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Why, Black Men, Why?

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( There seems to be ominous plot  to not only effeminize the black man, but to get rid of his masculinity altogether. It seems like the media, the music industry and Hollywood is steadily promoting the gender-less, integrated black man, who doesn’t mind “fitting in” just to be socially accepted. This should sound familiar to the African-American public because this is precisely (in a way) what happened to black people after the Civil Rights movement. We wanted to be socially acceptable.

Now we have a plethora of black entertainers (some who I’ve admired growing up) are simply falling into the go along to get along crowd. For the record, I have no disdain, dislike or hatred towards gay people at all. I could go on to tell you that I have gay relatives (just like most people) however, I’m a Christian so you should know very well what my position isskinnyjeans-2014 in regards to the lifestyle. See, I’m not really directing my frustration towards gay people at all. My issue lies with the gender confusion that our society as a whole is perpetuating-especially involving African-American men.

As many people are aware, this who ‘effeminate’ culture on the mainstream level started several years ago when black men were adopting a European, Metro-sexual look. It began with the rebirth of the whole “rock-star”  image, started by rappers such as Lil’ Wayne. It was a throwback clothing wise to what the American rock-stars were doing in the 70?s and 80?s-minus the female hair styles, of course. Then it look a turn into a different direction when black men (and females) started to embrace the ever-so-docile, “nerd” look. Not saying being smart and educated is bad, however, last time I checked the nerd look wasn’t to fly in the 80?s and 90?s. It is what it is; however, we now have a new day that has dawned upon the African-American community. Forget Robin Hood, now black men are not only in tights, but skirts and dresses.

In Hollywood, several black entertainers have ‘dressed’ themselves up as women for years. Actor-Comedian Flip Wilson was one of the originators of dressing in comedic drag, which lead to several other black entertainers such as Martin Lawrence, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx  to follow suit. Writer-Director and Actor, Tyler Perry has amassed millions of dollars from his Madea character in which he himself portrays and dresses like a woman. It seems like Hollywood doesn’t mind giving out these roles to black actors, and black men certainly don’t mind making or acting in them.

Yet I will give them a proverbial pass because hey, even I was entertained by Sheneneh, back in the day. My issue is nowadays you have black men participating in effeminate behavior while claiming to be masculine men. Entertainers such as Kanye West, Pharrell and most recently, Omar Epps, who on his latest appearance on ABC’s The View, had the skirt and skinny jeans flowing. Say it isn’t so Q.

The effeminization of the African-American male is no longer a myth or something to speculate upon. It has become a full-blown reality. I’m not trying to be rude, but what has happened to the masculine African-American male? When did it become ‘socially correct’ for black men to have some sort of unisex outlook in regards to his clothes and overall appearance? Black women, has this become the standard of the 2014 African-American male? I’ve heard of us men getting in touch with our feminine side; however, I wasn’t aware we had to act like one to do it.

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5 Responses to “Why, Black Men, Why?”
  1. Adam says:

    Ahh Ron you discrimatory fool…. practice safe sex,its simple then you don’t have to worry. You can blame the gov’t, gays, the moon etc. IDC bruh if you don’t practice safe sex, then you deserve AIDS..IDC if you are my people or not. Live safe or die raw…. say we exterminate the gays as you say… The diseases will still be there… 85% are manmade anyway..

  2. Ron Johnson says:

    Adam, I’m curious where faggots like yourself got your anthropology, genetic, biology and medical degrees from? What we’ve seen over time is how you faggots create shit that has no scientific basis. You and your disease spreading kind are striving for legitimacy and the only way is to attack people with lies and the dreaded “homophobia” label, which in itself doesn’t make any sense.
    Homosexuality is destroying the black man and white America loves it. All of you faggots are sick and demented people that quite frankly should be exterminated.
    The CDC has determined that in the very near future, 50% of all black men will be infected with the Fag cancer virus-HIV. A virus brought to the USA by white faggots that has taken root in the black community.

  3. Dcarter910 says:

    The writer of this article is ridiculous!

    Dont you know that you cannot go around bemoaning any outlandish behavior on the part of the young black male. You should know better than to disagree with black males having to: Stay in school, pull up their pants, dress like a man, act like a man, respect their elders or anything else positive. If you do so you will be called an idiot by people who do not want any standards for the black male and who will attack anyone who has expectation for them.

    Those same people will move out the hood and cross the street when they see a young black male coming their way because those males are dangerous animals with no guidance. Perhaps you didnt know better so I am going to let you slide this time but next time you better not write anything about black youths insinuating that they act or dress with any level of civility.

  4. mie says:

    All the problems the black community faces and you write an article about wearing tight pants. you are a joke.

  5. Adam says:

    Sorry buddy, but you are so far off base throughout this article.

    Firstly, you do not seem to understand that gender roles and predominant gender associations are socially constructed and changing over time. There is no such thing as an “intrinsically masculine” or “intrinsically feminine” fashion, hair style, or worldview. Did you know that it was common for boys to wear skirts in the early 20th century? Most people don’t, because most people do not bother to do the homework.

    Secondly, you contradicted your own thesis in the middle of the article. At first, you bemoan the conformity of young men who try to “fit in” by adopting a socially prescribed image, yet later on you blast those who adopt a “nerdy” image because it “isn’t fly” (in other words, not the norm)?

    And thirdly, your Tyler Perry analogy is ill-conceived because if you did your research you’d know Mr. Perry writes and directs his own movies. Nobody “gave out” the Madea role to him — he crafted it with his own pen!

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