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Eight Ways To Be A Productive Father To Your Kids.

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( It’s no secret that the racist War On Drugs and the mass incarcerated epidemic had obliterated so many families in our community for the past several decades. Despite all of the negative propaganda the mainstream media loves to put out about our brothers “not being active fathers to their kids“, studies say otherwise.

Here are several ways you can be a productive father to your kids.

1. Teach your son the value of manhood – The white liberals and their media are consistently pushing the demasculine agenda to turn our young men into docile little punks and that’s something the you don’t your son thinking that he should be.

2. Teach your daughter the value of finding a good quality brother to one day settle down and have a family with – A lot of women 00-2016-black-father-sonin our community these days pass over good men in exchange for the guys that ain’t doing nothing productive with their lives and could lead them down a very dark path because I have seen some instances of this.

3. Teach your kids the importance of education and skills – When I was a kid, my grandma instilled the value of education and skills in me and I still value those two til this day because there are too many of our young people that are uneducated and unskilled.

4. Teach them about the systemic traps of the streets – The Streets is full of systemic traps like alcohol and drugs that are designed to either harm or destroy the futures of your kids if you don’t teach them about the dangers of the streets.

5. Teach them to be a critical thinker – There are too many of our young people that don’t have the common sense to be a critical thinker because they’ll either agree with what the mainstream media says or go along with the white liberal/conservative agendas.

6. Take them out to places where they will have a pleasant time – taking them out to the park or the swimming pool is a way for their melanin to enjoy it’s positive benefits like protection from the harmful UV rays.

7. Spend as much time with them as possible – even if you’re working for yourself or someone else, it’s always important to remain actively involved in your child’s life so that they won’t end up doing the negative things that you did when you were there age.

8. Protect your kids from enemies foreign and domestic – there are too many kids being sexually abused mostly by relatives in our community and the only way that this issue would be fixed if you would go to even great lengths to ensure that your kids are safe from potiential harm.

The Conclusion – Being a productive father has its risks, but greater rewards.

Staff Writer; Joe Davis

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