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Sistas; Well, hello to you too!

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( Ladies, let’s try to start being more classy and less trashy to one another. And no! I am not talking about the clothing that we wear. I am talking about the way we don’t like to speak to each other in public. Especially, when our children are watching our actions they are only going to mimic what they’ve been taught. If we are going to pass something on from one generation to the next it has to come from the source. I have been in public and at a social event and I have said hello to a sister and instead she has given me the side-eye. Not to mention she didn’t even speak. Is it that hard for some of us to speak to one another?

I get it that you don’t know me. But does it seem ludacris for to get along? Portrait of smiling African American young woman in formals waving handMost races for the most part try to get along with each other. So why can’t we?! We don’t have to give each other the side-eye or even pretend that we like each other. But let’s show our daughter’s that we can bond and develop healthy relationships. Don’t mean to sound cliché but why is it that Black Women can’t get along?

I have been out shopping and I have said, “Hello”, and I have gotten a dirty look instead of a simple Hello. My daughters have been my witness. I can’t figure out how a simple Hello, could be so harmful. It’s a start to a conversation that could open the door to maybe a friendship.

I know as a Black Women we share some of the same struggles. And sometimes it helps when you have someone that you can relate to. But the really sad part of this is that I can speak to any other race and have a conversation no problems.

The more we teach our daughter’s that it is okay to speak just out of respect. The more we can create a sisterly bond. I am going out today and I am going to speak to any and every one that is willing to acknowledge my presence……And hello to you too my sister!

Staff Writer; Chakeeta Lee



3 Responses to “Sistas; Well, hello to you too!”
  1. Realman2 says:

    This has nothing to do with gender, bm do similar things to each other. Maybe not as bad but very similar.

  2. MsScripter says:

    This was a good article, I have no problems with saying hello to a sister. I live in NYC and when I get on the train sisters don’t even acknowledge each other, they either be giving each other the screw face or looking up and down at the next one with distain. I do notice when I’m in my neighborhood me and the elderly Black women always greet each other. It must be a generational thing, where just simply saying hello is not normal to some. At least a smile, if one is the type that don’t like to talk (I’m more of a shy introvert). A smile also goes a long way, just like when brothers will give the quick head nod to another brother, even when they didn’t know them.

  3. hoodgirl says:

    Great Article and hello to you too my sista!

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