hails from Detroit, is a definite on the list.

From it records, to street credibility, to production even signing artist such as 50 Cent many don’t question the legend status of Eminem at all. We have w to concede he does have bars, and great word play. When he wants to he can tell a story over a hot track with the best of them. However, to some he’s a very good rapper…just not a legend.

Some would argue that legends are larger than Life because? they change the game. In a sense they embody a part of the black music experience through hip hop. This isn’t to say a white rapper can’t become a legend but it can be argued they can’t do it from outside the culture. Let’s be real this isn’t an argument for record sales. Those that argue against Eminem as a legend feel he’s really one tracked…and vocabulary covers lack of diverse content.

There were others that couldn’t get over him going at his mom on wax…I guess they figured “Dear Mama” by Tupac is the standard for addressing mother’s that weren’t perfect. That may be just a bit petty…but that’s one perspective some feel cuts him from the legend list. Furthermore, listen to an Eminem album every track…on repeat…not going to happen here. Eminem has to be taken in doses sometimes. Album? play is subjective, and to be fair every legend has albums that has to be taken in doses.

I will say this…Eminem is not, nor has he ever been, white hype. He has earned a place on hip hop. He has bars, and he can hold his own in a battle. Whether he’s a legend, or not, will always cause an epic debate. He has my vote as a prominent part of hip hop, but not as a legend. Granted my bar for legend status is extremely high.

Staff Writer; Adonicka Sassy


16 Responses to “Eminem: White Hype or Legend.”
  1. Ryan says:

    Lmao ight dude sure

  2. 2aFave says:

    “uupyurarse1” We all sick of peeps like you…..

  3. Villifulee says:

    Hip-hop/Rap Legends: sugar hill gang, run dmc, rakim, ice cube, dr dre, snoop dog, tupac biggie, beasty boys, jay z, ugk, outkast, e40, eminem, master p SYKE JUST KIDDING kanye, lil wayne, probably add young thug in a few years.. who’d i miss..

  4. 2aFave says:

    If You ask a opinion of a Low life, no good gangster, who used to ripping, robbing people, killing and genuinely being a A1 Cu#t arsed negative on everything and everybody, we all know what coming out them slick dirty beak’s.
    These kind of people have ruined Rap, Hip Hop, music and life in general and brought about bad vibes with it nothing more then being about
    “Getting That Money” and being intimidating?
    Eminem was a musician not a Gangster, but still he gave the finger in style to those scumbags fronting on his success!
    LOL to these aggressive losers who can’t take the fact they may have money but they have no respect in real life and no legacy or respect from the people who really matter.
    These idiots need to stop hating and look back to motown to see how to act and behave in music and life. It’s just so sad to see and the real fact sat there thinking there big shots with a wedge of printed paper in there pockets, they all missed out on happiness and love…….
    Just soar old grapes ending up in the vinegar bottle.

  5. nova says:

    I’ve been a hip hop/rap fan my whole life and this is the first time I’ve heard the whole “white hype” bullshit. The so called “author” obviously has no clue wtf he’s ttalking about.

  6. Savage says:

    This is to uppyurarse1, your a dumb ass F***. Your one of those idiots who thinks they know hip-hop or even what spittin’ bars means. Your also, I guarantee one of the people who take your comments from the very few radio songs that made Em famous. Yeah he makes fun of fags, so what? Man do me a favor and listen to songs like “Groundhog Day” Rhyme or Reason” “Untitled” or better yet listen to every damn guest appearance Eminem has done. He has, in the words of Nas “Killed you on your one shit” but in this case not just Jay-Z on Renegade. But “Dead Wrong” Biggie track, not hatin’ on Biggie. “No Favors” by Big Sean, “Speedom” by Tech N9ne is a great example, “Forgot about Dre” Dr. Dre, “That’s all She Wrote” by T.I. “Best Friend” by Yelawolf, “Roman’s Revenge” if your a Nicki Minaj fan “I’ll bet you are” 🙂 🙂 hahaha… “Patiently Waiting” by 50 Cent. Man I could do this all day. If your gonna talk shit, talk shit with some knowledge. Eminem will forever be one of the greatest to pick up a mic. “Legend” hell yes. Am I another Stan who thinks Eminem is the only great lyricist? No, I love everything from Mac Dre to Mobb Deep or Run The Jewels to Brotha Lynch Hung, I am a student of music. I just listen to the damn “Lyrics” and word play. He’s got it down to a science. Shit watch the documentary “The art of Rap” you could learn something. I bet your that guy who says “Man did you hear that new Drake song? He be spittin’ bars Dog” shit get the f*** outta here. Now Hopsin is another student of Eminem and he is the shit.

  7. srsly says:

    whoever wrote this bullshit…do more research or just keep your unprofessional opinion to yourself

  8. srsly says:

    whoever wrote this bullshit…do more research or just keep your unprofessional opinion to yourself

  9. uppyurarse1 says:

    Im tired of hearing about that fake ass piece of white shit he aint nothin but a stale ass cracker on some dumb gay shit that only appeal to lame nerdy suburban honkys everything he say is about faggots he must be one cause he do spend a lot of time with dre so dre might be droppin some loads in his asshole now tell me my nigga do you really thank 2pac would shoot a verse with that bitch ass white ho FUCK NO nigga pac had street credit done real shit marshal aint never broke no laws now he might be a legend to some square dumb ass white hicks but that it .im only being real he FAKE yall it that simple .

  10. Use your brain says:

    Was Jimi Hendrix black hype? Stupid af to even say white hype when the subject to matter is music. The writer needs to stop drinking the mainstream agenda kool-aid and get a grip.

    He’s obviously a Legend.

  11. grey stone says:

    Of course he’s a legend. His race doesn’t have anything to do with this skill. Lyrically there aren’t even that many people in the history of hip hop who are on that level. This was some BS written just to get views. The logic to even question him is terrible. This is as stupid as questioning Tiger Woods skill as a golfer during his prime based on his race. It’s stupid in that situation and also stupid in this one. I’m sure if there were a stat for just minority album buys he’d still easily be multi times platinum.

  12. Stephen says:

    I’m a black guy saying Eminem is a straight up legend. There’s hardly any debating it. That guy has made his mark.

  13. legend says:

    Cynical- said it best he is a legend jay z? hahaha

  14. Cynical says:

    So, Jay Z is a legend…why? There are a lot of so called legends that have no real resume to apply to legendary status. Then there are those that do. PAC can be considered a legend because he moved people and through his music and his more honest moments he inspired people to do better in their lives. Not only financially. Eminem has way more content than what he emotionally and/or jokingly wrote about his mother. And he has a “Dear mama” because he has “Cleaning out my Closet”. Just because he didn;t make the typical ‘I have more money than everyone’ songs does not mean he is not a legend. No one has to tell an Eminem doubter to listen to his entire album in order to convince them that he is great. With Jay Z I’ve heard that time and time again. Eminem appeals to a wide (cross-over) audience and does not showboat or have to convince people of his talent. Eminem earned his spot without piggybacking off of other artists or who he dates. The author needs to have respect and be unbias and not color struck. Because if Em were not white this article would not even exist.

  15. viranga says:

    yeah! he is a legend.

  16. Eminem says:

    of course legend… awful title that I didn’t even read the article

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