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Cain & Abel – The Origin of Black Hate.

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( To Make this story Understandable we Must first put Black Faces to these Biblical Character’s. This real life story begins with Adam and Eve and the Serpent ( Which was a Black Man also. ) Eve was seduced by the devil to eat from the tree of knowledge ( Which represents something valuable – today we call it money or an expensive gift ), And in exchange for it she cheated on her husband Adam with him ( That was the first act of Pimpology.), and through her Act of Adultery he impregnated her and Cain was born ( The Son of the Devil ). And by Adam not leaving her for her infidelity then, he ignorantly decided to stay with eve and by doing so he ” condoned ” her trifling ways , and soon after they had a child called ( Abel ). But even though Adam tried to forgive Eve he couldn’t deep down and Animosity grew towards her and that’s when Adam created the word ( Whore ) to call her out of anger. This was the beginning of Hate and Resentment and distrust between the Black man and the Black woman all caused from her dealings with the devil.

When Abel was born Adam favored him more because he was his blood son , and Cain was somewhat excepted but was always looked at as the son of Adultery. And as time went by Animosity grew between the boys and also Cain’s hate for Abel’s father Adam grew too. Cain hated that Abel had a father and he didn’t and he felt very alone and rejected by the family and he grew hellish and angry. And when his Hate and Resentment got to it’s bowling point, to get back at the entire family he killed his brotherAdam-Eve-2014 Abel. And that was the first Black on Black Crime – which was Murder.

It must be understood that Abel was the son of Adam and Adam the son of God , so sub-consciously it was not so much the son but the blood of the father that the blood in Cain really hated. Because Cain was the son of the devil and the devil’s blood hates god’s blood , Cain was just the pawn the devil used to carry out the killing of one of god’s family member’s. The devil simply used Eve’s weakness to be desired and love for expensive gifts as a means to destroy god’s family. The devil was too much of a coward to confront Adam directly so he went behind his back and impregnated his wife ( Like a Snake ) and then ran off from his responsibilities as a father. And left the family and even his own child behind to destroy themselves for simple self-gratification.  
And this scenario continues to play out among blacks over and over again with every generation. We see the Hatred and Resentment among blacks through black on black crime , which is still Cain killing Abel. We see black women being promiscuous and having children from different men – which is what eve was doing ( And Black Men calling their women Whores like Adam did ). And there are those that preach with good intentions that the black race is one family , but sadly that is not completely true. We have the same skin color but not the same blood , because of eve’s adultery we are two nations of step-brother’s and sister’s trying to live together but that opposing blood wont let us. There is the Tribe of Cain on one side and The Tribe of Abel on the other, both resenting each other over family issues that are rooted in Adultery. Both pretending to want Unity but really looking for dominance over the other by any means. 
To this day these tribes are struggling to suppress each other in all level’s of society , creating cultural norms that reject each other. And as of right now the Tribe of Cain is the ruling class and by them being the decedents of the devil their influence among the culture will reflect who they are and what they feel. They have created the black community in the image and likeness of themselves , which is a reflection of their father – the hateful and resentful devil. And they have used entertainment to make this image expectable and even popular in society. And that influence is filtering over into other cultures and races creating a society of Cain’s. And the ignorant black woman love’s this Gangster , Pimp , Thug Image because that was the image of the serpent that seduced and pimped Eve and got her pregnant and abandoned her. And she keeps falling for his same tricks hoping that this devil will change but he will not – he doesn’t love women and he doesn’t love children. And by the black woman being so influential and showing love for this devil she has influenced women of other races to love it as well.
This Tribe of Cain or children of Cain are the mere image of their fathers , they have the same ways that their fathers had. And like their Father they burn with Hate and Resentment even among each other , they have no loyalty to each other either. They would kill each other quicker than any one else because their is no trust among these thieves and killers. They function off of pretending to love each other as they work to suppress The Tribe of Abel with their Anti – Christ Culture. Hypnotizing the world with their African Voo-doo Music , converting even those among the Tribe of Abel to their religion of Hate, deceit and Murder.
We must realize that this Anti – Christ Culture and Thinking exists on both sides because both are looking for a Leader or Messiah that will come in the image of there father’s ( One Christ being Good  and Their Christ being Evil ) . But what the Tribe of Cain does not realize is that their father the devil is never coming back. Because he is the Original and Supreme Dead Beat Father who cares nothing for his kids. And they are working tirelessly to build a nation for him to rule but he doesn’t want responsibility – he runs from it as he ran from fatherhood because that represented responsibility. This Angry group is doomed to realize the awful truth, that all their evil has only created for them a world of enemies. And all their love a dedication and hope was put into a father who never intended on coming back because he first didn’t love their mother , to him she was just a whore to be used.
They will realize that all their Hate and Resentment towards The Tribe of Adel and their Family Tree is mis-directed. The Hate and Resentment they feel should be directed at their own no-good father ( The Devil ) , if it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t exist to suffer the hell that is to come for all their Evil Deeds. They should beg forgiveness to The Tribe of Abel and dedicate their lives to helping them eradicate evil so that demon’s like their father wont even exist anymore – because he is the reason for all their problems in life and those to come. But they will not submit to truth easily because they have been in power so long making slaves of the Tribe of Abel , suppressing them and torching them. But these are the days of ” Change ” and that means a change in power – their time to rule has ended. And while they have been drunk with power the Tribe of Abel has assembled all around them ready for a hostile overthrow if necessary – And resistance is futile.
Staff Writer; King Muhammad


