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The Continuing Donald Trump Debate?.

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( With the next Republican presidential debate coming in two days, I expect more theatrics than substance.  With eleven candidates on stage, it’s impossible to have any type of substantive dialogue.  Each candidate will have 10 minutes of total talk time.  And of course the media will try to focus on trivial things like say something nice about one of your opponents or gotcha questions like what is the name of Putin’s vice president.

D.C. insiders continue to display their utter disdain for Donald Trump and his presidential campaign.  As I have previously written, Trump is not the issue, but rather the lack of leadership and vision displayed by our Republican presidential candidates.

I challenge anyone to name me three issues that all Republicans can rally around as a contrast to the Democrats; and state them in a manner that would resonate with the average voter.

Far too many supposed Republican leaders and presidential candidates are to the left of Obama when it comes to amnesty for those in the country illegally.  How can you aggressively support this type of policy when it will continue to depress wages of the lower and middle classes?

This cheap labor will also exacerbate the Black unemployment rate, which is the highest of any group in the country.  Oh, I forgot, Blacks don’t count; so Republicans remain silent on this issue.

Isn’t it amazing that the two people who have specifically opposed amnesty solely on the grounds of its negative impact on the Black community have been Republican author and commentator, Ann Coulter and Donald Trump?

Isn’t it also amazing that these two people are often labeled in the media as “racist” and “xenophobic?”  I have known Coulter for many years and she, second only to me, has constantly used her media platform to strongly encourage the Republican Party to do a better job courting the Black vote; especially using issues like blocking amnesty and supporting entrepreneurship as the gateway into the Black community.

More than anyone else in the Republican field, Trump understands the impact of illegal, cheap labor on the Black unemployment rate.  trump-presidential-run-2015On this issue, he is more in tune with the grassroots in the Black community than Obama, the NAACP, the National Urban League, and the Congressional Black Caucus—go figure.

Now these very same groups have come to the asinine conclusion that America has a “moral” obligation to take in refugees from Syria.  Are you kidding me? America cannot afford to play Santa Claus to the world.  These refugees are Europe’s problems, not ours.  There are many ways to help without bringing them to our country.

We can’t even track notorious criminal gang members from Central America who are part of MS 13, but yet we are supposed to know who the terrorists from Syria are?  What responsible family would take their only loaf of bread and send it to an unknown family on the other side of the world?

A person’s first “moral” obligation is to provide for their own family; anything thing else would be irresponsible.

One of the things that drives me crazy with Republicans who support amnesty is they always ask what are you going to do with the 30 million illegals who are already in the country?  You can’t deport 30 million people they say.  Oh really?  Why can’t we?

Every Republican candidate for president has said that America is an exceptional country; of course they never define what they mean.  Basically, American exceptionalism means we can do anything we put our minds to.  We can put a man on the moon, we can liberate Kuwait from Iraq, and we can elect a Black to be president.

So, Republicans, which is it?  Are we an exceptional nation or not?  When they say we can’t deport 30 million people they mean they don’t have the will to deport 30 million illegals because deep down inside, like liberals, they believe in open borders and cheap labor; not free market capitalism.

So Trump comes along and says he will build a wall, deport those in the country illegally, and make America great again.  These are simple sound bites that resonate with the American people; and the American people, thus far, believe Trump will deliver on his promises.

Slowly Donald Trump is beginning to grow into a presidential candidate that must be taken seriously.  The other candidates can’t match the size of Trump’s personality; but they can match him on the issues if they choose to tap into the frustration Americans are feeling about their lives and the wrong direction our country is headed in.

But if the other candidates are only going to offer Democratic lite policies, then Donald Trump will definitely be our presidential nominee and will have a decent chance of becoming the next U.S. president.  To this there is no debate.

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.


8 Responses to “The Continuing Donald Trump Debate?.”
  1. Kermit Vick says:

    I’m not Democrat or Republican. I’m a Leftist.

    We don’t need any political party telling us how to solve our problems. We African-Americans possess intelligent people & have our own solutions to what can elevate our people, some of which the Republicans will not like. How are the Republicans going to implement our solutions, & what proof do they have that they can do it?

  2. Casualita Staub says:

    Any Republican that is for amnesty or “guest worker” visas is really a socialist. Illegals and foreign workers get paid low wages from supposedly “free market” capitalists, low wages that must be HEAVILY subsidized by the taxpayers in the form of welfare, foodstamps, housing, healthcare, education, translators, court appointed free lawyers, transportation, tax credits, etc,…this is outside societal costs due to increased crime, decreased focus on OUR children in the classrooms, longer waiting times at increasingly expensive hospitals which must recover the costs of treating illegals off of OUR backs, more drugs in our communities destroying lives brought in by the illegals, more fracturing of our society with their insistence on retaining their dysfunctional cultures which were the reasons they came to the United States to begin with, to escape the effects of their dysfunctional cultures.
    When government pays for the means of production….we have …SOCIALISM!
    So if any Republican wants to tell me that Donald Trump isn’t a conservative yet whines about how we can’t deport illegals and we should have amnesty and guest worker visas and bring in cheap foreign labor on h-1b visas,…they can kiss my @ss for their hypocrisy. SICK AND TIRED OF SOCIALISM!!! From both the Democrats AND the Republicans!!!!

  3. Raymond St Pierre says:

    Thank you for your comments. I have been hopeful that forward-thinking blacks will recognize and report the truth about what is (and has been) happening to blacks and poor people, in general. Thus far, there have been attempts by candidates on both sides to ignore the true impact on jobless and under-employed people of all races and groups. Elitists want to insure their own success on the backs of common citizens, while seeming to be concerned by the state of non-citizens. Where is the concern for Americans? By removing financial support for illegals, and taking away their job opportunities, they will be forced to return to their home countries. No deporting necessary!

  4. Another argument is “it would cost 300-500 billion dollars to deport them (the illegal aliens) and it will take 20 years.” Unanswered, because it was never asked, is the question” “Oh yeah, how much will it cost to KEEP THEM HERE (and of course allow even more in?” Never asked because it will cost us trillions not billions and they don’t want to hear the truth.

  5. Rebecca Miller says:

    I loved this article. I have been a Republican since I did research as to why the Republican party came into existence. I wish all African American’s would research this. They will see that what the democrats had in store for them has come to fruition. They have beat them down and kept them down. It is time to stand up, not in protest, but in status. We are all created equal, lets finally be equal and quit letting the democrats dictate that you cannot rise above the standard that has for some been set by them… I worked very hard teaching my children to not see color. Judge a person by their works, not color. All of this has been for naught in the past 8 years. Obama, the great race baiter, set us back 100 years. I will vote Trump all the way… I truly believe he can heal this nation and have us working as one.

  6. CatherineJ Fusco says:

    When is the next Debate?/ EST….The date is….when? I watched the first on Fox.hoever watch MSNBC and CNN…. need some good entertainment in my life..what channel..?
    Catherine J Fusco

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