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Monday, December 10, 2018

The Real America: Past and Present.

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( When I look at America with an honest eye, yes I see tremendous opportunity in areas such as entrepreneurship and education.. But those are not the only things looming in the mirror. I also smell the blood of Native Americans and African Americans who were lynched. I see the disproportionate incarcerations, the institutional, political and sociological racism. I see the confederate flags of racist rednecks who refuse to accept that they list the civil war. I see the courts that play with people’s lives and the partisan politicians who help them do it.

I see discrimination against women and African Americans. I see a country that uses Hispanic people even though it does not want them here. I see memory losses and denial that the first illegal immigrants in this land were thee Caucasians who stole it. I see history that has been hidden and re-written to mask the tremendous accomplishments of African Americans in every area of industry, medicine, technology, politics, the arts and banking. I see white collar crime that affects millions and “black on black” crime that affects a lot less people. I see oreos and opportunists who only look like us on the outside.

I see drugs (like street weed) that have been dropped into African American communities to create denial-based addictions, mask depression and stifle academic learning. I see frustrated teachers and lost boards of education. I see homelessness that is hidden when conventions come to town. I see unarmed African Americans being shot down in the streets by police officers. I see Caucasian former cave dwellers supporting those very police officer with GoFundMe donations.

I see a country that has not lost its honor because it never had any. The-Real-America-Past-and-Present-2015Founded by renegades on the bones of Native Americans and the backs of slaves, is this country great? If you say yes, what history book have you been reading? I see a country that spreads democracy (like it or not) all over the world but is in itself a Republic (…and to the republic for which it stands…). I see a country that applauds drone strikes which target people with no trial by jury. I see a country that says “land of the free, home of the brave” when so many of our people are not mentally or economically free.

I see a country that treats diseases and holds back cures (cure for AIDS is found at, then click “patent search“, then click “patent number search“, then enter 5676977). I see population control, baby parts for sale and Planned Parenthood created by Margaret Sanger, a follower of Hitler and the master race theory. I see the skies filled with chemtrails that contain Barium which is toxic to our respiratory systems. I see technology that can place a probe around Pluto, plan a trip to Mars and clone animals but claims not to be able to cure cancer or AIDS (research Dr. Sebi).

I see a political system that fools the American public with democratic and republican parties when they are two sides of the same coin with an agenda that does not include the success of our citizens. I see a political system with two different ways to win the election (popular vote and electoral college) so they can hand the presidency to whomever they want. I see scandals, payoffs and legal bribery called lobbying. I see our educational system in this country gasping for air while our school superintendents (like in Atlanta) are paid more than the President of the United States.

I see our people more focused on who won the game than who won the debate that will affect their lives, family and income. I see mortgage lending scandals, faked 911 incidents and Manchurian candidates being allowed to shoot up schools (google MK-Ultra). I see our churches on every corner but they are too busy fleecing to really feed the sheep. Too many of our churches are fast asleep or self-serving while park benches, bridge underpasses and abandoned buildings are filled with homeless people. Is this America? Sadly it is.

I see children being raised by Xbox or Playstation, parents too busy to check their children’s homework and families that seldom sit down and eat dinner together. I see our children growing up without knowing if they should be men or women or which they should want. I see confusion about roles of men and women and the illusion that playing Frankenstein can actually change a person’s gender.

I see our people struggling on one hand or over-extending themselves on the other, simply to give themselves value and prove something to others. Car rims, fake hair, comedians, rappers, athletes and talk show hosts as role models – who are we as a people in this strange America? Multiple personality possessed Nikki Minaj, emasculated Tyler Perrys, saggin (niggas spelled backwards) and Kim KarTrashian – what are we doing, who are our children following and why don’t we object? Or are we falsely too busy to notice?

Food stamps, welfare, section 8 and WIC pervade and control a large portion of our community, millions of people who remain dependent on the government year after year in what seems to be a never-ending cycle of pay-you-off poverty. And sadly, those of us who have two cars, a house and a $50k income think we have arrived. Our African American psychologists are not speaking much about these things. Why not? Our sociologists are not writing and sharing a plan to make things better. Why not?

Is there any hope in the Real America hidden from the history books and refuted by those in denial? If you are reading this article, there is hope. If you recognize the truth, there is hope. If you are sharing that truth, there is hope. If you are doing something about it, yes there is hope. Awareness represents hope. Compassion represents hope. And if you will step up, you represent hope.

I cannot give you a list of things to do. Well I could make the suggestions, but I won’t. Why not? Because our solutions must come from all of us, not just from me. But I hope I have at least gotten the ball rolling.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


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  1. oldgulph says:

    The presidential candidate winning a majority of Electoral College votes wins.

    The Electoral College is now the set of 538 dedicated party activists we vote for, who vote as rubberstamps for presidential candidates. In the current presidential election system, 48 states award all of their electors to the winners of their state. Maine (since 1969) and Nebraska (since 1992) have awarded one electoral vote to the winner of each congressional district, and two electoral votes statewide

    There have been 22,991 electoral votes cast since presidential elections became competitive (in 1796), and only 17 have been cast for someone other than the candidate nominated by the elector’s own political party. 1796 remains the only instance when the elector might have thought, at the time he voted, that his vote might affect the national outcome.
    The electors are and will be dedicated party activists of the winning party who meet briefly in mid-December to cast their totally predictable rubberstamped votes in accordance with their pre-announced pledges.

    The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld state laws guaranteeing faithful voting by presidential electors (because the states have plenary power over presidential electors).

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