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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Can You Trust Your Doctor’s Advice.

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( Today, even with Google, Ask and a host of other search engines putting the world’s medical information at our fingertips, many people simply run to the doctor when they get sick and trust whatever he or she says. And though sometimes the doctor is the best option, not always. It’s easy to let someone else think for us, but is that always wise? Am I saying do not go to the doctor? Not necessarily. Am I saying stay at home and treat yourself? Not necessarily. Either option should depend on the situation, not just an across the board dash to the doctor.

Running to the doctor when we get sick is programmed behavior, pure and simple. You may say you go to the doctor because you did not know what else to do, but did you try to find out? We could quite possibly know what to do in many cases if we would use the internet, do a little research and stop letting someone think for us. While those of us who are not doctors neither have personal medical knowledge nor medical training, the internet gives us access to sites like WebMD and data everywhere from across the sea to John’s Hopkins. We can access the same New England Journal of Medicine doctors use as the medical “Bible” and we can find out about treatments or cures that were just discovered and proven a week ago. If we spent a fourth of the time we spend on Facebook and sending text messages researching our illnesses and injuries, we would find out about solutions, cures and treatments our doctors have not even learned about yet.

Running to the doctor when we get sick is based on several assumptions we make without even realizing that we did. So let’s discuss those subconscious assumptions we make and if they are factual or not. The first assumption we make is that the doctor will have the answer. We forget it is the practice of medicine – and not an absolute solution. I find it interesting that we can clone living Patient discussing prescription medication with doctorcreatures, grow test tube babies and put a rover the size of a truck on Mars, but our medical industry cannot cure a cold. And Oncologists are still using radiation/chemotherapy to treat cancer patients, even though the treatment kills good cells just as it kills bad ones.

Doctors and nurses preface their actions with disclaimers in the paperwork you sign and even when you get a shot, they say “there is always the possibility of death with a shot“. Doctors do a lot of good for many people, but then there is the other side of the coin consisting of malpractice suits, mistakes and dangerous side effects from the medicine in some prescriptions. These are all facts and a hard pill to swallow, no pun intended. But many of you go right on treating the doctor like he or she walks on water. Wake Up!

The second assumption, similar to the first, is that the doctor stays up to date on the latest treatments, cures and remedies. But while many doctors do, many doctors do not. The New England Journal of Medicine takes a while to print and most doctors swear by it. But even while this journal is being printed, new procedures, treatments and cures are developing- none of which will be in that next copy of the journal. So doctors must do their research just like everyone else, we hope. Have you ever gotten a prescription that did not work, made you sicker or cost a lot even though some of the same stuff was sold over the counter at your local Walmart?

The third assumption is that you and your health are your doctor’s priority. There are many good and caring doctors, but for most doctors, their primary concern is their own family and thus their income and practice or livelihood. For some doctors, their priority is keeping their industry alive and feeding it. But either way, you do not come first – like it or not and no matter what they say to butter you up.

Doctors and the medical industry have their place, but not the only place. But faith also has its place. The body created as a self-healing organism has its place. Holistic, homeopathic or alternative medicine also have their place. Natural remedies have their place. Even ancient practices like acupressure and acupuncture or herbal remedies have their place. The problem comes about when we throw out everything but the doctor and the medical industry. When we limit our options, we severely limit the list of possible solutions – and that’s not a good thing.

You might find it interesting that the medical symbol is not one but two snakes wrapped around a staff. People often try to equate the symbol with Moses and when his staff turned into a snake to devour Pharaoh’s serpents. But not likely because medical science and God are largely at odds so a medical symbol representing a Biblical event probably won’t happen. The medical symbol is in fact representative of the caduceus, a mythological staff carried by Hermes who stole fire from the “gods” and brought it to man. So it is likely that the medical symbol represents a staff carried by a thief who stole secrets from the gods. Is it any wonder that the serpents are on the staff? Are we back in the Garden of Eden and we do not even know it?

In Greek mythology, Hermes was a “conductor of the dead and a protector of merchants and thieves“. Now why do you suppose our medical industry selected such a symbol? The wings in the symbol are those of Hermes, also a messenger. But ask yourself if this means Hermes is a deceptive angel wrapped in serpents. Or maybe he is an angel of sorts being entangled and ensnared by serpents on both sides. Either way, this is the symbol of those who treat your medical conditions. So I have to ask you, are you being beguiled just like in the Garden of Eden?

The fourth assumption many people make is that the doctor only has your best interest at heart. But what would you say about the men in Tuskegee who were given Syphilis because they were guinea pigs? What would you say about how the African infected with Ebola was treated when he was sent home and eventually died? What would you say when you find out that the first nurse who treated him has a multi-million dollar law suit against the hospital because she was never trained on how to take care of Ebola patients and she contracted it? Here is the kicker, go to the United States government patent and trademark office (, do a patent search, then click the link that says “Patent Number Search“. Then enter 5676977 and search that patent number. You will find the patented CURE FOR AIDS, not a treatment, but a CURE. It has set there for decades while people die and AIDS walks continue. Now why do you suppose doctors keep saying there is no known cure? Wake up!

Let’s talk about pharmaceutical drugs. Most of them have synthetic ingredients and when your body attacks or rejects those fake ingredients, it is called “side effects“. Sometimes the side effects can be worse than the condition you are taking the medicine for. And sometimes studies on the danger of some medications are kept quiet. This keeps people from getting together to file class action lawsuits.

My point overall is that your body, your life and your health are primarily your responsibility. If you trust a doctor but do not do your own research, you are letting someone think for you. You are at the mercy of what you are told. You are possibly setting yourself up for a fall. There are many good, professional, skilled and dedicated doctors, but then there are the others. Which do you have? Think, ask questions, get a second opinion, do your own research and keep an open mind about all possible solutions to your illness, injury or condition. SPREAD THE WORD AND WAKE UP!

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  1. Ina Kuhar says:

    Hi! I wholeheartedly concur.It is time to stop using somebody else’s brains and turn on our oun. It is olso a past due time to take personal responsibility for oun life and health.
    Thank you for the grate article. Best wishes.Ina Kuhar

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