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Jumping Back Into The Sea: Dating Advice For Men.

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(ThyBlackMan.comGetting back into the dating scene after so long comes with its fair share of stress and constant self doubt. Along with the pressure of actually going on a date, you feel you have to be incredibly charming or you won’t get anywhere. With the minefield that is dating, I have compiled a simple cheat sheet to help you out. What you need and what to do if you are heading out on your first encounter.


You can worry about this til the cows come home! The first step is to dress according to where you are going. You don’t need to be dressed in your sunday best if you are meeting in a cafe. Likewise, wearing shorts to a nice restaurant is a no no! If you worry about whether to shave or not, remember, just be you! If you have a beard, then keep it. It is you, but if you have a massive Santa Claus beard, using items like beard oils such as Primordial Beard Oil Earth Edition will give it a nice scent. Use aftershave, by all means, but use only sparingly.123black-couple-walking_exclu

Overall, when it comes to dates with the opposite sex, they will be worried about more than what you are wearing. If you go presentable, then you’re already up on the game!

Where To Go

It depends on what date we are talking about. Date three or four should be dinner, either you cook for them or take them out to a nice place. With date one, try a nice cosy coffee house. It will help with the overall relaxed nature of what it should be. Date two is the tricky one. Based on how the first one has gone, if it went amazing and you laughed a lot, try and push the boat out and take her to a big social event like a concert. If it is still a big question mark, maybe the movies will do the trick.  

What To Talk About

If, like me, you suffer from shyness, it can make for a really awkward situation. The best approach is to be armed with questions. When you have a conversation with a friend, it flows, right? Is that because one is quiet and the other speaks? Unlikely. Be intrigued, and the questions will flow. Besides, if you do like them, you’re going to want to know more.

Do I Pay?

If you want to be a complete gentleman, you can offer to pay. It won’t go amiss, but if they insist on paying their share, then don’t argue. You can use this approach to gauge how the date has gone so far.

Walking Her Home

To walk or not to walk? When it’s date three or four, walking her home is completely acceptable. Be a gentleman, and walk her to her door before saying goodnight. If you feel that it is going somewhere, using a little reverse psychology by saying “goodnight” may prompt her to ask you to either have a coffee or keep the conversation going.

Hope these little hints have helped. And good luck on the scene. It’s stressful, but as soon as you feel better you can have lots of fun meeting new people.

Staff Writer; Sheba Fuller


One Response to “Jumping Back Into The Sea: Dating Advice For Men.”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    As a family and relationship counselor, I can say the areas addressed in this article are surface and superficial. Men need strong standards and to draw lines in the sane early because the quantity of women is high but not the quality. Go for the intangibles.

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