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Black Women – Missing Out.

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( you ever noticed when looking at pictures from Social Media, Advertisements, to Magazines the image that is being projected into Society is that of the missing Black Woman? At first I thought it was a figment of my imagination but lately it has become apparent that the Black Woman is nonexistent. I’m sure that we have seen a few light-skinned women and a few multiracial women here and there but somehow the African American Women who we came to love in the 1970’s like Foxy Brown is long gone.

The world is metamorphosing into one big melting pot and as it involves the true essence of Black Beauty is fading. The other day as I glanced through the Sunday paper I couldn’t help but to recognize in most of thedark-skin-vs-light-skin advertisement sections there would be a white man, a black or light skinned man, and a white woman. Now don’t get me wrong they did have a few light-skinned, woman but the African American Woman that I speak of was missing. The same goes for the commercials that I have seen on the television.

I guess the stigmatism being associated with the Black Women is if you’re not light-skinned or multiracial you’re not good enough for the part. Society in my opinion is trying hard to make the Black Women disappear in all aspects of life. This has just been my observation for the last ten years. In no shape or form am I implying what or who anyone should notice while their out even when looking at a magazine. But I am trying to bring to your attention the alienation of Black Women.

I have two daughters that I have to answer to and I have raised them to be assertive, respected, and well rounded. It is obvious that the media would like every other race of female to be regarded as beautiful, highly intelligent, and respected. And I still think that the Black Woman is being made to be ostracized because the media wants to project a certain image.

It is my obligation and duty to make sure that I let my daughter’s know that they are loved and are beautiful no matter what skin they are in. And that we aren’t going anywhere we have held our families down for generations and we have contributed in many ways. We continue to earn our right to be here while we take our place in society. They don’t have to put us on their magazine covers, in their ads, or commercials. But we do have a voice… and it speaks volumes!

Staff Writer; Chakeeta Lee



10 Responses to “Black Women – Missing Out.”
  1. Von says:

    The black woman was rendered invisible decades ago, it’s just now that many of you are finally paying attention. Regardless of our invisibility, the majority of us finance our own exclusion by supporting those entities that render us as being invisible and nonexistent and the best way to stop this is by withholding your dollars. How hard is it for the majority of black women to stop supporting individuals who do not support them and render them as being nonexistent?

  2. Bette says:

    I’m a white woman and I have largely noticed the same thing. Less is the black woman without the perfect features that not even the majority of white women can boast. Lets face it, the media loves perfection whether it is black or white. Take note the next time you look and see that most media portray what they see as more toward the perfectly featured face. None of my daughter’s or sons can llive up to that standard, but they are still beautiful to their mother. Make sure your childrn know that you think they are beautiful inside and out.

  3. Wake up & great real says:

    It sad that people don’t see the truth in what your saying, The ratio to our counterparts beauty being accept & celebrated are greatly off. When it comes to Black women on the runways, TV Shows, a black women with a black man in a major picture, prints ads and everything else. Black women are not being considered for these jobs. They will hirer a white girl and put her in black face & ethic clothing before they will just hirer a black model.

    It’s also sad that ppl say we’re wrong for standing up and voicing the fact that our heritage is not being recognized in the media and in the country we live, work and are paying consumers in. That’s one of the problems we as Americans have our own people are brainwashed and ashamed to complain about the the problems that we face in this society . The Jewish ppl can do it , the Italians can do it. However soon as blacks do it we’re looking for handouts… Latinas don’t have to complain there the largest minorities and there image can closely mimic white America so they are fine and will be fine. Also Asian own stuff and got the corporate jobs in the game they are fine.

    It’s blacks who don’t fight for ourselves, so yes we need to get our own but don’t act like the mountains we have to climb to start your Own, Own Network don’t existed and the mostly jewished owned media controlled world we live in is not fostering the eduction, network that’s needed to even began to make a difference …. Wake up & get real it’s possible with Gods grace but get real about the reality you are living in.

  4. MeeShell Belle says:

    Out of all the comments here, “Get Real” got it right.

    There is no doubt that the black woman is viewed as the lowest on “the totem pole.”

