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Bill Cosby: Icon Or Predator?

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( Christopher Abernathy was just released after spending nearly 30 years in prison for a sexual assault and murder he did not commit. Modern DNA testing proved he was innocent. What if that was Bill Cosby? Bill Cosby, actor, beloved comedian, Ph.D. – but is he a sexual predator? Over the last year as many as 30 women or more have reportedly come forward to claim Bill molested them, drugged them, propositioned them or made sexual advances towards them. People who do not want to believe Bill Cosby is guilty have rallied to his side and others have done just the opposite. His TV show has been canceled, reruns of the Cosby Show have been dropped, the other cast members are losing royalties and his personal appearances have been marred by hecklers, cancellations and criticism. Gloria Allred recently stood with two of the latest alleged victims, Linda Brown and Lisa-Lotte Lublin. But amidst all the rumors and biases, where are the facts? And equally important, is someone setting Cosby up or is he a different man from the dad on the Cosby Show? I met Cosby in the mid 1980s in Atlanta and then again several years later. I always saw him as a great entertainer – nothing more, nothing less.

Let’s take an objective look at some hard facts. First of all, the fact that so many people like and admire Bill Cosby does not mean he is innocent. We wanted to believe Michael Jackson was not a child molester. We wanted James Brown freed from jail even though he abused women. We believed Tawana Brawley. We didn’t think Michael Vick should have been found guilty. We (you) didn’t want to believe Eddie Long was a homosexual predator. All the way back to slavery there have been cases of false accusations and African-American men have suffered and even died because of them. We arebill-cosby-family-comedy-nbc-2015 finding through modern forensics more and more cases of innocent men who went to prison or the death chamber. And it is a fact that a great many prosecutors are more after reputation and conviction notches on their belts than they are about the real truth or the public good. But none of that means Bill Cosby is innocent – or guilty.

So for the purpose of seeking the truth and identifying the facts, become a detective with me, if you will. As a detective, in the academy I was taught about Modus Operandi (MO), a Latin term simply meaning the method used by a perpetrator to commit a crime, how he or she operates. The veteran police detective who trained me taught that criminals who repeat the same crimes over and over usually have an identifiable pattern, sometimes involving factors the alleged perpetrator is unaware of.

Questioning witnesses, the victim and the accused can help establish a clear picture of what happened or what didn’t. Yes witnesses, victims and perpetrators do lie but a trained professional with knowledge of psychology and nonverbal communications can spot a liar without using a polygraph, at least most of the time. People get nervous, polygraphs are not always reliable and very often psychopaths and sociopaths can lie with a straight face or maybe even a “clear” conscience. Then there is DNA evidence, the rape kits and forensics that can detect a lot more. But in every case of a Cosby accuser we know of, you can forget about DNA evidence 20, 30 or 40 years later.

The first thing that concerns me about the allegations against Bill Cosby is his response. If a person is accused of something and he/she did not do it, the first thing we would expect to see is the person saying “I did not do it”. But when the accused does not make any comments, dodges the issue or attacks the alleged victims verbally, something is out of sink. Case in point, Eddie Long, when accused of molesting several teenage boys, did not step up and deny it. He said the man they were speaking of was not him.

That is a play on words, not a denial of an accusation. It was certainly Eddie Long in the pictures sent to the boys from his phone with him wearing a muscle shirt in while posing in his bathroom. It was certainly Eddie Long who took boys on trips where they stayed in the same hotel room. It was certainly Eddie Long who caused New Birth’s insurance company to pay out alt of money to several young boys who filed suit against him. I think you see my point.

The second thing that concerns me is how many women have come forth. Yes people lie and yes people have hidden motives, but 30 or more women accusing Bill Cosby? Wow. Most of the women are reputable. Some are not. All seem to have details and the modus operandi seems to match. Bill Cosby has even done comedy routines about people slipping drugs into drinks.

Asking the right questions is another way detectives get to the truth. Of course the million dollar question here is why are these women coming forth now? Why wait 20, 30 or 40 years? Why after Bill Cosby and Oprah Winfrey’s failed attempt to buy NBC? What else is going on that we do not see and who stands to gain by the destruction of Cosby’s reputation? Was Bill Cosby in the locations where the events allegedly happened? Were his accusers in those locations? Is any of that verifiable? Of course the statute of limitations has long since passed for Cosby to be charged with any criminal actions so what is the goal of his accusers?

