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Racial Tensions in ol America 2016: Shaking the Belief System and Why It Will Change.

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( The racial tension in America is manufactured to divide us, making citizens believe their brother of a different color is their enemy. Anyone who has analyzed the social situation in America without the influence of the media will realize that notion of ‘white privilege’ is a myth.

White privilege does exist in America, but only for the privileged whites. A large number of white Americans are uneducated, unemployed or underemployed, lack adequate health care, and are crippled by generational hopelessness.

African Americans falsely accuse whites of racism when the majority of whites are not in a position to be racist.

Racism is not verbal insults; racism is institutionalized.

Racism is inadequate schooling, lack of access of proper health care and nutrition, mass imprisonment.

Racism is a political orchestration hidden behind emotional jargon exhibited mostly by people who have no power.

The white people that black people hate did not create the system, only indirectly benefited from it.racial-segregation-2016

The media rarely speaks of the poverty and ignorance that affects white Americans across the country.

Do you believe the young lady waiting your table is a privileged white person? What about the cashier at Wal-Mart who also relies on food stamps to subsidize her low wage? The majority of white Americans are like those individuals.

The media focuses on the ‘middle class’ sprawled across the suburbs or the wealth of the metropolitan areas. When learning about early American history, we are taught about a society dominated by a plantocracy in which white families amassed great wealth while their slaves toiled in the hot sun.

But what about the white families who could never afford slaves and didn’t receive free land from the government?

During those times, you had numerous occasions of white and black unity not just on issues of slavery but on access to land, jobs, education, and other social issues affecting all American citizens. Frances Wright, Ainge Devyr, John Brown, Fredrick Douglass, William Llyod Garrison, David Walker, and Albert Richard Parsons were stalwarts of this tactic of working with the opposite race for a common cause.

Unity is the gravest fear of American politicians — a unification of the white and black disenfranchised citizens of America.

Despite the misleading information shown on television and the internet, there are a growing number of people from all races who are not deceived by the visuals or soundbites from FOX, CNN, or NBC. They realize that when factory jobs are sent overseas all Americans are affected, not just black or white.

How can the oppressed look down on the oppressed?

The reality of American society is that the capitalistic system oppresses all, whites are just ignorant to their oppression. Through social engineering, they believe they are in a superior position to those of a different race. Close analysis of White America’s position in society will show is that they are on the same boat, just occupying a different section.

As a black person who has been exposed to bigotry firsthand, I know it is foolish and ignorant to have racist views. All social ills are categorized as issues relegated to the African American citizens of the country. This is purposefully done to dehumanize African Americans to justify the harsh treatment they receive from the system.

White Americans have the same amount of vices and criminality as African Americans. Only the judicial system’s leniency to their crimes makes it seem as if they are not active in areas frowned upon by society.

America’s biggest drug users and distributers are not African Americans, but white Americans.

The biggest consumers of welfare are not African Americans, but white Americans.

If the judicial system ever sentenced white Americans with the same harshness as African Americans, the demographics of prisons would be much different.

White Americans are suffering from a devastating rise of heroin addiction, depression, anxiety, and suicides as their standard of living has changed immensely, no longer having the ‘security’ Baby Boomers once experienced. Present-day white Americans are feeling the pressure that African Americans have experienced for hundreds of years: chronic unemployment coupled with lack of access to education and health care.

America’s tactic of divide and conquer may have run its course as white Americans can no longer blame African Americans or Latin Americans for their woes.

“Indeed, despite having what many would consider a more legitimate case for feeling angry, black Americans are generally less angry than whites.

Though they take great issue with the way they are treated by both society in general and the police in particular, blacks are also more likely than whites to believe that the American dream is alive; that America is still the most powerful country in the world…

Their optimism in the face of adversity suggests that hope, whatever its other virtues, remains a potent antidote to anger.”

~ Esquire Magazine

I am interested to see who will be the new scapegoat for the woes of White Americans? Maybe the blame will turn to the real culprits of the problems: the politicians they elect.

Staff Writer; Linton Hinds Jr.

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One Response to “Racial Tensions in ol America 2016: Shaking the Belief System and Why It Will Change.”
  1. Janina says:

    Hey thanks for the provocative and productive read Linton!
    The political situation in America is shameful. I’m just getting caught up some. I studied Art and French not political science, however I wish I had!
    Thank you and keep the good fight up for all Americans need a boost!

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