10 Responses to “Cain & Abel – The Origin of Black Hate.”
  1. Raal bana Yasharan says:

    go back to the Sumerians. learn about the triad (Anu, Enlil, Enki,) (merodach, tammuz, chemosh, asherah, chiun, remphan etc.). the bible retells the stories written by the Sumerians, akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians. but the gods of the Christians, Jews, even the Hebrews are an amalgamation of the triad if the bible is read correctly…. a convolution created to keep a certain people from discovering their real identity. this coverup is greater than any government conspiracy…..what is the church hiding? what is the government hiding? what is the vatican hiding? and why these three work hand in hand to conceal this big secret?

    the negroes are the only people on this penal planet who has lost full knowledge of themselves and their heritage/culture/religion. the transatlantic slave trade was the finale to a plan written about in Psalms 83….a confederation established to annihilate the REAL HEBREWS! the jews stole the identities of the so called “blacks” and have been renaming them every since(revelation 2:9/ 3:9).

    African American, coloreds, niggers, blacks…..whats next?! keep in mind the black communities themselves arent re-naming themselves…..those whose keeping them subjugated are. the Africans(sons of HAM), Arabs(Ishmael), Edomites(Esau), Egyptians(Ham), Babylonians(Ham), Syrians(Shem), Greeks(Japheth), and lastly/presently the JEWS the synagogue of satan(Ashkenazi/Japheth)…and… Romans/church/Vatican/Catholicism/Christianity/Islam are finishing up the the extermination job.

    they are hiding or distorting the true name of GOD and HIS SON and their character. YAHWEH,JESUS,Jehovah,yah,jah, Saturn, Ptah, Shiva, eyah, Lucifer, Satan, Azazel, EA, IOA, Yaldabaoth,Prometheus, Oceanus, Poseidon, Samael etc. ….pertains to a god that is responsible for enslaving us or maybe rescuing us with messiahs during our entire existance. our forefathers made a covenant with a god who i believe to be Enlil or ANU….for protection and providence from the dragon/serpent god of earth enki. exodus 3:14 i am who/that i am is translated from hebrew eyah asher eyah….is a pun by the redactors. the statement is actually saying i am he who is called eyah or EA or Enki the serpent god….worshiped by most nations who have caused our deaths. from the Chinese to the Aztecs, Incas and Mayans….these genocidal and human sacrificing people have worshiped enki the flying serpent or an aspect of this god since the foundations. he is considered to be father, savior, creator of mankind.

    we need to find our real god’s name. THIS IS WHY OUR HISTORY ACCORDING TO BLACK HISTORY MONTH ONLY GOES BACK TO THE 1600’S. KNOWING WHO YOU ARE, IS THE BEGINNING TO UNDERSTANDING RACISM, police brutality, DISCRIMINATION, HATRED, SLAVERY, SUBJUGATION AND (LASTLY…. INTEGRATION) OF OUR PEOPLE into a system totally destructive to our people against our god’s warnings.

