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Most Black Folks Suffer from Stockholm Syndrome Like Missing California Woman?.

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( If the missing California woman has Stockholm Syndrome then so do most black folks! I’ve been watching all the coverage of the California woman who was kidnapped at 15 years old and every, single symptom these high priced psychiatrist’s are saying this unidentified woman has, is identical to most black folks.

On CNN their resident psychologist Dr. Jeff Gordere compared the woman’s inability to escape her captor, to ‘pimps making their prostitutes feel helpless and hopeless.’ He said “psychological damage is worse then physical damage.”

These are some of the facts about Stockholm Syndrome. Let’s see how they apply to the black collective:

*The bonding between the captive and the captor is a survival mechanism for the victim.(check)

*The hostage is abused physically or verbally by the captors.(check)

*It is believed the syndrome happens when the hostage mistakes the act ofblackpeople-2014 captor of not killing or abusing them as an act of kindness.(check)

*Family or loved ones threatened if they didn’t do what they were told.(check)

*Denial to information and resources.(check)

Perfect examples:

Sexual Practices– At the time your great-great grandfather was kidnapped he was with his wife and family. But when he got to America he was told and taught  to do what George Washington, Alexander Hamilton and the rest of the forefathers here were doing: Buggery (homosexuality) as it was called back then-and outlawed in parts of Europe by the way. Will and Jada Smith allowing their 13 year old daughter Willow, to lay in bed with a 20 year old man, both half naked, is not the way Will and Jada’s parents raised them. White folks keep saying there’s nothing wrong with it because that’s their way. Meanwhile, these parents adopting the sexual ways of the hostage taker is Stockholm Syndrome at its worst.

Black Cop– They Kidnap you and turn you’re great-great-grandson into a Corrections Officer or Police Officer guarding his own imprisoned and falsely accused relatives. In fact, the police in black communities are even more hostile and overzealous then white cops. Black District Attorneys go after black women and black boys with absolute viciousness, anxious to show white folks they have no bias when it comes to their own.

Black Educators– The school to prison pipeline includes black teachers that will say or do anything for a check. As education was denied to the  captive slave, meaningful and adequate education is still denied to their children. Dropout rates are abysmal while the police are set up in schools hauling black boys straight to juvenile detention centers. If the black teacher knows Columbus didn’t discover America, George Washington did tell lies, Egypt isn’t in the middle east or Eli Whitney didn’t invent the cotton gin, then why not tell the truth? Because in order to keep control of your hostages you must make the hostage think that he has nothing to go back to and can’t make it without you. That’s why blacks are called a minority. The hidden meaning of minority among whites translates to: “You ain’t Sh!t!

Degrading Music and Images– Just like the kidnappers degraded black men and women, he made his victims do likewise to each other; in movies and gospel music that lacked all hope of peace on earth, to rap music today that totally degrades black women. The more degrading Lii Wayne or Jeezy is, the more money they get paid. In fact, you couldn’t get a record deal if you didn’t rap about killing “NIGGERS.” Now go make a record about killing “crackas or Jews” and see if they don’t put your ass in jail.


If you still don’t believe me look up Patty Hearst(1974), Colleen Stan(1977), Elizabeth Smart(2003) and others and compare it to your own life and situations. Then, go get some help! And after that- go and demand the reparations for your trauma.

You already know white supremacists will try to convince you that Stockholm Syndrome doesn’t apply to the black collective. Any white person who tells you that- doesn’t want you to know because they fear you might do exactly like those women did: ESCAPE

Staff Writer; Xavier James
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5 Responses to “Most Black Folks Suffer from Stockholm Syndrome Like Missing California Woman?.”
  1. john mclaren says:

    @Lee Davis

    The Barbary wars were fought against capturing American ships and Americans not slavery against blacks. Americans have always backed the current racist system or looked away like Germans during the Nazi era.

  2. Lee Davis says:

    Hi Dcarter910,
    I also think it would apply to Africans in Africa to some degree because the same Muslim slave traders and enslavers are at work in Africa now as they were 300 or more years ago.