Thirdly, were there payoffs? People are even paid to set up celebrities. I hope Kobe Bryant and Mike Tyson read this article. But Dr. Cosby, if you are innocent, why would you pay anyone a dime? Why would you send money through a third party? I DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IN COSBY’S INNOCENCE OR HIS GUILT. I WANT TO BELIEVE THE FACTS, I WANT TO BELIEVE THE TRUTH.

Fourth of all, you can tell a lot by how a man’s wife responds. Notice that Eddie Long’s wife leaked the news that she was filing for a divorce after the allegations towards him arose. Then she retracted her statements. Then she filed for divorce. It is apparent that she knew something. Another example might be the wife of a pastor sitting in the pulpit or the front row of the church. Watch her gestures and expressions when the pastor makes certain statements. Nonverbal communication unintentionally says a lot.

Go back and watch Michelle Obama when her husband was running for office. Of course our President is not an example of being accused of anything, but my point Is that the wife can often tell the story by what she does not say – whether the story is good or bad. Cosby’s wife simply smiles and stands by her husband. Maybe a good thing, maybe not. But out of dozens of accusations, you gotta wonder if Camille Cosby knows something.

Fifth and finally, who were these women? A few seem to have been young ladies willing to do “things” to advance their career – and some of them appear to have fallen off the “casting couch”. Other women seem to be sincere. You decide for yourself. Is everybody lying, are some of the women lying or is Cosby guilty? Many of the accusations were alleged during the height of Cosby’s career.

Some people say that means Bill Cosby, like Sidney Poitier, could have gotten a woman at the snap of a finger and would not have needed to drug a woman in order to sleep with her. And it is true that being famous and wealthy can make you a target as if you are a walking Brinks truck. But others say popularity and wealth makes some people think they can have whatever they want and get away with it. In this case I can see the possibility of both sides of the coin. In this case, you decide. My objective here is not to discredit either side, but rather to look at as many aspects on both sides as possible as time and space will allow.

We may never know conclusively what happened in those hotel suites, condos, trailers, mansions and limos. If Bill Cosby is innocent, then an awful thing has happened in the tearing down of a man respected by so many. If Bill Cosby is guilty, that is even worse for those who love, respect and admire him and the long trail of victims molested, raped and sexually assaulted. Either way, there are victims, either way there are losers and liars and either way this is an American tragedy. You decide.

Staff Writer; Marque-Anthony


17 Responses to “Bill Cosby: Icon Or Predator?”
  1. James H says:

    I am glad someone has had the sense of objectivity to write this article. I have daughters, and in no way, shape or form would I find any defense of rape, nor any reason to blame rape victims, just for the sake of doing so. So can we first stipulate that and cease and desist with the name calling, in advance?

    I agree that many things about this media-fed bonfire of Cosby’s reputation that seem, at the very least, to warrant some scrutiny.

    Number 1 is the timing and coordination of the torrent of allegations. Bill Cosby was a very popular black celebrity in the 70s, not the pope. How is it you get raped/exploited and are so terrified and intimidated that you don’t seek any medical, psychological or other assistance for your own health and well-being..Until 30 years later?. At some point, at least one of these alleged victims of such a predator would have gone to some authority, somewhere, some how. Some kind of evidence would have been documented, would it not? Not minimizing the intimidation factor or the shame, but not one personever filed a legal complaint, or took advantage of rape victim or law enforcement resources? How can this be thought of as an insignificant fact in the media trial we are witnessing?

    2. What of this “drugging.”? The case of NFL player Darren Sharper seems to be one of lacing the drinks of unwitting women and then taking advantage of them, i.e drugging and raping. However, the Cosby situation seems, from what I’ve seen so far, to be more like Hugh Hefneresque party and hedonist lifestyle activity. Quaaludes were the well-known party/sex drug of the jet set at the time (not invented by Cosby), and my guess is that women and men were willing participants in the ride. It was a part of the “lifestyle”, particularly of those in those circles. A bunch of partiers high on the ecstacy of the day, having sex, is not the same as being drugged and raped. Did any of these women say their drinks were laced againsttheir knowledge and will? If so, then absolutely that is drugging. If not, then that seems like hard 70s jet set partying to me. Wolf of Wall street apparently illuminates the role and allure of quaaludes back in the day.

    My instinct is that all parties-Cosby and the accusers, did a bunch of crazy, embarrassing, and hedonistic stuff in their (multiple) encounters. My guess is that his stature at the time played a big role in who he chose for company, and what they were willing to do with him, what they thought they might gain, etc. I also would wager that this story of fame, party drugs, attractive young women/aspiring celebrities, sex and sexual escapades, etc. does not start and end with Cosby. I can completely see that he had relations with at least some of these women, and very likely lied or otherwise emotionally exploited at least some of them. Going from there to rape is a huge allegation, though.

