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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Proactive Health Must Become a Priority.

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( Congress has it in their mind to get rid of the Affordable Cares Act, and they just might get it done. Many Americans are experiencing the right to have healthcare regardless of their existing conditions, and this might be on its way out. The American Health Care Act is on the horizon, and though we are told this act will guarantee healthcare to all…that may not happen. The American Medical Association is concerned millions of Americans will be without coverage because the Medicaid expansion we saw under the Affordable Cars Act will no longer exist. Furthermore, the American Psychological Association is concerned that the American Health Care Act (also being referred to as Trump Care) will reduce Mental Health and substance programs for millions of Americans.

There are governors and mayors concerned that this health care act will leave them in local binds with citizens that are scared about being uninsured. Mayors will find themselves wedged between state and federal politics to meet the everyday medical needs of citizens in their cities. We can protest, vote and call our representatives day and night, and might still end up in a situation whereby many of our people are without insurance. This is a wakeup call.

Black people we must do everything in our power to become proactive about our health. Those of us that have existing situations are in a very different boat, and we must fight for them to continue to receive affordable healthcare. However, those of us that are in good, or decent health, must preserve the health we have. If you don’t have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure let’s do what we can to avoid those diagnoses. When we see, the world taking a downward turn we must do what we can for ourselves not to go down with it. This means we need to go get that annual checkup while we can and find out all we can regarding the state of our body, and how to get stronger. It would be wise to look at options such as holistic medicine to address non-severe ailments.

This move would require us to individually, and as a people, take responsibility for our health. Walking, or paying a reasonable gym membership cost a lot less than hospital bills. Making changes to our diet to include healthier, and organic, meal choices cost less than trips to the pharmacy. We are constantly told eating healthy cost too much money, but it never costs the price you would pay in illness. We must encourage each other to become more health conscious, and this needs to be a priority in community activism. We can’t fight from a hospital bed.

So many of us are sitting back watching the state of our nation from TV and social media. Many of us have something to say, but what are we going to do. It’s important that we fight the battles we can win…like taking ownership of our health. If many of us stand to lose our health insurance, we must take care of our body until we can work the insurance matter out.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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One Response to “Proactive Health Must Become a Priority.”
  1. Stephanie says:

    This is one of my favorite topics! Black people, we do need to take better care of ourselves. Let me add my two cents. First off, I am a sista, community gardener, health conscious soap maker. From the perspective of being a gardening partner in Detroit and soap maker, my observations tell me that collectively, we seem to be more concerned with looking good, eating good (not really) and smelling fancy. Now that said, we don’t know what we are putting on, how it’s produced, farmed or manufactured and where it comes from. Those things are important because they affect our health. Our lack of education and lack of desire to know and grow is why we are such a sickly people. We load our minds & bodies with toxic material every day. As a gardener, I found it difficult to get the adults & young adults engaged. The youth are easier to reach as their minds are still stirring in curiosity. As a soap maker, I find that mainly non-black races buy from me both online and at markets. They seem to connect better with the message, and the ingredients. My black customers tend to be women over 50 (that are health conscious) which is awesome but not enough. All I’m saying is, we need to educate ourselves and break the yoke of ignorance placed upon us by mass media. I notice many people prefer to pop a pill than break a bad habit. The doctor tells you that you have irritable bowel syndrome and food allergies. They treat you for the symptoms (tell you to take a pill for life) instead of the root cause, candida, parasites, gut imbalance, which can be healed with food and herbs at a lesser cost. It hurts me to witness the lack of knowledge & understanding.

    Lastly, eating organic does not cost more than eating non-organic. It depends upon where you are shopping. Meals just need to made at home. I’m a single mom of two sons and we’ve been doing it for many years even as my income transitioned from a corporate job to a home based business! My sons are now 22 & 16.

    Peace & Love
    Stephanie 🙂

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