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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Black Women Shutting Down Asian Businesses All Across America; Good Job Ladies!

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( Kudos black women! Pat yourselves on the back. Welcome back black woman! You shut down hundreds of Asian businesses across America and I’m loving it… loving it… loving it…loving it! When I first told you about the Asians taking truckloads of money out of the black community you immediately reassessed the problem. You entered the data into your brain computer and you printed out a solution.

You went natural. You ignored all the news outlets, movies, magazines, television shows and internet propaganda telling you to look more like white women. You ignored Beyonce’s weave and did your own thing. Meanwhile, white women were out getting lip injections, butt injections, tan in a can and ethnic- training (did you like that word?), to look just like you. White women can imitate you- black woman, but they can’t duplicate you. And they sure as hell don’t have your natural hair.

Oh, there’s going to be backlash from the dominate society who sees your change as an affront to their power; recognizing the lies and manipulation. However; keep it up!  Your children will see this and be proud of mommy and wish to emulate you instead of the false, propaganda images they put on television.BlackHairCare-2014

I am so happy for you black woman and you black man. You pulled together and made it happen. You’ve rousted thousands of Asians from the black community who had been exploiting us. Black man pat yourself on the back too- for doing your part. You told your black Queens how beautiful her natural hair looked-and made her smile. She needed to hear that positive afirmation coming from you. Great job black woman for showing your daughters you could abandon your weave and go natural. They will follow suit.

I’m one of the first people to call attention to the Asian problem and now you’re sending them back to the orient in droves; empty handed. As the love for yourself increases, so will your thirst for the knowledge of who you are. And to all the people who were talking trash to me and you for loving ourselves; you all know what you can kiss don’t you? We’re winning and I’m loving it! God Bless Black America!

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65 Responses to “Black Women Shutting Down Asian Businesses All Across America; Good Job Ladies!”
  1. M. Parker says:

    Some of the businesses in Black communities across the U.S. are: Gas Stations/Convenience Stores, Supermarkets, nail salons, dry cleaners, car washes, restaurants, etc. The gas station/convenience stores in my Black community are in a 5-block area and gross $8-million annually….we are giving these Arab business owners $8-million a year of our hard-earned money. The Arab business owners curse at the customers, disrespect them and throw change at them. Where is our Harriet Tubman’s and Nat Turners? We have an Indian Dry Cleaner owner who was video taped calling his Black customers every derogatory name possible. The community has boycotted his business since February. If there are Black men and women who are willing to invest in any of the businesses fore-mentioned, please do so. There’s no end to what this would do for our depressed communities. In addition The Black Beauty Institute has opened up hundreds of beauty supply stores across America. Please find a African American owned bank or credit unit and deposit funds there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s $100 or $10-million…it all adds up. Patronize Black owned business. Use Black owned lawn services, contractors, security alarm companies and for other services. Don’t patronize Asian, Latino, Arab businesses. We can do this!

  2. In the article, you said because blacken have been complimenting black women on our natural hair and calling us queens & saying positive things to us, we have gone natural.

    That is not true. If you call hundreds & hundreds of YouTube videos from black men bashing & trashing black women & calling us Hair Hats “complimenting” us then that is crazy. Black men have been absolutely VILE towards black women about our hair. Calling us kinds of names! Dragging us for filth!

    Many black women have gone natural but not for black men. Our hair choicesbhas nothing to do with the black males. This is just something black women wanted to do. Fashions change & styles change. We’re not bending over trying to please a group of males that won’t BUILD. And also you said black men need to pat themselves on the back like black women do? Black women were the main customers of the Asian supply stores, not black males!

    Can black men please focus on THEMSELVES & stop obsessing & focusing so much on what we black women are doing??? Can they go build something or…do SOMETHING that does not revolve around US, our HAIR, our CLOTHES, and I read a comment saying “Now black women need to take off those dragon nails. Stop obsessing over us!!!! Black men are the worse freaking trolls for black women.

    Aside from that, great, informative article! Congratulations BLACK WOMEN!

  3. ramses says:

    The Black Woman is similar to a roman-robotical ox. The theories of Marcus Garvey (or rather the secret ones)..involving the curse of ham’s origin in Hindu India (Which explains why black women lean a little bit more in the sluttiness.) We must thank Stedman (husband of oprah) for his valuable work as an agent against the anti-counter-white supremeacists. The ox actually is represented in black males too….just like a key can be lost in your anus….Don’t fall to the satanists trick. We must further follow why the black man crossed the road? So he could blacken it! Blacks helped make asphault….My I.P address is I’m no afraid of you….look it up!

    Remember the reversal-bi-polar reversal race theory?!!! It states blacks are made of exotic NEGATIVE matter…think about it when you shove a ni@@a he comes closer doesn’t he? We aren’t even made out of the same matter, YET WE ARE JUDGED THE SAME AS DA_WHITE_MAN


  4. Alia says:

    I would like for Asians to start natural hair salons. These Black hair stylists have no clue how to do natural hair- especially type 4. If Asians were doing hair, they would really work to please the customer. Asian=Quality!

  5. Negrapola says:

    What the heck did I just read? SMH!

  6. Johanna says:

    Is this article a joke?