    The court of public opinion has ruled rape guilt, based on a coordinated chorus of allegations, with no substantiating evidence. I am Totally willing to allow for the possibility that Cosby could be guilty of a crime. Is it not also possible that he is not? The fact that this article presents that question, amid the overbearing frenzy of Cosby slander, is refreshing.

    No one deserves to be raped; rape and all violence and exploitation toward defenseless women is despicable. But how about presuming innocence and letting the evidence, rather than a media campaign, lead you to the determination of criminality? There is always more to the story than meets the eye.

  2. Monty says:

    “We” didn’t think Michael Vick should have been found guilty? Speak for yourself.

  3. Jody Shepson says:

    Well, I will drop out of this discussion before I become emotional! You don’t seem objective at all, so we’re probably not about to sway each other, and our opinions don’t really matter anyway. Just a couple of things….this talk of “hard evidence” and “court of law”……we’re not IN a court of law. Saying “He has never been convicted of a crime” does not in any way prove that he did not commit a crime. I could list a LOT of very guilty people who were never convicted of a crime. He has not been tried in a court of law (he did settle, which does say something!) so saying “He has never been convicted” implies he was tried and acquitted, which he was not. And, I’m sorry, but witness testimony IS evidence in a court of law, and multiple witnesses with corroborating stories do count as evidence. Was there any “hard evidence” in the Sandusky trial, or the Catholic priests? There was no DNA or physical evidence, yet they were taken at their word.

    It is absolutely witness blaming to say that none of them were forced to drink anything and some of them interacted with him after the alleged abuse took place. That’s right up there with saying a wife cannot be a victim of spousal abuse because she stayed married to him, or she didn’t leave the first time. I do have some experience in this area and you touched a nerve by attempting to negate these women’s accusations because they didn’t come forward immediately, or they had some sort of involvement with him afterwards. There are many different layers of control and power that women endure. The Sandusky boys and Catholic Church boys also had ongoing relationships (in some cases) or continued to go to church and I doubt you used that against them when they mustered the courage to come forward.

    Lastly, Tawana Brawley was one individual who lied. I know of ZERO instances where over 30 women cried rape, and to equate the two is hardly accurate.

    I’m glad I read your initial essay and I kind of regret getting involved in the comments.

  4. Marque-Anthony says:

    No witnesses, no police reports, no rape kits or DNA semen samples, no hotel logs. And some of the ladies went back and stayed with Cosby or in his condo. Not the behavior of rape victims.

    Our court system must honor the presumption of innocence or innocent until proven guilty. Nothing has been proven.

    That being said, Cosby’s behavior is somewhat suspect, being that he spoke of date rape drugs in his jokes, being that he responded the way he did in an interview when he was speaking about Rashad being married and pregnant while the Cosby show was still on TV.

    Many of you seem to be thinking that Cosby is completely guilty just because a lot of women say so. But quantity of women is not hard evidence. Some of the women seem reputable and upstanding, but others seem like women who were taken to the casting couch on false promises, their careers went nowhere and they got mad. And while the method used towards these women appears to be the same, none of the women are saying they were forced to drink anything nor forced to go up to his room or get into his limousine.

  5. Marque-Anthony says:

    Jody do you have the training in nonverbal communication and psychology to tell if someone is lying? I do. And while all of them probably are not lying, some of them are. In fact Cosby has proven in a few of the cases that he was somewhere else completely. While Cosby may have more reason to lie, motive is not evidence in a court of law, not motive alone. That is a fact. You do not seem objective, you seem to want to believe all of the women just because there are so many of them. But let me remind you many people believed Tawana Brawley but she was lying. Also mostly the whole world believed the world was flat and they were all wrong.

    Timing tells a lot and there is a lot more going on with the character assassination and it’s timing than women coming forward after 20, 30 or 40 years. I understand the psychology of victims and why they don’t come forward but NONE of them before now? Something is up and someone has squeezed a few out of the woodwork, knowing that it would start a chain reaction. Everything is not always what it seems.

  6. Nancy van Dijke says:

    All those women lying, really?

  7. Sam Jak says:

    I would recommend everyone to read the article “The Former Basketball Player Who Brought Down Bill Cosby” by Diana Moskovitz written in DeadSpin on November 16, 2014. It’s the most insightful and comprehensive article covering the Bill Cosby rape accusations. I guarantee you will walk away fully blown away by its dynamics! It includes insights into the Bill Cosby machinery that has protected him from further harm.

