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The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Against Christians & Jews – Part 3, First Known Prophets!

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( In terms of Earth years, how old is God?  Since “He IS” from infinity to eternity, what was Yehovah doing to occupy Himself before He created our universe, 4.6 billion years ago?

Once He created our Earth, and knew that Lucifer would turn evil, and also knew that a segment of mankind would willingly follow evil, what did God plant in the Earth?  What sort of frightful creatures could He have formed in the Earth that would lay dormant until the “End of Days”? In the ninth chapter of Revelation, it speaks of locusts (the size of adult cougars?), that come out of the bottomless pit, to torment mankind that believed not the gospel, and not having the seal of the Lord Jesus.  Will present day agnostics, atheists, evolutionists, and humanists, be their main targets?  What sort of laughter and ridicule will be heard from them then?  Within the next eight years, we shall find out.

Resuming from Part 2, it is 950,000 BC, several years after the end of the fourth era of mankind on Earth, which began at the beginning of Restoration Week Three, 24+ million years ago.  This next era is represented by the first day of Moses, Genesis 1:2 – 5.  The Earth was completely covered with water.  During this interval, there is no air breathing life on Earth.

The Sun and stars did not shine, because mankind was absent from the face of the Earth, and could not see them.  This is the opening scene of Restoration Week Five (1st day of Moses), which would begin the fifth epoch of mankind on Earth. cross-christian

Yehovah says “Let there be Light”.  God says “Let there be”…, then there is …, because there wasn’t!  This is the first day of this week of restoration.  On the sixth day, God first created animals such as the mastodon, mammoth, megatherium, and saber tooth cats along with cave lions.  After the animals, Yehovah made mankind, male and female, as He did each of the eras before.

How far technologically, did each of the eras of mankind advance?  To what degree did each have a relationship with Yehovah?  Each one had “a run in” with Satan, being subjected to his lies, treachery, and death caused by his hand.  I speculate that at least two previous eras of mankind ventured into outer space.  Most likely, in my opinion, it was the second and fourth eras of mankind.

The first advent of mankind (4.6 Billion BC – 245 Million BC) was too content in paradise, thus this would be what infuriated Lucifer.  The second advent might have had more curiosity about the solar system and universe.  I suspect that they might have commenced mining operations on the Moon, which NASA doesn’t want to discuss.  While Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were making their landing on the lunar surface, Michael Collins (the command module pilot) revealed his observations of the dark side of the Moon, live on radio, but about eleven minutes, NASA chose to cut from the tape.  This would be proof that

1) modern mankind is not alone on this planet,


2) the theory of human evolution is a stupid and ungodly hoax.

This fifth advent of mankind progressed at a faster rate than any of the previous civilizations. Copper coins have been found from the Pleistocene epoch (Lawn Ridge, Illinois), dating back to 400,000 years ago.  But of course, the evolutionists and humanists will deny its authenticity.

Unlike modern mankind, prehistoric mankind did not die a natural death after a hundred years or so.  Since the first parents of the species did not sin and disobey God, humanity died only by accident, or by violence.  Therefore, only a few “modern” human skeletons from more than 500,000 years have been found.  One of such was found at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, in 1913, by a man named Hans Reck.

I speculate that it is of this era that the Göbekli Tepe ruins in Turkey were built, along with Stonehenge, various pyramids, and other stone monuments, which required advanced technology to build.  Yet mankind knew that his days would be numbered, and looked to the stars to announce the coming of a redeemer.  At this time, are the first prophets of God known to be a liaison between man and the Creator.

There was plenty of food, plenty of land, and growing technology, yet much of mankind submitted to the treachery of Satan. Without reason, war was looming over them, as nation after nation manufactured excuses to make demands of another.  Even a common language did not promote unity.  Yet those of the righteous told the masses that the Creator’s Son would come to set things right.  Prophets proclaimed, that when the rotation of the galaxy would position the stars of the constellations Bethulah (Virgo) and the Lion (Leo), with the conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Venus, with the king star Regulus, that the Creator’s Son would come.  This is something that Satan didn’t want to happen.

Yet before the end, a consortium built a monument, which they hoped would be a message to future mankind, since they knew their end would come.  It had the face of a man, a headdress of a King, and the body of a Lion, with His eyes facing Eastward into the heavens where the conjunctions would occur in the sky.

Whether it was the ferocious weapons they used, or a sudden shift of Earth’s axis, the Ice Age suddenly came upon them.  Underground habitats were sought to flee the conditions of the Earth.  However, the prolonged ice conditions reverted to a sudden climate shift, causing another global flood, drowning most of the war’s survivors.  Yet again, a remnant would be saved, and would unwisely interact with the next advent of (modern) mankind, as explained in Part 4.

