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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The NCAA = The National Capitalists Against Athletes And Their Massive Exploitation Of Labor And Wealth From The African Community In America.

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( The NCAA is NOT an “amateur” sports league that they always claim to be because it’s a professional sports league that makes more money during March Madness than the playoffs for The NFL and The NBA combined.

These administrators and greedy money hungry coaches like John Calipari and Nick Saban, who’s academic rates are very abysmal, put tremendous pressure on these athletes because they are basically parasitic capitalists that are sucking the wealth from mostly unpaid African male athletic labor.

As many people in this country are getting ready this month for March Madness, but behind the scenes, these parasitic capitalistic corporate sponsors, administrators, athletic directors, commentators, and coaches are continuously making millions of dollars off of the massive exploitation of unpaid athletic labor and most of the exploitation happens towards young African men from poor inner city communities where they are the primary breadwinner and many of them don’t have fathers in the home and that’s not by accident, it’s because of mainly the mass incarceration epidemic that has severely crippled our community over the past few decades.

Many of these young African men that put their blood and sweat on the line for their colonialist institutions while at the same time trading in nearly all their academic and economic opportunities to try to achieve this illusion of a “hood dream” of making it to the pros. But when it doesn’t work out for 98% of them, they have nothing else to fall back on.

The NCAA is one of the most egregious violators of antitrust laws and they are among the biggest enemies of The African Community in this country because they operate in certain ways like restricting the athlete’s right to negotiate their salaries which would be declared nearly illegal in any other industry in America as well as engaging in parasitic capitalism in which they get wealthy off of the 1 billion dollars of unpaid athletic labor from mostly young African male athletes from rough inner city communities

In The NCAA System, the “free education” part is nothing more but an illusion because star athletes are not allowed to enjoy the normalcy of campus life because their professional type of schedules often force them away from truly pursuing their academic opportunities. They are often told to change their majors so that it wouldn’t “interfere with their football/basketball schedule.”

And by systemic design, any athlete that dares to put academics ahead of athletics will be severely punished by administrators, athletic directors, and coaches via loss of athletic scholarship and I’ve seen stories of this happening on plenty of occasions.

The NCAA is also notorious for claiming ignorance when it comes to the academic harming athletes as well because at The University Of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, there were 3,100 athletes (most of them were young African men) that were put in shadow classes where they didn’t even have to come to class most of the time because the professors were deliberately in on this academic conspiracy to ensure that these young African men would remain severely uneducated.

During the 20th Century, there were laws and rules in place that specifically kept us from enjoying the financial rewards from the labor that we put in and parasitic capitalism today exists in the form of The NCAA’s segregationist laws where they extract the financial wealth from the unpaid African male athletic labor each year.

The Conclusion – The current parasitic capitalistic NCAA system will be destroyed in two ways

1) litigation

2) if the brothers decided to not even show up to play, especially in March Madness, the current parasitic capitalistic system of The NCAA is finished.

Staff Writer; Kwame Shakir (aka Joe D.)

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