    The fact is she was placed there in cement by Charles Darwin and his predecessors, Johann Freidrich Blumenbach and Carlus Linneaus who ranked all groups of humans based on physical characteristics. European was at the top, and African (or black) was at the bottom. All others were ranked based on how closely their features were to European (light skin, slender nose, straight hair, etc.)

    Though that ranking took place centuries ago, its effects linger on and we have yet to escape the mental monopoly that compels us to submit to European standards of beauty.

    If you have never seen images of black women with protruding lips, low foreheads, “nappy” hair, etc. in contrast to white skin, slender noses, etc. then you have just fallen off the turnip truck and you need to beg to get back on.

    Mass media is the tool for keeping Darwin’s ideas alive and for cementing the black woman at the bottom of “the totem pole.” There is no doubt that the goal is to denigrate the image of the black woman and blackness as a whole, period. To dispute that is a waste of time and a sign of deep denial steeped in ignorance and self-loathing.

    I’m here to give you cursory knowledge, not a free education.

    If you know about the ranking of human skulls and beauty, then there is no need to try and argue against

  5. Mocha says:

    I agree with your article. I will add that it’s been happening for sometime now most of the social or otherwise pair the black man with any woman except black. I was reading some of the comments and it shows just how subtle the switch has been.

  6. Amber Woods says:

    I agree I agree I agree 1000%. People look at me crazy when I say it. All the black women that are supposed to represent us are phony!!! They all wear tracks and wigs and get perms and get their skin lightened. It is sad and pathetic. Thank you so much for writing this article!

  7. Get REAL says:


    “Also, I disagree that black women are viewed as the lowest of the low on the totem pole (we are not animals.)” – You knew it was a figure of speech and that I was not referring to black women or anyone as animals, for that matter. However the point is that black women are viewed as the lowest of mankind – FACT. We are looked down upon, by white men/women, Asian’s, Latina’s, BLACK men and everyone else.

    “Look at some of the black women who’ve change history such as; Harriet Tubman, Rosa Park, Hattie McDaniel, Tyra Banks, Michelle Obama, Josephine Baker, and many, many, many more.” – Right, but this article is about social media, the Media, etc…so point, misdirected.

    “It’s not the color of your skin, but the content of your character.” – Absolutely, a profound part of Dr. MLK’s speech – but just like the mention of those women above, it is irrelevant to the writer’s observations.

  8. MyBusiness says:

    Just because black women are not highly profiled in social media and magazine advertisement, it doesn’t mean we cannot make a different in the world. Also, I disagree that black women are viewed as the lowest of the low on the totem pole (we are not animals.)

    Look at some of the black women who’ve change history such as; Harriet Tubman, Rosa Park, Hattie McDaniel, Tyra Banks, Michelle Obama, Josephine Baker, and many, many, many more.

    It’s not the color of your skin, but the content of your character.

    Yours Truly,


  9. Get REAL says:

    “When do you ever hear Asian women or Latina women complaining about not being in magazines???”

    Is that a real question? It cannot be…WE do not hear many gripes our complaints from those women, because they are advertised in magazines, social media, commercials and all of the above. They are more glorified than the BLACK woman.

    You made the statement that we can be whiners…absolutely, anyone can be a “whiner!” However this article is not an example. This writer, wrote on an observation that happens to be based on FACTS. The BLACK woman that the writer is claiming to be omitted from the magazines, social media, etc., is indeed omitted. I do not know you personally, but your response proves the point made in the article. There is an indeed a stigmatism being associated with the Black Women that if you’re not light-skinned or multiracial you’re not good enough for the part. The BLACK woman is viewed as the lowest of the low on the totem pole by the world, and if you feel different, you just might be delusional.

  10. N says:

    Sometimes we really are a bunch of whiners. When do you ever hear Asian women or Latina women complaining about not being in magazines??? Next thing we start complaining about being portrayed as sexualized objects in these advertisements as women generally are..

    Create your own thunder. Stop complaining about how THEY don’t GIVE IT TO YOU.

    Another Sista

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