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Fathers Calling Fathers.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Transitioning of fatherhood is a lifelong process that requires fathers to mature in their actions and thinking in raising their children and taking care of their families.

Fathering/Parenting is not a science, not a mathematical equation nor is it composed of statistical data and clinical evaluation.

Fathering is as dynamic as the children that are created between a mother and father. The advice fathers give to their children and receive from other fathers should be positive and empowering not destructive and dividing. No Father/Parent is perfect in their parental decisions; mistakes build and strengthen fathers that have a duty, obligation and responsibility to help raise their children. Frederick Douglass stated that, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” So the need for men to be involved is critically important, if there are doubt look in the eyes of those in prison and ask them where their fathers are.

Fathers have a moral and ethical responsibility to teach their children the right way to go. Rodney Hurst (Author, Historian, Civil Rights Activist) stated “If you do not teach them (children), they will never know,  if you don’t show them they will never remember and learn.”LarryHenderson
October 26, 2013

This can be applied to a fathers position to be their children’s first teacher, first mentor and first role model. Society tries to define the role of being a father, a father (in my opinion) should as Moses did in Exodus 34:8 to receive proper guidance “bowed his head toward the earth, and worshipped.” 
The power of prayer, strength of commitment, consistent dedication to purpose, passion and love to their children, should be known and protected by fathers. “Fathers Calling Fathers is an important and vital initiative that promotes, encourages and importantly supports fathers and the responsibilities to their children and families.

It is un-debatable that every male child needs a father or a male role model or mentor. All children need responsible parents, if not biological then surrogate. Male children as discussed during “Fathers Calling Fathers” need the advice, wisdom, knowledge and understanding from fathers and grandfathers.

Mr. Larry Henderson – a grandfather of three, passionately states that because too many fathers are not doing their jobs, grandfathers are doing a fathers job. Grandfathers must step in and assume the role and responsibility in raising their grandchildren. 

 “If you start on a project men you must finish the project. Too many fathers start out well, but do not finish well with their sons and daughters. It is too much at stake; the future of our race and our seed is at stake. Too many fathers are missing in action (MIA).  I believe some fathers have forgotten they are even fathers.  You ask them how many kids they have and they will have to think about it. Larry Henderson.

In attendance were several community leaders, one in particular Chief Ivan T. Mote of JFRD, his contribution of encouragement and responsibility was to remind those in attendance that, “you only get one opportunity to raise a Black child” and for fathers to be diligent and dedicated in their mission to raise their children.

A father’s commitment is to his community as well, he must be in service to make his community safer, prosperous, progressive and developing. Father must remember that as their children mature there will be challenges and you cannot send them back in time and undo what has been done or not done. Act now and establish a stable and solid foundation.

“Fathers Calling Fathers” associated with “Operation Save Our Sons” is moving in a direction of service to the Jacksonville Florida community. Taking a stance in the community to empower fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers and men in those positions of family and leadership.

The Theme: “Equipping Fathers to Permanently Change the Lives of Our Sons” is a pledge to remain as a permanent fixture and participant in a child’s life. Words of wisdom were shared that covered many areas of fatherhood.
Carter G. Woodson stated that, “As another has well said, to handicap a student by teaching him that his black face is a curse and that his struggle to change his condition is hopeless is the worst sort of lynching.” Fathers cannot allow their children to be psychologically and emotionally killed. Their spirits, their humanity is important, the first teacher and the first role model should be a boy or girls father.

Common threads of experience where established in comments in dialogue. These issues were as diverse as the generations and cultural backgrounds present. Fathers shared these areas and more:

1. Fathers should be the family leader,

2. Fathers struggle with societal issues and expectations. This is normal because everyone struggles with these situations.

3. Fathers should know who is setting an example for their children as mentors and role models.

4. Fathers not in their children’s lives create a hole in that child’s life. It can grow and create emotional trauma.

5. Even if fathers are not in their child’s life their actions and behaviors are still poured into their lives.

6. Fathers teach their children respect. Respect is earned not demanded.

7. Fathers tell your child you’re proud of them. Children need to hear this; telling them “I Love You” is powerful beyond compare.

8. Fathers need to spend more quality time with their children together. It is not about money, but about quality time.

Fathers need to support each other whether young or senior, no matter the culture of color all fathers struggle and address many of the same issues with children and families. In this century of growing untraditional, blended, molded and diverse families, relationships based on arrangements, agreements and decisions support is needed.

“Fathers Calling Fathers” is a growing movement, not a moment in Jacksonville, Florida.

Eric Deloach makes a profound statement about the influence of father and their children: “They watch us constantly, every move, twenty-four hours a day. Always be mindful of the kind of role model you need to be.”
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  1. Phill says:

    Hey there, nice to see such a supportive post. I aim to help people take off some of the burden when fathers try to go through custody court cases. Although a British website, I speak to a lot of american based individuals in order to share the burden. Great article, keep it up!

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