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Many Will Miss President Obama.

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( It is understood that many supporters of President Obama will miss him, and his family, dearly. However, some of his biggest critics find themselves in an off position. Let’s be honest; some people never thought Donald Trump would win the election. It was so much easier to criticize the current President. Many blamed him for problems that were a direct result of Congress fighting him for eight years. Some have found that their racism and bigotry have caused them to vote against their self-interest. Now, as President Obama’s term comes to a close so many are wondering will we survive the Trump administration.

It is safe to say President Obama has clearly been takes for granted. Many can argue he did the best he could with the Congress he had. Granted it he’s not poor, he has been poor before and tried to connect with the American people. He clearly loves this country and, though no President is perfect, wanted to do the best he could for it. There was clearly a level of empathy he expressed when hardship, and challenges presented themselves. He was able to stand before us in times of crisis and still say American I have hope; we will get through this dark time.

He rose above the ridicule he and his family received simply for being black. Though President Obama would be blamed for dividing a nation he did everything he could to bring it together. Some hatred in our country is 1776 deep, and stronger than him. Yet, through it all he continued to work with the divinity, integrity and class of a President. During his administration neither his family nor administration would be involved in national scandal, but for some Americans nothing President Obama could do would be good enough.

Now that the country is facing a Trump administration some wish Obama could stay. We didn’t have to concern ourselves with whether or not the current President was competent. Those that judged the President based on race, yes it really was a problem, dismissed the fact that he really is rather intelligent. There is a fear running throughout our country that this administration will allow this country’s greatest ills to run rampant. We feel what could happen in the area of foreign policy. The Trump cabinet is filled with people that only represent the one percent. In so many areas Americans now fear the future.

Even some of President Obama’s most stanch haters realize they judged him harshly. Compared to who is about to lead this country Obama is great…even in the eyes of the bigot. The bottom line is Trump seems to have trumped those that voted for him. Those that thought he would be the demise of the “establishment” are watching in awe as he empowers said establishment. There is no getting around the fact that he seems a bit clueless of the weight of being President of the United States. These four years will definitely be a lessoned learned to voters. One ought not let their personal feelings cloud their reason. President Obama will definitely be missed. He respected the office, and the country. Many aren’t to sure they will be able to say the same for the incoming President.

Staff Writer; Christian Starr

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