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Sex, Lies, And NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

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( Girls are smart. It is a mistake to underestimate them.  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell greatly underestimated females when he instituted the league’s new domestic violence (DV) initiatives after the Ray Rice punch that was felt around the world. The entity that was listening in HQ was the domestic violence INDUSTRY, an industry comprised of an exploitative female wing, an army of lawyers, the media, judges, scam counselors, and the professional victims.  None of which care about the safety and welfare of females one bit. How do I know this? I am an expert/university lecturer on domestic violence; have attending hundreds of conferences, presentations, and meetings-and not ONCE have I ever heard any American anti-domestic violence advocate or group ever mention stopping women from being beaten.

In Europe, Canada, Australia-yes, that is the ONLY discussion. But in the US the discussion is purely about how much money the Chanel dress clad female, and Gucci loafer wearing  male executives of the industry are going to make off the misery of their sisters. Does Goodell even know that the DV “experts” he hired to draw up the DV policy are not even DV experts? They are to domestic violence expertise what a lead brick is to aerodynamic flight. Goodell got rolled.

Which brings me back to Goodell’s directives in the area; he let the enemy inside the wire when he invited these nuts and scammers into the NFL’s highly successful business.  The people that he brought into the league could not believe, that quite frankly, he was so stupid as to invite “ISIS” to the White House for brunch. They took the invite as an opportunity to fully exploit  the footage of Ray Rice “taking Janay on the elevator” all the way to the bank.  I was talking to Tiger Woods mistress Joslyn James, about the whole sordid DV mess engulfing the NFL, NBA, and the NHL and SHE said, “Every gold digger on Earth sees Goodell’s new policy as a chance to hit the lotto.”  Right she is.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell put a bounty on the head of every pro athlete in America or who visits America with his misguided effeminization of the league with his politically correct BS. These are the girls that make up the new bounty hunters- would be reality TV stars, wannabe celebs, and the largest group by far, trick roll prostitutes.  Trick roll prostitutes are a unique Vegas creation, that has resulted in Sin City having a whole set of laws to specifically deal with them and their relentless pursuit of a big score. Why?  Because they are ruthless, gold diggers on steroids with ZERO class or morals.  This is what they do:
These light fingered vixens rake in millions a year from “catching a trick slippin’.”
But unknown to most is the scam where they really rake in the big money…”green mail.”
Green mail is a sophisticated form of blackmail that is designed to bank millions from players in the major sports leagues, NFL: Annual Meetingschampionship boxers, and Hollywood celebrities. So when Goodell announced his new DV rules, Vegas pimps, hookers, and porno stars had a huge pow wow on how to cash in on this BILLION dollar Christmas present which the NFL owners approved fittingly in December. (The porn industry has moved from the San Fernando Valley  to Las Vegas due to LA requiring condoms use for all shoots
The pimps instructed all the working girls to keep a bottle of GHB handy to spike drinks-that is to slip THEMSELVES a mickey. That’s right, the girls were told to get the target athlete, actor, etc. back to hotel, give him a “free sample” and while the star is basking in the glow of sexual satisfaction, guzzle down a date rape laced drink. She then exits straight to the hospital with her cell phone loaded with time stamped selfies and videos, proving the two were together (not to mention CCTV in the casino) and takes a blood test which comes back as positive for her being drugged. Then the athlete/celeb’s agent or attorney gets “the call,” write a check or there will be a press conference with Gloria Allred and a police complaint filed within 24 hours describing the horrible crime committed against this innocent virgin (see video here  Most guys write that check, and here’s why.
I advised an NFL player who was caught up in a similar situation, and he didn’t pay up, it cost him a $100 million contract that was pulled off the table once the matter hit the news.  I have had world champion boxers come to me with the same problem, and it resulted in them giving up a mansion, a seven figure payment, jewelry, the whole nine yards.  This is an aspect that the stunning ESPN “30 for 30” episode “Broke” missed, most of the athletes that are broke are broke from such payouts I once received a panicked call from female I knew that was dating a NBA player. She was hysterical because she told him she was pregnant, and the first thing out of his mouth was I was the father, and he was going to toss her out of the window-literally.  She was not upset about the tossing aspect of the matter, it was the fact that she went through all the trouble to set him up for big money hit, and HE is messing it up.  I am not kidding. I had to go to the team and league to keep HER from killing HIM. The guy didn’t know until he was warned by league personnel that contacted me how close he came to beating out former Tennessee Titan legend Steve “Air” McNair as the first pro player in recent memory killed by his girlfriend