    Early on in America many white people were against slavery. The first two wars America fought after gaining independence were the: First Barbary War (1801–1805) – ?Second Barbary War (1815). President Thomas Jefferson fought the Barbary Wars against Muslim slave traders along the North African coast.

  3. Lee Davis says:

    Hi Peerless Perception,
    I agree almost word for word with what you said. The plight of Black men and families did not get where it is today by accident. It was a well thought out plan implemented by President Lyndon Johnson back in the 1960’s.

    About 70-78% of abortion clinics are located in black and minority neighborhoods so that a disproportionate number of black and minority babies will be killed.

    I could fill up pages of commentary about the way things are and why. But I’ll end by saying this to the black and minority peoples in America: Stop killing your babies and one another. Children need to be raised by both Mom in Dad in the home.

    Racist policy and legislation has created the conditions you face, and not by accident. You are in an unfair, unequal and unjust situation but with God’s help you can overcome it. For your sake and for the future of your children you must overcome this evil snare that has entangled you.

    My prayers are with you and for you.

  4. Peerless Perception says:

    Powerful Piece Brother! Black folks have always identified and agreed w/their captor. Staying in the country of our oppression was a colossal mistake. I wrote a similar piece for some “at-risk” teens…check it out:


    My daughter is a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals and I recently came across some of their interesting literature which spoke on the determining factors to declare animals as “Endangered Species.” While perusing the many articles, I discovered parallels between imperiled species and that of the Black Male. Please review the following and share with your Brothers/Sisters accordingly.

    Said determining factors for animals are as follows:

    • Long term survival is threatened by man-made factors.
    • Species is threatened by predation. (i.e. capture)
    • Species is threatened by disease.
    • Inadequate laws to protect the species.
    • A significant portion of its habitat has been destroyed.
    • The over utilization of the species for scientific, educational, or commercial research.

    Supportive data for African American mammals/males:

    • Our survival has been jeopardized since the inception of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.
    • Capture & enslavement includes the Prison Industrial Complex, Mental Incarceration, and Spiritual Imprisonment.
    • We lead all races in new cases of AIDS, cancer, diabetes, & high blood pressure.
    • Clearly, the laws have been detrimental to our existence. (i.e. Jim Crow, Rockefeller drug laws-NY, etc.)
    • A great portion of our ORIGINAL land was taken, colonized, & destroyed. On a smaller scale, our neighborhoods in America still suffer from urban blight.
    • We have been involved in countless surreptitious scientific experiments throughout the years. (i.e. The Tuskegee Experiment, The Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study, etc.)

    Further investigation and critical assessment revealed a direct pipeline to the penitentiary, rehabilitation center, and cemetery. Beleaguered Black communities across the nation (Chgo., Ny, LA, N.O.) share these problematic commonalities which ultimately have catastrophic consequences. In the very near future, it will be incumbent upon all like-minded people of color to answer the clarion call because the enormity of these issues yield layers of complexity and exposes a crippling legacy of bigotry. African Americans, by and large are going to have to petition the government and exhaust all means to unmask the implied machinations. Doing nothing is not an option because as our brother says, “we are the people we’ve been waiting for.” Moreover, failure is not an option because we cannot stand for being active participants in our own extinction.

    The mission objective should be to unite in order to stem further subjugation, racial disconnection, cultural incompetence, and potential global extinction. In an effort to ignite the youth and to extinguish the atmosphere of complacency, I am asking that you brothers answer the call of duty for the greater good of our cultural longevity. Obviously, we are not animals, but human and civil rights don’t appear to pertain to those considered as inhumane. The mere fact of placing the Black Male in juxtaposition with that of animals maybe what is needed to wake up the masses because standing idly by and watching the behavior and aggression incubate towards the Black Male has not been effective.

  5. Dcarter910 says:

    Very interesting assessment. BUT…I think much of the same would apply to Africans in Africa. Hence why I believe that despite the wealth around them, they still remain in a state of constant civil war with rife political corruption and militias which kidnap children and women. Black self hate is not unique to African Americans.

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