Written By Herman Cummings

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One Response to “The Truth of Genesis: An Attack Against Christians & Jews – Part 3, First Known Prophets!”
  1. massimo says:

    i saw my blood circulated on the star of david , i found myself on a stone trone at the right of the devil (a dream in 2008)

    i saw god in 2009 :

    2008: j’ai vu la terre vu de l’espace , elle a commencé a trembler et des branches d’arbres ont commencé a sortir sur les coters de la terre pour ensuite
    se transformer en arbre immense .

    2008: j’était dans une caverne , en face de moi il y’avait un moine au visage caché , habillé en brun et une capuche au visage noir , en dessou de lui
    il y’avait une pierre qui arrivait plus ou moin a hauteur de ses jambes, sur cette pierre il y’avait l’étoile de david gravé dans la roche .
    il avait les 2mains tendues au dessu de la pierre et au dessu de la pierre une sphere descendait elle avait plusieurs barre pointues autours de la sphere, j’ai tendu le bras droit
    ensuite j’ai vu mon sang circulé sur l’étoile de david .
    il a tendu le bras vers un mur en pointant le doigt , la j’ai vu un rocher s’écarter de droite vers la gauche et derriere il y’avait un trou avec du feu,
    une échelle est apparue que j’ai posée contre un mur.
    j’ai vu 2trones en pierres en face de moi , je me suis vu m’installé sur celui de droite , ensuite j’ai regardé sur ma gauche et j’ai vu le diable tourné sa tete
    vers la droite en me fesant un avait 2 grosses cornes qui montait vers le haut et la peau rouge .(j’était habillé en blanc)

    2009: j’ai encore vu le diable , il était a coter d’une fontaine , il fesait sombre et rouge , il m’a regardé et il m’a diten pointant du doigt” regarde massimo ,
    c’est Dieu , c’est lui qui m’a créé , il ne se montre jamais ”

    j’ai vu une lumiere apparaitre et un homme avec la peau bleu avancait vers moi en souriant , il avait la barbe courte entre le blond et le brun , les yeux brun ,
    les cheveux rasés, beau visage , la trentaine environ , torse nu .
    avant que je ne réveille il m’a fait un clin d’oeil.

    2009: le jour ou mickeal jackson est décédé, je l’ai vu cette nuit la en reve , j’était encore dans une caverne , il était en face de moi avec un couteau en main ,il y’avait l’étoile de david gravé sur le sol , il s’est enfoncé le couteau en pleine poitrine , j’ai vu du sang giclé sur l’étoile de david , et je l’ai vu tomber par terre avec ses 2genoux sur le sol . ensuite j’ai regardé sur la droite et il y’avait le diable avec les bras croisé qui souriait.

    2010: j’était dans un endroit assez paradisiaque , il y’avait de l’herbe et derriere des montagnes , j’ai revu le moine avec le visage noir , j’était assis a coter de lui accroupi et lui debout , il était toujours habillé en brun , et je voyait toujours son visage noir , quelques secondes apres , il a levé la tete et il ressemblais tres fort a jésus.
    il n’a pas parlé .(il avais les yeux brun , une barbe brune , la peau bronzé , beau visage) (j’était habillé en blanc)

    -je dormais , je ne fesait pas de reve cette nuit la c’était un reve noir , j’ai entendu une voix criez pendant la nuit ” je me suis réincarné dans un homme”
    une voix assez effrayante.

    -j’ai encore vu la terre vu de l’espace , j’ai entendu des voix parlé elles ont dit ” il voit? une autre voix a répondu ” oui il voit et il entend”
    et la j’ai vu la terre entouré de satelittes.

    -j’était dans une école , j’était immobile , il y’avait des élèves qui marchait devant et derriere moi sans me regarder , ensuite j’ai vu barack obama vu de loin
    il m’a regardé en souriant , il m’a fait un clin d’oeil .

    mai 2012: j’était dans un reve , tout d’un coup j’ai eu une coupure dans le reve et le diable m’a encore montré sa tete en souriant (il avait la tete penché)

    2013: je dormais , un moment j’ai senti une main toucher mon front , j’était paralysé , j’ai ouvert les yeux et je descendais dans un tunnel en levitation , quand je suis arrivé en bas du tunnel , il y’avait un homme beau visage qui me regardait en souriant , il avait des ailes blanches, il était assis sur une pierre et derriere lui il y’avait un mur.(il était habillé en blanc)

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