Other girls target athletes by doing exactly what led to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and Michelle Beadle getting into their infamous Twitter war-they seek to PROVOKE the man into a violent confrontation to get the big check This is exactly what happened to Dallas Cowboy Greg Hardy with jet set model Nicole Holder. Quiet as kept, it was the classic set up, designed to end in a “pay or you don’t play” deal. Look how it worked out, she got paid, the charges got dropped, and Hardy is suspended and trying to work his way back to the multi-million dollar contract that he lost due to the incident I know a girl that has gotten several huge payouts because she has a birth mark that looks like EXACTLY like a black eye. She covers it up with makeup, takes the athlete to the hotel room, waits for him to shower after sex, removes the make she had covering the mark, and then starts screaming until he calls his handlers and drops that 12 inch stack of Ben Franklins. I remember one athlete’s own agent saying, “It is obvious you brutally beat that girl” although she told me he was a perfect gentleman and never laid a hand on her except when they were in the throes of flagrante delicto
Although I personally warned the heads of the NFL Players Association and NBA Players Association what was coming as soon as Goodell dropped the new legislation, they did not and have not taken necessary measures to protect their members. This has led to athletes being picked off one by one. The list of athletes under the gun of Gloria Allred and similar DV head hunters  reads like the who’s who of sports. Money Mayweather, Chicago Bull superstar Derrick Rose, what seems like half the San Francisco 49ers.
 Due to the lack of an offensive-defensive strategy from the player’s unions and professional athlete bureaucracy, the gold digger industry has the upper hand in a BIG way. These slick, money hungry, revenue vultures have out played the players and are now intimidating guys that are super men on the court and field, but don’t have a clue in the green mail arena. The opposition has their stuff together like Delta Force and the Navy SEALS in their efficient execution of separating athletes from their money. The female accuser’s team reminds the mark athlete that Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson were jailed for not playing ball.  They remind them of how much endorsement money they will lose just due to the allegation hitting the media (which loves such cases because it boosts ratings meaning higher ad rates for them). Then they hand the athlete’s reps a spread sheet of how many six and sometimes seven figure checks they will lose per game that they are suspended.  9 time out of 10 the check is delivered FedEx the next day.
 The sad thing is the brain trust for the athletes just don’t get it or they would be fighting tooth and nail on the side of Bill Cosby with his case. If Cosby has to pay out the $100 million that Gloria Allred dropped as a starter check over 40 year old blatantly false accusations, then every athlete in America might as well set aside a the gold digger street tax out of his salary as soon as he enters the league The DV industry will bleed American sports dry by the billions of dollars, which is what their revenue goal is concerning the athletic and entertainment industries-the see huge revenue growth thanks to Commissioner Goodell. If you don’t believe me just ask “Gossip Girl” and “Melrose Place” diva Kelly Rutherford, the DV industry is bleeding her dry over her not wanting HER kids shipped out of the country to God knows who  Pro athletes should heed the words of Floyd Mayweather at 43:43 of the Showtime expose “30 Days In May” in which he states that he got  scammed for several million by the DV industry Mayweather has also stated another fact that further brings home the threat to the various leagues.  As Money Mayweather has said, you have never seen a photo of any woman he is alleged to have beaten actually beat up have you?  Strange, considering that is the FIRST thing the media and police run to put in front of the world i.e. the Chris Brown-Rihanna dust up  Hmmmm…reminds me of this scene from the gangster classic “Casino” Don’t the players, the league, and the agents see the set up?  As I said, girls are smart, guys, well not so much.

Staff Writer; Jerome Almon

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    -Notice how the accused but NOT convicted are treated in the 1st story.

    -Notice how long it takes the media to say the CCTV showed the accusers were lying in the story vs how soon they “media lynched” the FALSELY accused.

    – Look WHO accused the coach, a want to be model/celebrity. Sound familiar? Dallas Cowboys Michael Irvin & Eric Williams- rapper DMX- NBA stars Chris Webber, Derrick Coleman, Juwan Howard-The Duke Lacrosse Team- all DNA/CCTV falsely accused of rape by…STRIPPERS seeking fame and a big payday. Sound familiar? What are all of Cosby’s accusers? Prostitutes, wanna be stars/celebs, small time models/actresses, over the hill used to be’s. The psychological profile is exactly the same for all the women.

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    Due to this article, I have been contacted by one of the largest professional sports organizations consisting of agents, players, and media about my info. Thanks! Keep up the great work of informing us on what’s important.

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