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Ebony Magazine Reaches An All Time Low.

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( In a system of white supremacy, oftentimes many Black people are desperate for any type of praise and accolades from those in the dominant society. And when certain people classified as white pretend to give Black people props, many Black people will lap it up without verifying the sincerity of it.

Recently Ebony Magazine posted a story on it’s website about a white male HBCU student Russell Schiller. Schiller created a hashtag entitled #BlackWomenAreGorgeous, and the Wisconsin native claimed he created the hashtag after becoming increasingly frustrated with other cultures appropriating the features and styles of African-American ladies.


“I thought it was only right to start something that all people can see where the credit belongs and how truly beautiful the culture is. It’s a true passion of mine,” he explained. He even made a video explaining his “love of Black women” campaign.

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One Response to “Ebony Magazine Reaches An All Time Low.”
  1. Realman2 says:

    Well, I think the all time low for Ebony magazine was a few years ago when some idiot decided to put NeNe Leakes on the cover. Growing up I always viewed Ebony, like most black Americans, as a source of pride. It was basically the only black magazine that served black America’s interest. As time pasted by Ebony quickly deteriorated, it was dumb down and became a joke as black people were more obsessed with ghetto entertainment and trash like journalism.

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