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What Were You Thinking?

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(ThyBlackMan.com)    No one was born to be unsuccessful, in fact I believe it is mathematically impossible. If we are unsuccessful then it is because of the path we have chosen. If we are not what we want to be in life or where we believe we should be then we have to look back at the decisions we have made and ask ourselves some serious questions such as; Was this the best decision that I could have made? The answer to that question is critical but even more is the ability to critically look at the thinking which got us here. Consider this statement from Albert Einstein,”We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” After coming to a resolution that a change is needed in our thinking we don’t want to keep looking backward at life when we should be moving forward. If you do before you know it you will be running into something else. Trust me I know..

But should it remain that way? Do you want it to?

If not then I am going to give you the perfect formula on how to stop making bad decisions…

STOP MAKING THEM! Sound simple? That’s because it is! If you knowWhat-Were-You-Thinking-2014 that your thought process is flawed, then you know you have to change the way you think. Change your thinking and you will change your reality. Here is another way of thinking about  it. You have to become a scientist of your own life. Scientist experiment with formulas, if the end result is not what  they expected they go back and take things out or add new things in, until they get the result they were looking for, but he never does the same thing expecting different results. So, how about your life? Do you need to change the people in your life? Do you need to change he environment you are in? What is it that you need to change to get better results Mr./Mrs Scientist?

We will never be able to escape the consequences of our own actions, so we need to be very patient and thoughtful about the decisions we make. We should study the “why’s“. Ask yourself , why am I doing this then pay close attention to your own answer and then question does it truly make good sense. Then look at every possible outcome. And if you say “Brother Tremikus, I don’t want to do all of that” then I say fine,  stay where you are.

Some people boldly say “I ain’t gon’ never change, this is who I am and I ain’t changing for nobody!” Well everything in life changes. Change is a natural part of life and is a sign of intelligence as well as growth. So changing based on the circumstances surrounding you is as natural as a tree bending on the wind so that it’s branches won’t be broken by it. This does not mean that you are not to be true to yourself, because even though the tree branches bend, the roots remain the same. So you also have to consider your own need to change for things in your life to be want you want them to be.

Push on through the struggle.. 

Staff Writer; Brother Tremikus Muhammad 

Official website; http://brothertremikus.blogspot.com/

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