  7. Really says:

    Yea by I bet you won’t stop going to eat Chinese food…

  8. hernanday oleary says:

    Dear Ann, screw people of color. If you ever looked in a dictionary or took an art class they’d tell you on the first day, black (and white) is a shade not a color.

    Blacks want nothing to do with you “people of color” because blacks have seen your true colors and it is anti black hatred in its core.

    People of color is just a code term of political correctness invented by whites to screw blacks out of corrective action for 400 years of slavery and another 100 years of share cropping and jim crow racial terrorism. Corrective action now called affirmative action sees border jumping mexicans, armenians, turks, japanese, humpbacks, peglegs, east asians, indians, white women and white south africans all get jobs that were originally intended for blacks under the banner minority. None of the other groups save for the American Indian was oppressed by whites in such a manner nor are they deserving of the affirmative action which blacks marched in the streets to obtain. As MLK was getting arrested in the streets, it was the japanese, indians and armenians suing for the right to be classified as whites and honorary whites in nazi germany and south africa.

    Does that sound like an alliance of people of color to you?

    Where was the hundreds of thousands of japanese marching for civil rights in the 1960s with blacks. O wait, they wanted to be legally classified as whites so they weren’t.

    In the last 10-15 years in large enough numbers that thanks to the Internet there is now an unturnable rising tide of awakening. Every day hundreds if not thousands of blacks are learning about your Asian anti-black deep hatred. From your mocking and constant insulting to cultural appropriation of black american culture to your calling black americans monkeys in the streets and on the trains. The Asians anti-black hatred and hatred of melanated original man knows no bounds. It is simply impossible for blacks to have any alliance with Asians because at the end of the day Asians want to be white, and Asians hate melanated skin which most blacks have, and finally Asians hate black people and see nothing wrong in mocking blacks for being black. It is that simple.

    As for Seperatism brings racism, so tell your Koreans to sell to blacks at the same price they sell to each other. O won’t do that, because your claims of equality and holding hands as people of color and singing cumbaya are just a clever ploy to stop blacks from clamping down on illicit Korean dumping practices.

    You want to call blacks racist, fine, maybe blacks wish to be racism because racism means power, who doesn’t want power.

    The American government has conspired with korean government to put black hair business out of business. So now it is time to fight black and make the koreans have an economic nightmare. Do black Americans get to go by th millions to korea and open up korean beauty stores? Hell no. Don’t buy a damn product from a non-black, especially them korean gooks. BLACK POWER!

  9. dglover says:

    Black women are definitely going natural in record numbers, I love no it.

  10. gwen says:

    God help us.

    What a ridiculous load of crap. No numbers. No facts. No actual data to support this ridiculous claim. (Disgusting. This entire post is an unethical manipulation of readers — nothing more than a thinly veiled propagandising attempt to lend credibility to another hate filled post by this author).

    And here’s a clue phone for you: closing businesses are a sign off a COMMUNITY that is economically unstable. Think about it: how many businesses do you see shuttered in economically thriving communities? None. Closed doors drive other businesses away.

    I’m sorry but voices like this have been leading the black community astray and stunting our growth for decades. Their misguided attempts to control black spending and the the economic power of the community only result in placing these communities in greater jeopardy.

    Here’s a thought… Instead of wishing for the monetary demise of another race of people and encouraging our race to participate and even inciting others to respond with that’s of violence…

    How about you pull your narrow-minded head out of your ass and actually start giving people above on what they can do to better themselves and their race collectively?

    Instead of complaining about Korean/Asian owned businesses, start your own. Guess what? It’s not east to start and maintain a viable business — but you will get a far greater reward than will ever come from bitching and moaning about what someone else has worked hard to achieve.

    Working long hours running a business is not your forte? Then get an education and find a viable profession that gives you enough economic power so that you are no longer concerned with anyone else’s success.

    Worry about yourself.

  11. La Royce says:

    Peace and many Blessings

  12. Maleeka says:

    blessings to you brother for acknowledging us! May we influence all our sisters to return to their roots and beautiful coils because it is healthy and rich in heritage.

  13. I’m happy for our black queens for be them selves and natural like me and my daughter it’s really knowing thy self and using natural products for our hair my favorite brand Shea moister.We need to put our black recycled dollars in our community with our black people ,quit making the next race rich and sending our money back to their state to purchase their home when they go out of business or retire off our black dollars

  14. mary says:

    I think Ann is Asian or White. Nice try Ann–who or whatever you are.

  15. Ann says:

    I believe separatism brings racism. We are a people, people of color and we shouldn’t be separated from anyone else. We would do well if we could find and purchase our hair products at all stores where hair products are sold. But for those locations who provide products and services to the beauty and hair needs of people of color, we should be happy that they are here and available. I remember going to an area of Washington and not being able to find any hair product for my needs at all. If there is concern that other races are making money off of the Black Community, then if a black entrepreneur wants to open a beauty supply shop, then by all means do that. Open a business and satisfy the needs of your people. We have such a shop in Vallejo, CA. But not just anyone can open a business and be successful. It takes a lot of work, and you have to be prepared to wear many hats. Not to mention, you know that some customers aren’t always agreeable. I believe we have choices, options for how we choose to look. You can wear braids, weaves, locs, twist, natural. It is your choice and don’t let anyone tell you, or persuade you on how you should look, wear your hair, wear your make-up. This is America, our home and you look the best you can, the way you choose.

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