    Rev 18:4 Then I heard another voice from heaven saying, “Come out of her(united nations (NWO) system of governance), my people, lest you participate in her sins and receive her plagues(punishments)!

    SUPPRESSION OF OUR GOD’S REAL NAME mentioned/altered in exodus 3:11-16. these all were stages to destroying the real children of the most high GOD. and the(anuanaki)(fallen ones) and their offspring/ruling elites on planet- are behind this genocide.

  2. MyClas`Sy Ladyhtwin says:

    Sir, no pun intended I will have to research your claim that the term “Whore” derived {supposedly} from the Bible to degrade a woman/mother because she was “unfaithful!” I am now speechless!!j!

  3. MyClas`Sy Ladyhtwin says:

    Very interesting!

  4. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    The Term ” Pretty Boy ” is more Black Hate ( Created by The Tribe of Cain )
    Read about it here

  5. Robert says:

    Papacool, your understanding of the Bible is very limited. The Earth is not hell. The Bible clearly describes hell and it is where Lucifer ends up after the thousand year reign of Christ as laid out in the book of Revelation.

  6. R. Peoples says:

    Mr. Muhammad no disrepect, but if it doesn’t say that in the bible you and ño oñe else should believe your article. Read the english standard version Holy Bible. It clearly says in John ch.1 vs. 1 In the begining was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God. So becareful what U put out there for people to read because there are people out in the world that need to know truth

  7. King Nazir Muhammad says:

    This Spiritual Indictment has come down for The Tribe of Cain
    ( Share This )
    That was

  8. DB says:

    Mr. King Muhammad you appear to have a lot of hate towards the Black woman. Do you like Black women or women in general or do your interests lie elsewhere (i.e. men)?

  9. bruce says:

    Mr. Muhammad how do you know these things? Such as adam calling eve a whore and satan being cains father. Surely you did not read this in any religious book.

  10. Papacool says:

    In keeping an open mind, I will state that I find this article intriguing to say the least. One minor point I will draw out is the fact that the apple has always been the fruit of choice as to what was eaten from the Tree of Knowledge. No where is this actually stated, so where did this fallacy come from? To put color to the story is great and is somewhat accurate as life has been proven to have begun in Africa. So the moral of this story is that we started everything, both good and bad, and have been going strong ever since.

    My understanding of Lucifer, is that he was once loved by God and somehow ended up getting the idea of overthrowing God, which would lead to him also having free will while being in an angelic state. He then persuaded other angels to get on the bandwagon only to end up being cast out of Heaven and God’s presence. The earth was then his domain, which would mean that this is indeed Hell, and has the illusion of being Heaven on earth in various aspects as it was created by God. As to why the tree was even placed in the vicinity is a mystery that only God Himself can give those of us with curiousity the answer. The bottom line is that there will always be mysteries that we seek the answers to that maybe better served by being left alone. As long as being truthful is an option, we will never know the whole truth as long as we live.

    When we make our transition of going from our physical state to the spiritual state via the highway of death, no one knows what we will be like or what memories we take with us. All each of us can do is endure all of these experiences for what they are were in the area of giving us an understanding of how things here work. I think we have to all go through misery in order to appreciate the good. Spiritually speaking, I get the impression that this present world is not our home, but we are somehow chosen to go through life learning from what we go through. However, we fail to just take the time out to even discuss what it is we can take away from all of this. All I know is that life continues, even in the face of death, as this world just keeps on turning. The question of what did we do to make our experience count towards the bad or good of our time which we were given. Peace out, Papacool.

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