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Don’t Allow Yourselves to Be Bamboozled, America – Barack Obama is One of This Nation’s Greatest Presidents.

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( There are Many people in the country who are going to accuse me of being an Barack Obama cheerleader for what I’m about to say, but I’m not. My definition of a cheerleader is an ideologue who defends the leader of his or her team whether they are right or wrong. That’s not me. As a non-ideological progressive, I’m against mindless ideologues of any and every stripe. I’m a cheerleader for truth and for justice towards all, and it is my position that if you follow truth in the pursuit of justice, that negates the need to be ideological, because truth has no ideology, and neither does justice – and the truth is, Barack Hussein Obama is proving to be one of the greatest presidents that this country has ever had.
A conservative might challenge my assertion by saying, “You admit to being a progressive. Isn’t that an ideology in itself?” In response to such a challenge, I would assert that it is not. To be a progressive is to be cognizant of the fact that this country needs change, as oppose to “conserving” the dysfunction of the past, or the status quo. So to be a2014-ObamaSuperman progressive is not an ideology; it’s a simple recognition of reality.
But, of course, there are many ideologues who are going to scoff at that assertion, because they’ve been blinded by the fog of their own ideology. For the same reason, there are many people in this country who are DETERMINED that you NEVER find out the truth about Barack Obama – which again, is, he is one of our GREATEST presidents – in fact, possibly among the top three. But he won’t get the recognition that he deserves until he passes in to history and his administration can be assessed objectively, and free of politics, self-service, and emotion.


There are three reasons why Obama critics are desperately trying to obscure the significance of Barack Obama’s accomplishments. First, his competence blows the theory of White superiority all to Hell; secondly, White bigots are afraid that Obama’s success will cause the nation to want to elect more Black presidents, senators and congresspersons; and finally, Black “bligots” see Obama’s very existence as a slap in the face to their personal status, and their delusions of grandeur.
As a result, Obama’s critics are trying to keep America focused on their criticisms whether than the President’s accomplishments, which are numerous. A small example of which are listed directly below (with a more extensive list as an attachment at the end of this discussion) – any one of which, alone, would have insured any president a favored place in history:

1). He averted a second global Great Depression with his stimulus initiative.

2). He Brought America back from the Bush Disaster.

3). He saved the American auto industry.

4). He brought Osama Bin Laden to justice.

5). He punished Wall Street and got the American Taxpayer reimbursed for the Wall St. Crash.

6). He’s brought affordable health care to millions of Americans.

7). He’s lower the national deficit to its lowest point in 60 years.

8). He averted a war with Syria and got them to destroy their chemical weapons.

9). He’s got Iran to allow nuclear weapons inspectors broader access to their nuclear facilities.

10). He’s accomplished all of this with the Republican Party fighting him tooth-n-nail every step of the way.

If George W. Bush and the Republicans had been as competent in handling 9/11 and the Iraqi war, it would have saved over a trillion dollars, a million Iraqi lives, and the lives of thousands of American troops who were either killed or wounded in the Iraqi atrocity. 
Just imagine what Barack Obama could have done – and still do – with a RESPONSIBLE Republican Party. Naturally, Obama haters are going to vehemently disagree with this assessment of President Obama, but when they do, simply ask them who was a greater president, and why? Then watch ‘em squirm.

Here Are 235 Other Things That President Obama Has Done For America;


Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree
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5 Responses to “Don’t Allow Yourselves to Be Bamboozled, America – Barack Obama is One of This Nation’s Greatest Presidents.”
  1. Wattree says:

