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Eminem 2016 still Hip Hop, yet some question GOAT status.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) “I don’t really understand the appeal of dude. He dropped a few hot verses back in the day, but he’s been mad average for many years now. He is probably the most overrated rapper of all-time, but he did really well targeting his audience. He is a genius in that sense, but in the bigger scheme of things, there are a million rappers who were and are lightyears ahead of him.” – Rapper Jay Z thoughts on Eminem during a Music One interview

The debate has been going on for years over Eminem being the Rap God or the Greatest of All Time. Most often those arguing that Eminem is the G.O.A.T immediately mention that he has sold over 44.91 million cumulative albums around to Soundscan era and Eminem-Hip-Hop-King-2015-123that those numbers continue to grow. Fans of the artist also mention that Eminem has sold more albums than 2 Pac, BIG, Nas and Jay Z. In fact Eminem is the best selling rapper of all time and the second best selling individual male artist, Garth Brooks holds down the number one spot.

I find myself wondering when sales became such a huge factor in G.O.A.T status? When did we step aside from listening to lyrics, the ability to tell stories through rhymes, the passion and intensity that makes lyrics apart of our life, our story and even the purpose behind the lyrics. I remember when rap/hip hop music was about creating awareness! Whether the artist was talking about sex, what they see happening within their community, the breakdown of the black family, the drug epidemic, the increase of crime within the hood and the dysfunctional relationship between blacks and cops.

During that time Eminem would never been seen as a Rap God and no one would dare refer to him as G.O.A.T. I can’t deny that he has his share of catchy hooks and a few rhymes that could be pulled from a few songs and put elsewhere to make something rather relevant but if we use the same standards which we argue over Jay Z, 2 Pac, Nas, BIG, T.I, Snoop, KRS-1 and others, we quickly realize soundscan era doesn’t factor into the mix.

I dig Eminem’s rag to riches story with him being born into poverty, born to drug addicted parents and constantly being bullied for being a white rapper. He definitely overcame the odds, but being “Rap God” isn’t about overcoming odds in your personal life, all rappers have done it to some level. This is about creating timeless music which can reach the hearts of rap and hip hop fans and in my opinion Eminem just isn’t cut out to be Number 1.

What are your thoughts? 1# in your book? Or just overrated because of his whiteness? With 2016 coming to an end, what would you like to see from him in 2017? Album? Collabing with this generation of lyricists or?

Staff Writer; Greg “Hip Hop” Jones


12 Responses to “Eminem 2016 still Hip Hop, yet some question GOAT status.”
  1. The Real Eminem says:

    Why so much hate? Eminem unlike so many rappers actually live the life. He is Hip Hop and record sales are there. Like it or not Eminem is a Top 5 rapper of all time.

  2. ResearchIsHard says:

    This is why people believe lies, because others publish lies without holding basic facts up to the most basic scrutiny. Jay-Z never made that statement about Eminem. In fact, in recent interviews Jay-Z has consistently held Eminem in the highest regard. But here, do some reading; it’ll be good for you.


  3. Jukes says:

    Jay-Z would never say such a thing; especially after the strong collaboration they’ve had over the years. Regardless of Eminem’s status as GOAT (which is completely subjective), the only thing that matters is that he drops some fucking FIRE ON HIS NEXT ALBUM!!!!!!! LET’S GO EM! KILL IT E!

  4. Ib says:

    Eminem is insanely talented and is entirely fucking influential (the whole modern battle rap scene, in particular, owns a huge debt to him), but when it comes to actual music, he just doesn’t hold a candle to Pac, Big, Nas or even Jay’s material. SSLP and MMLP are dope, but there’s a noticeable decline after that. The Eminem Show wasn’t up to par with those, and then he fell off for good after 8 Mile came out. Then started releasing weak ass albums. Meanwhile, Pac and Nas have hundreds upon hundreds of amazing songs. Big didn’t make hundreds upon hundreds of songs during his career, but the majority of what he did make is classic. I find Jay to be more inconsistent than those three GOATS (his only bonafide classic is Reasonable Doubt, IMO), but he does have plenty of good albums. Blueprint, Black Album and American Gangster, in addition to RD. That beats SSLP and MMLP.

  5. cadub says:


    its very embarassing you speaks about media who doesnt exist!!!, it was a fake article of 2014/2015. Every body knows that. Jay Z never never says nothing about EM. Please make a correction

  6. Tom Herdman says:

    Jay never said that about Em… Check your facts before you publish an article.

  7. Smell that? says:

    Jay never said that about Em. That story was a bust. I feel like you you haven’t exactly listened to his music that didn’t go mainstream? Dude is dope. Maybe not number 1. But not below number 3.

  8. WhitePeopleAreStupid says:

    Eminem is a GOAT, He spits good rhymes and lyrically blessed.

  9. TheGdon says:

    Comon man, Em lives, breathes and shits hip hop. Man is top 5 undisputed, Jay is salty and cant touch Em with anything you listed ” listening to lyrics, the ability to tell stories through rhymes, the passion and intensity that makes lyrics apart of our life, our story and even the purpose behind the lyrics.”
    I feel a lot of hate on the white dude here.

  10. Steeltown says:

    Eminem is underrated in reality… legendary battle rapper, arguably the best story teller, one of the multisyllable kings, one of the punchline kings, brilliant album writer, most creative n complex language manipulation, classic albums, classic diss records, classic freestyles, bodied legends on their records…I don’t even need to mention that he’s out sold everybody by a mile or that he’s 6 for 7 in the best rap album Grammy column. He’s also the most unique. Nobody ever has or ever will do it like him. He gets fronted on strictly for racial bias…p.s Hov never said that, it was a fake story

  11. Vhawkins says:

    You have lost your mind. Eminem started as a battle rapper. He can battle any rapper in the game and take them down .Eminem raps are creative and complicated. And he raps about more than ” money, cars, weed and bitches”

  12. TheLand says:

    you buggin dude , if you think Em is overrated, you loose all credidbility in my book.

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