  8. Jody Shepson says:

    I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories of any kind, typically. I can’t imagine what would compel a woman to put herself in such a public position as part of a conspiracy to hurt Bill Cosby. A lot of these women are quite financially stable….I can’t imagine a sum of money that would get them to lie publicly. It’s pretty far-fetched. You have asked why they came forward now. OK, let’s turn that around. Why would someone create a conspiracy to trash Bill Cosby now? Who are these diabolical enemies so out to get him?

    I hate to keep drawing the same comparisons, but no one accused the Sandusky victims of being part of some conspiracy to bring Jerry Sandusky down. It’s laughable to even put that into words. We don’t accuse the men who were abused as boys by Catholic priests of being part of some anti-Catholic conspiracy trying to bring down the priests. Why do we go to such imaginative lengths to discredit these women?

    I’ve seen several of them interviewed and they seem intelligent and rational. It is very hard to imagine most of them being talked into participating in a huge lie to ruin a beloved entertainer. It is not all that hard to imagine Bill Cosby back in the carousing Playboy club years feeling his power over vulnerable women and using it. He was a married man who had a very active social life and his wife and kids moved back east to get away from “his lifestyle.” He has settled with some accusers and has an alleged grown child by another woman. So….it’s not a HUGE leap to imagine him being guilty of what he is accused of. It IS a huge leap to imagine 30+ women subjecting themselves to this kind of media storm (and possible lawsuits for libel and perjury!) because someone hates Bill Cosby that much.
    Or, as Bill Maher said “(I’m paraphrasing) “No one wants that kind of 15 minutes of fame. Pretending to have been drugged and raped by Bill Cosby is not a thing anyone would do.”

    But, we all come at things from our own points of view and personal histories. I know how hard it is to come forward, and I know people don’t want to believe the men they admire could do horrible things. Other people have experience being falsely accused of things, and see this from that perspective.

    I try to be objective. Cosby has far more reason to lie about this than 30 women do.

  9. Marque-Anthony says:

    Jody thanks for your input. My response was via audio and ot interpreted the word as “sink”. But I doubt it takes away from the huge amount of balanced content in this article.

    While it is true victims wait a long time and never tell anyone sometimes, the timing of these women seems luke a character assassination plot they were nudged into. They could be right but the law is clear about the statute of limitations. So I have to ask what they have tovgain NOW. If you ask my opinion, I would say some of the cases are true, some are not, some have been paid to come forth and others found the courage when they saw others step up.

    People keep placing all the women in the same basket and I dont think it is all in black or white, pardon the pun. Shades of grey my friend, shades of grey.

  10. Marque-Anthony says:

    Typing from my phone.
    Small keyboard

  11. Marque-Anthony says:

    Excellent comments. Sorry for typographical error.

  12. Marque-Anthony says:

    Excelldnt comments. Thdn there are the derogatory comments from Cee Focus Shoot. Small minds mame personal attacks and poof assumptions. Cee Focus I wonf evdn entertain your comments. I could, but I wont. Let us be mature here. This article guys is not intended to clex my knowledge of public relations strategies like damage control. This article is written to provoke thought and discussion by presenti.g as objective of a view as I can. The many excellent and diverse comments prove that has worked. And because women are still coming forward, this is not old news. Trayvon may seem like old news to some, but wben the problems are still presenf, I dont call something old news so quickly. And I write what I choose.

  13. Jody Shepson says:

    This was a very balanced piece. I just have two little quibbles. The phrase is “out of sync” rather than sink. (as in synchronized, or out of synchronization) That’s very minor and nit-picky, but it distracted. I also take issue with your argument (in one of the responses to comments) that these women waited 20, 30, 40 years. It would take very little research on your part to learn that it is very common for women who are raped to wait years, or to never tell anyone at all. There is a HUGE amount of shame and embarrassment, and the certainty that victim blaming will take place. Mr. Cosby was a rich, popular, powerful man at the time. It would be unbelievably daunting to stand up to him. You yourself are guilty of blaming the victims….why did they go into a hotel room with him, why did they take a drink from him….I guess it’s their fault and they deserved whatever they got? Foul! Flag down on the play! This was not some shady character they met in a dark alley. It was the beloved Bill Cosby. Being a star, or politician, or priest, or coach…..affords one a sature and a level of trust and he betrayed that trust. The men in the Jerry Sandusky trial also waited years before coming forward but people did not use those years to discount their testimony. Young boys molested by priests also waited years before coming forward. It is very common, and these women should not be accused of lying just because they are women, rather than men who were molested as boys.