    Dr. Watkins,
    Every time you open your mouth these days you seem to have something uncomplimentary to say about President Obama. You always seem to be implying that he’s not doing enough for Black people. You don’t seem to understand that it’s not the president’s job to go house to house passing out gift baskets. It’s the president’s job to try to create an environment where we can help ourselves, and it’s our job to organize the community to establish the political clout to assist him in that effort. But I have yet to hear you address that side of the equation at all – or at least, not with the same kind of energy that you’re constantly attacking President Obama.
    The entire agenda of you and your ilk seems to be promoting a culture of whining, begging, and complaining. You’re telling the people what they WANT to hear – that everything is everybody else’s fault – instead of what they NEED to hear – that we’re bringing some of these problems on ourselves by failing to address important issues in the community.
    I don’t know why so many of you so-called Black scholars don’t seem to understand that there are some things that even the president can’t do – and signing a bill abolishing ignorance is at the very top of that list. That’s what it would take to accomplish some of the objectives that you and your counterparts are criticizing President Obama for. That’s also what lets me know that much of the ranting and raving that many of you so-called Black intellectuals are doing is disingenuous at best, and a form of unbelievably stupid “bligotry” (Black on Black bigotry) at worst.
    The president can’t just wave a magic wand and instantly make everyone upwardly mobile. It doesn’t work that way. There’s an educational process that goes along with upward mobility, and that goes for whether the person is Black, or White. While there are many in the Black community who have the skills to hit the ground running, there are others who need to be trained, motivated, and refocused in order to simply maintain a job that pays high enough wages to lift them out of poverty, even if a job was given to them.
    But it seems that you’ll never be satisfied until the day that Obama throws is fist in the air and says, “This is what I’m going to do for my people.” That’s what causes me to question the validity of your claim to be intellectuals. Because if you were indeed the intellectuals that you claim to be, certainly you would have considered the ramifications of Obama setting such a precedent. Think about it – if President Obama sets a precedent of saying, “This is what I’m doing for Black people,” what are you going to say when the next White president comes into office and says, “This is what I’m going to do for White people?” He’ll call it the “Obama Doctrine.” So clearly, what you’re demanding can only be characterized as poorly thought through at best, and absolutely boneheaded if viewed less charitably.
    In addition, with all of your “education” it would seem that you would understand simple eighth grade civics. The United States Constitution gives the United States House of Representatives SOLE control over government spending. And as I assume you’re aware, the House of Representatives is controlled by the Republicans, so Obama can’t do anything for anyone without getting the Republicans to go along with him. Yet, all of your guns are aimed at this one lone Black man instead of the Republicans who are trying to abolish the Voters’ Rights Act, obstruct everything that the president is trying to do for the people as a whole, and who are leaving
    no stone unturned to reinstate Jim Crow and drag America back into the 19th Century. Why is that?
    I know you’re not stupid, but you’re not saying a mumbling word about these fascists who are, literally, the domestic enemy of not only Black people, but ALL poor and middle-class people in the United States. You’re purposely making it sound like all the president has to do is go in his pocket and throw some change our way, but he’s just being heartless and stingy. Please explain to me why you’re misleading the people like that.
    People like yourself are even trying to blame the prison industrial complex on Obama. Don’t you know enough about state’s rights to know that’s a local issue that you should be taking up within each state? This is not a monarchy. President Obama is merely a president, not a king, or a dictator with absolute power.
    When we say “federal government,” that means that this country is a “federation.” Each state is like a little country in and of itself, and each of the fifty states have come together to form “the United States.” So President Obama cannot dictate how they run their prison systems: “Federation – a country formed by separate states that have given certain powers to a central government while keeping control over local matters.”
    Due to the fact that you didn’t seem to understand this simple concept of government, I decided to research your background, and it was very enlightening. Your bio says, “Watkins struggled in school, earning very poor grades all throughout. His teachers placed him in special education and also told him that he was not smart enough to go to college.” So I figured that they must have covered the above concept of government while you were struggling through special education instruction.
    But even if you don’t understand the concept of presidential powers, I would think that simple common sense would suggest that if you’re worried about Black people being used to support a prison system for profit, instead of running all over the country blaming it on President Obama, your time would be better spent by anchoring down in the community and educating young Black people to the need to adopt a lifestyle that won’t lead to getting busted. I mean, with all of your tremendous intellect, did that ever even occur to you? I haven’t heard a word on the subject.
    Boyce, people like yourself are spewing millions of words about what Obama’s not doing, but what are you doing? It seems to me that if you were serious about your concern for the poor, instead of holding televised seminars and book signings, you’d be in the community with your sleeves up helping to upgrade the skill sets of those who need it – or at the very least, helping to promote the idea of how important it is to doing so.
    That’s what Barack Obama did. As the first Black president of the Harvard Law Review, when Obama graduated from law school he could have gone to work as a law clerk for the Supreme Court, or pursued wealth by going into any one of the top law firms in the country. He could have also tried to make a name for himself by running all over the country on a bus chasing sound bytes, selling books, doing lectures, and trying to coin phrases and sound profound. But he didn’t do that. Instead, he went quietly back into the community and went to work helping people to get their heaters fixed. That’s the way to show that you care. You, on the other hand, have been all over the internet trying to SELL knowledge to poor Black people for $40 plus tax. If you have knowledge that you think will help the community, why not just give it to them? Why cause even more hardship by forcing them to come up with money that they don’t have?
    I’ve been very reluctant to put you on blast like this – I even took the time to warn you that it was coming if you continued your counterproductive nonsense – but you, and other Black people of your ilk, have become so disgustingly reflective of 19th Century Uncle Toms that the urge to speak out just became overwhelming. And I’m sure that many others are going to follow suit, because it seems that some of you people just can’t stand to see another Black man move forward, and watching that attitude being played out with such disingenuous self-righteousness makes me want to throw up every time I even see a picture of either you, Tavis Smiley, or Cornel West – and it’s not just me. I’ve spoken to other Black people who told me that they find your attitude, literally, sickening, because it’s so petty.
    Thus, while you can continue to try to hide behind your self-righteous rhetoric, and claim that all you’re interested in is the best interest of the Black community, the only people you’re fooling is a handful of your fellow backward-thinking followers and yourself. The vast majority of the Black community see what you’re about very clearly – just like White bigots, it’s simply killing you that Barack Obama is President of the United States instead of the White House butler. You see it as diminishing your accomplishments, and the fact is, it does. But that’s not the president’s fault, it’s yours. So hating him for his success is counterproductive. You still Have time. Put your brain cells to work searching for an idea to revolutionize the world instead of putting all your energy into hating. Because regardless to how much energy you spend hating Obama, at the end of the day, he’ll still be President of the United States, and you’ll still be insignificant.
    So Boyce, you should sit down, read a little history, and take inventory of yourself. Because the fact is, people like you, Tavis Smiley, and Cornel West are not only undermining the Black community by making it easier for White bigots to demonize the first Black President of the United States, but you’re also embarrassing the community by making complete damn fools of yourselves, and thereby, undermining the credibility of legitimate Black scholars and intellectuals.


