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Monday, June 25, 2018

Robin Thicke Blurred Lines | The Case of Dysfunctional Music Bandits.

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( Honestly, I’ve haven’t had the chance to listen to Robin Thicke’s summer jam until I was commissioned for this article. So this should let you know where he’s at in my musical radar. Is his music important when you start thinking about R&B culture or is he just a one track wonder? This is a question that I pose to you the reader, since he is the greatest thing since slice bread. You know he’s trending over a 100 million Likes via YouTube with his latest (alleged beats stolen) hit “Blurred Lines,” Ft.T.I. and Pharrell.

As I started to conduct research on this absurd lawsuit and to listen to the track “Blurred Lines,” the music didn’t move me or shake me once it came one. This is another reason why you should not take this generation of music seriously – they are not that good nor or they creative in any capacity. The statement that Robin Thicke wants to make clear in court: His track and Marvin Gaye’s track, “Got to Give It Up,” don’t sound alike and doesn’t stand for the same thing with regard to the lyrics.

The question that I have is did Robin Thicke and Pharrell sit and think about beat together or was it given to the artist to sample for a studio session?

According to NPR, the complaint filed in court by Robin Thicke suggests, “The basis of the Gaye defendants’ claims is that “Blurred Lines” and “Got To Give Itblurred-lines-cover Up” “feel” or “sound” the same. Being reminiscent of a “sound” is not copyright infringement. The intent in producing “Blurred Lines” was to evoke an era. In reality, the Gaye defendants are claiming ownership of an entire genre, as opposed to a specific work …”

I beg to differ on this one. The song sounds exactly the same – granted the lyrics are different (Robin I knew you weren’t that gifted anyway).

My next question is why can’t singers create their own beats? Why do you have to sample so much from the past – if you are supposed to be innovative and have some of the best producers on your team? I mean really? What really pushed me to another bar with this fiasco is that Robin Thicke & Company really wants to sue to Marvin Gaye’s family – not for money – but to make sure his song is recognized?.?

For one, Robin Thicke will never be Marvin Gaye. He can only sing one hookah if you catch my drift and the falsetto is way out of style today. Once I heard “Blurred Lines,” it sounded like somebody else was actually singing the actual song in the background. I get it though…

Gone are the days of contacting a person by telephone and asking if it is cool to use a beat that someone else made. Gone are the days of respecting the graves of folk families. Gone are the days of respect for our elders and those that came before us.

I guess Robin Thicke did get one thing right – the title of the song fits his persona with an extra touch: Blurred Lines, Blurred Vision, Blurred F**ked Up Decisions.

That is all folks.

Staff Writer; kYmberly Keeton

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9 Responses to “Robin Thicke Blurred Lines | The Case of Dysfunctional Music Bandits.”
  1. NAHMEANSON says:

    the song is wack….and it does sound similar but of course does it no justice at all unlike Miguel Adorn(GREAT song)..which clearly sounds like Marvin Gaye’s sexual healing and let’s get it on real r-n-b…now the biggest record of his career…and we know music is a copy cat sport….they saw the success Miguel had and wanted to duplicate it but failed miserably…it don’t sound like r-n-b music but yet being forcefully played on hip-hop/r-n-b stations….gentrification on the radio…(and that malkelmore dude is corney and both are only getting play because they are white boys.)..and the nerve of this cracker to sue The Gaye Family which is eerily similar to oprah being sewed by that swiz. store for like deformation of character when the real writings are on the wall…..which kind of reminds Me of paula deen getting off on her case…..and zimmerman…..and….TYPICAL!!!!…………….

  2. troy south bronx nyc says:

    hehe robin thicke has been frontin off of marvin gaye for a good six years now, how soon some of us forget that when some of us fall asleep in the “boogie” I give george michael credit, because for one he will tell like he did back in 1985 that he spun r&b and disco music in the london clubs, as for robin thicke it’s no big secret we allow anyone to get over all for the sake of the “boogie” and we all in this together now cliche, but the problem is we only all together now in this business called making music as preformers, not owners, and yes blurred lines music is mired from marvine gayes late spring/summer of 1977 smash got to give it up. Let’s get real.

  3. not so says:

    Robin Thicke has successfully crossed over on his own merit just as George Michael, Boy George, Michael McDonald and many others did prior to Thicke.

  4. Papacool says:

    Why go throught the process of spending money needlessly in court when you can just give the Gaye family a cut based on principle. The copycat process is being done in other arenas such as movies, aka remakes, and various other genre’s of entertainment. Originality is a lost art and the only fresh non-black artist to successfully cross-over on his own merit is Emeniem, and he had enough sense to gave props to several Blacks that helped to pave the way for his success. Most records are done using various studio techniques that can not be duplicated in live venues. That is why the usage of taped tracks is the norm whenever a live performance is being featured. Milli Vanilli would be at the top of the game now that lip syncing and vocal fabrication is now the norm. Too bad most of the people that are responsible for giving us the real deal are dead and gone. People have been conditioned to think that anything goes as long as it makes money. We all know that sex sells and to see the imagery that comes along with the package, it is a wonder that the videos are not rated X. Thank God for Stevie Wonder, Prince, Maze, and others that can actually play instruments and make their live performance sound just like the studio versions. Money is no object when acts like those mentioned come to play because they truly give you the best that music can offer. Hopefully they can pass the torch and teach others coming up how it is done. Peace out, Papacool.

  5. AO3421 says:

    This writer says he had not heard this song before being asked to write this article. Then I take it that he does not listen to radio or just listens to classical stations or something. It reads like a black man continuing to say the white man keeps taking stuff from me. Then at the end he says we should respect our elders. I don’t see where any disrespect is being done to Marvin Gaye. I have not heard nor read anywhere that Gaye’s family said he was being disrespected. I think they you much prefer he be celebrated by a fun, upbeat song than what he has been portrayed in plays and a soon to be movie. Ask them which would they prefer.

  6. starchild says:

    wait a minute… so robin thicke is saying that blurred lines don’t sound like got to give it up? hahahaha he must have hearing problems or something…

  7. hoodgirl says:

    YES……….Blurred Lines reminds me of Got to Give It Up which is also a feel good song that I grew up on and always gets me on the dance floor. Love Blurred Lines minus the video which I didn’t sense any racial connection just corky.

    Damn “TI” is tooooooooooooooo fine!

  8. Ford says:

    …..I first heard about this on Fox yesterday. Played the Marvin Gaye tune just now and see no comparison to Blurred Lines in fact the Gaye beat sounds more like Steely Dan doing Back Jack. Actually I have liked this song from the first time I heard it. I like the video. I like that the tease is sex and I also like the Blurred racial Lines. How many millions of people world wide see this and see the obvious comfort these people have with each other and the obvious crossing of racial sexual lines. Its a hit and stands on its own.


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