  14. Marque-Anthony says:

    Mary I went back and read the info you posted on the link above. It sounds hateful as if you have once been a victim yourself. I suggest you get counseling for that. Furthermore, how do you know the claims you made to be true? Were you there? Do you know any of the alleged victims? Bill Cosby was never charged or convicted with any sexual assaults or rapes (that we are aware of). There appear to be no police reports and some of the alleged victims are highly questionable. Furthermore, since you spoke of evidence, Cosby appears to have proven that he was not even where some of the alleged victims say he was.

    In our justice system there is something called the “Presumption of Innocence” or “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. Just because you THINK or BELIEVE Cosby is guilty does not make it so any more than those who believe he is innocent makes him innocent.

    You need to be legally careful because your comments border on slander, libel and defamation of character. If you have real evidence, you should bring that forward to the appropriate authorities. As for evidence again, who waits 30 years to bring something out? Evidence suggests there is a character assassination plot that has been hatched and my hunch is that it was not hatched by the women who have come forward. The question is why. That being said, Cosby could be guilty in some cases but not in others or guilty in all cases or innocent in some or most.

    I have not heard about any police reports or charges filed by these women after the incidents. I have not heard that they were forced to go to his room or suite or trailer. I have not heard that Cosby forced them to drink anything. By their own admission in many cases they went there freely, they drank what he gave them by choice and some of them even got together with him again or stayed for a period of time in his condo. Those incidents do not sound like victims.

    I am not saying that means Cosby is innocent – or guilty. And as for victims, unfortunately victims can contribute to a situation, though nobody deserves to be a victim. If you don’t want to be a victim, don’t go places with men you don’t know and don’t drink something that a “stranger” of sorts has given you.

    Nobody deserves to be raped or molested and nobody deserved to be falsely accused. But you need to realize that the sheep which strays away from the sheepdogs an the shepherd is placing itself at risk. I have taught Crime Prevention for several years, especially to women, children and senior citizens. And yes you can play a part in you becoming a victim. That does not give the criminal the right to do it, but you can certainly open up the door of opportunity.

  15. Marque-Anthony says:

    Mary you seem angry so I must ask two questions. Have you been a victim of sexual assault? And secondly, for you to make such strong and conclusive statements, what do you know that we do not know? I am not saying Cosby is guilty or innocent. I have an opinion but the facts are what matters. Hearsay is often just as unreliable as it is reliable and thus many courts rule it inadmissible. But you seem biased and you seem to be going by hearsay. That being said, you could be right – or wrong about Cosby. I can accept the coin has two sides. Can you?

    Cinesnatch I take your comments about my objectivity as a compliment. Bias can cause people to overlook evidence either way. Therefore I bring objectivity to the table. I spoke at Trayvon Martin rallies and I am very familiar with the Tawana Brawley case. Each time people of all colors rushed to judgment despite the facts. I try to avoid that and allow the evidence and the facts to speak for themselves. It is what it is – not what I want to believe it is.

    I plan to be a judge one day and I cannot afford to lean one way or another until the evidence takes me in that direction. I have been on juries and even been the jury foreman. As such, I had to let the evidence speak, not my personal opinion, likes, dislikes and what I wanted to be reality.

    I meant to use the term homosexual just as I did. It is a qualifier just as I used it, not a judgment or an indictment, even though that’s another discussion for another time. Are you a homosexual? The term “gay” in the denotative etymological sense does not mean a person who is attracted to or prefers the same sex. I am so tired of people hijacking words and terms because they are offended by calling things exactly what they are.

    Don’t ask me a question then answer it. You do not know what I would have said because you are not me and you do not know me. You made an assumption and whether you were right or wrong about what I might say, IT IS MY RIGHT TO SAY IT. Maybe you should go argue with the Bible on homosexuality, not me.

  16. MaryDtn9 says:

    Bill Cosby Rapist. I will relentlessly pursue rapist Bill Cosby, Cosby accomplices, the Cosby family and Cosby supporters. This is not a threat, this is a promise. Let’s be clear, they own this.

    WHY! VICTIMS MATTER! These victims represent our families, our children, daughters, wives, mothers and sisters.

    Cosby support fades hourly. To all who take the time to read this message, if you agree, please share this link, Thank You.

  17. Cinesnatch says:

    This article bends over backwards to be objective. I grew up admiring Cosby. It doesn’t require objectivity to see things how they are in this particular instance.

    And your use of the “homosexual” qualifier in front of “pedophile” is unfortunate. If Long’s victims had been female, would you have called him a “heterosexual” pedophile? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

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