    Here’s What President Obama Has Done For America

  2. Dcarter910 says:

    Old Version:

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

    Updated Version:

    Give a man a welfare check, a free Obama phone with unlimited
    minutes, free internet, cash for his clunker, a Chevy Volt, food stamps
    via EBT card, free housing, free contraceptives, free healthcare &
    medicaid, ninety-nine weeks of unemployment, free medicine, forgive his
    student loans and give him an honorary degree for just trying, buy his
    “art”, give him a living wage, and show him where to go so the nanny
    state can wipe his *** for him when it comes to any personal

    ..and he will vote Democratic the rest of his life… ..even after he’s dead.

  3. Marcus Vessey says:

    Wattree, what has Obama done wrong in your opinion?

  4. Wattree says:


    How do you expect to be taken seriously when you allow yourself to be predictable?

    “As a result, Obama’s critics are trying to keep America focused on their criticisms whether than the President’s accomplishments, which are numerous.”

    You’ve been brainwashed.

  5. hassan says:


    It is not black and white, democrat or republican, it is all the same. We have a foreign occupied sold out globalist government. Your greatest president did an about face on a lot of issues; the wars, the patriot act, the NDAA, and the patriot act. And under his administration we have solyndra, Benghazi (in which new rice emails are coming to surface as I write this), and the IRS targeting conservative and constitutionalist groups.

    Your greatest president is nothing more than a bowing yesman for the shot callers who was indoctrinated by an anti American mother and an extremist Marxist socialist frank marshall davis. Say what you want, but I truly cannot see as a black man how I have been better off with this sodomite supporting bigot.

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