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Monday, October 15, 2018

What Can Blacks Learn From Animal Rights Groups & Michael Vick?

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Let me begin by giving a round of applause to the Pittsburg Steelers for signing my main man Michael Vick to their organization. I’m so excited about this season!

Now, while strolling on Facebook a few minutes ago I quickly realized that several animal rights groups in Pittsburg are not only upset but are returning donated items the Steelers organization have given them to use in their fundraisers.

On Tuesday, August 25th, the day in which Vick was signed to the Steelers, The Animal Rescue League immediately announced that they were ending their relationship with the team.

On Wednesday, Animal Friends release the following statement:

“Animal Friends is disappointed by the Steelers organization’s recent decision to sign Michael Vick to a one-year contract. As an organization whose mission is to fight against animal abuse and suffering, Animal Friends cannot support the hiring of an individual who has been convicted of dog fighting and whose actions resulted in the terrible abuse and deaths of many dogs.

“Accordingly, Animal Friends has made the difficult decision to not participate in any Steelers-related activities at this time. Steelers-related memorabilia and tickets have been temporarily removed from all fundraising efforts and the donated items will be returned. Alternate prize options will be offered for raffles already in progress.

“With dogfighting still a major concern in the Pittsburgh region, we implore the Steelers organization to take a stand and actively campaign against this horrific and illegal activity. The Steelers’ voice can help to build a stronger – and more humane – Steelers nation.”

After reading the statement of Animal Friends, a few questions entered my mind: Why are we, as black people, so afraid of losing the little material things and rights we think we have? How can we, as a nationwide community, reach a level where ‘others’ know that we will fight for justice against all odds? What can we, as black people, learn from animal rights groups?

1. Keep Your Damn Money! We have a tendency to get side swiped from causes once shinny things enter the equation. We have this preconceived notion that money solves all problems. That reaping money is a form of justice when our rights are violated. Have you ever noticed when an injustice happens within our community the first thing we yell is “lawsuit”? We constantly send the message that you can do anything to the black community and IF they decide to cause an uproar, pay them and they’ll disappear. Rather than slave owners selling us for profit, we now choose to sell our michael-vick-steelers-2015damn selves, our rights and any cause we stand upon. Notice how Animal Friends stated they will be returning Steelers memorabilia and tickets that they usually sell in their fundraisers to generate funds for their cause. Imagine if we were bold enough to say We Can’t be Bought”.

2. Forgiveness Is Not An Option. We are quick to yell about forgiveness! A black youth gets gunned down in the streets and his family jumps on t.v. to speak on how they forgive the murderer and all they want is justice. We lack the realization to understand that forgiveness is a process that occurs AFTER justice has been served. It shouldn’t matter how many times the wrongdoer apologizes, we must stop being moved by our emotional selves when our rights are on the line. It’s time to move into a more logical state of strategizing.

3. A Friend of My Enemy, is too my Enemy. We have a tendency to support individuals and corporations who are buddies with our enemies. We think that because they are not directly involved, their presence doesn’t matter. WRONG! Anyone who supports or does business with your enemy is too, your enemy and should feel your wrath. That means I will not break bread with you. Why? Because in doing so I strengthen the wealth and power of my enemy. What sense does it make to finance your own destruction and oppression?

4. We will make an example out of you! We will smear your name to ensure everyone across the world knows your face, your supporters and what you have done. We will let the world know how disgusted we are with you and we will toy with the emotions of others to persuade them to feel as we do. We fail to create alliances, we constantly attempt to go at things alone. Hell, many times we won’t even allow certain black folk to join in on a cause that’s supposed to be about them. I’m not speaking of a day or week long boycott here, I’m talking about getting people out of bed with the oppressor across the board. Always and forever.

5. Take a Stand! Why do we have so many black organizations with the same mission? Why do we have so many grassroots organizations popping up for months or a few years at a time? Why do we keep jumping from cause to cause depending upon where the media instructs our attention to go? Your cause should take you a lifetime or until the injustices you’re fighting ceases to exist. There is absolutely no reason our efforts should be spread out due to religious beliefs or our individual emotional state. Ideology aside we too should be able to stand united for the changes we desire to see. Yes our efforts and actions will vary but the overall mission should be united. That’s what unity is about, getting everyone moving towards the same mission. Not everyone being on the same page action wise. Imagine life with only one book and one page.

While I absolutely love and support Michael Vick and his family, I must take a moment to commend animal rights groups for their unity and consistency. What changes do you believe we, as a people, will see if we decide to take consistent steps in a unified manner against our oppressors?

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7 Responses to “What Can Blacks Learn From Animal Rights Groups & Michael Vick?”
  1. Marque Anthony says:

    Michael Vick was not even in town when the incident occurred that he was penalized for. Furthermore, I am an animal lover but animals are not nearly as important as humans. Vick was dropped by Nike and Addidas to the tune of millions of dollars before he was even convicted. So much for the presumption of innocence.

    As for the groups that object to Vick being hired by the Steelers, they can go take a flying leap. Why would they think this man should be punished forever? Are some of these animal lovers into bestiality or something? Give me a break.

    The man has been penalized heavily. Now let that man go about rebuilding his life and career. Animal rights people have entirely too much time on their hands and an unnatural infatuation with animals. HIDE YOUR CATS PEOPLE BECAUSE THE ANIMAL RIGHTS PEOPLE MIGHT WANT SOME.

    With war, disease, crime, poverty etc in this country, animals are a big issues? Wow, misplaced priorities.

  2. Kay Gee says:

    It’s unfortunate what Mike vick did to those dogs. I am not an animal lover in anyway. But it’s sad when people can not move past this. He payed his debt to Society, lost millions of dollars in contracts, and spent time in prison. People treat these animals better than they do humans. Now Rothlisberger was involved in RAPING women in TWO seperate instances!! And yet people sweep that under the rug. Haven’t seen people not buying Steelers tickets. Hmmm I wonder why???

    But I get the point the author was trying to make about us and what we should do as a community when one of our brothers or sisters is harmed. Its a good point

  3. Wasiah says:

    This article really isn’t about animal rights or Michael Vick! Black people are so easily distracted, you all missed the entire point. Where do you all stand on humans being mistreated?? Murdered in the streets? Caged in prisons? Oppressed at work??

  4. Karen Davis says:

    Michael Vick didn’t just “fight” dogs – which is bad enough – forcing unconsenting creatures to act out HIS violent impulses against their will. But Vick’s cruelty included drowning dogs,electrically shocking dogs, and, in short, acts of supremely sadistic pleasure toward defenseless, unoffending victims. Maybe you can love a sadist, but not me. Nothing I heard him say during or after prosecution suggested that he felt truly sad or remorseful for the gratuitous suffering he intentionally inflicted. In fact, he seemed to hardly understand what all the fuss was about.

  5. Karin says:

    Great article, but you fail to live up to your own advice. The heading of your point 3 is “A Friend of My Enemy, is too my Enemy,” and then you finish your article by stating ‘I absolutely love and support Michael Vick….,” which, of course, following your logic makes it very clear that you are an enemy of the animal rights community. Is that what you wished to let your reader know?

  6. marion says:

    Not many people can forgive a person who with his bare hands drowned dogs, electrocuted them, hanged them and had fun doing it!!!

  7. jdean says:

    Right On good article

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