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No D.C. Bargin For WalMart.

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( Over the past few weeks, the D.C. City Council has been in the news quite a bit, though but for all the wrong reasons.  They recently passed a law that would prevent thousands, yes you heard me right, thousands of jobs from being created within their city.

Now mind you that D.C. is a majority Black city, with a Black mayor and near Black majority on the council, and one of the highest unemployment rates in the country (especially among Blacks).  The national unemployment rate for June was 7.6 percent, but in DC the rate was 8.5 percent (almost a full point higher).

At issue is the “Large Retailer Accountability Act,” introduced by council Chairman Phil Mendelson (D).  The bill would require large retailers, defined as businesses operating an indoor store of at least 75,000 square feet and whose corporate parent has sales of at least $ 1 billion—to pay wages no lower than $12.50 per hour plus benefits.  They call this a “living wage” and it would be indexed to the local consumer price index every year. (Note:  The Federal minimum wage is $ 7.25/hour but D.C. has tacked on an additional $ 1, so in D.C. the minimum wage is $ 8.25/hour.  This is almost a 40 percent premium that the council wants to subject job creators to.)BIGWALMART

This bill targets the city’s largest retailers, including Wal-Mart, Costco and Home Depot.

The vote on this law was 8-5. For the bill to become law, it has to be signed by D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, and then it must go through a 30-day Congressional review period.

Fortunately, the mayor vetoed the bill.  The council needs 9 of the 13 councilmen votes to override the mayor’s veto.

So, let me make sure I understand what’s going on here.  D.C. desperately needs jobs, Walmart is willing to obey all wage laws to bring D.C. thousands of jobs with benefits, and then D.C. tells them that they don’t like the manner in which they choose to create those jobs that its citizens need.

Business can only thrive in an environment of certainty.

Walmart negotiated in good faith with the leaders of D.C. and then committed to build several stores based on those terms. Councilman Vincent Orange, stated, “Walmart’s balance sheet can surely absorb the difference [between the legal wages Walmart agreed to pay vs. the new “livable wage” the councils wants].”

An unnamed politician told CBS news, “If Walmart moves on, another so-called ‘big box’ retailer will fill the void.”

This has little to do with race and more to do with ideology.  Liberals hate corporate America and despise those who want to make money.  What’s interesting to note is that the most vocal proponents of this bill have never created a job nor have ever had to meet a payroll.

They find it very easy to put demands on how others invest their money because they have never thought about putting their money at risk in order to make money.

The only reason a person opens a business is to make a profit.  Period.  Not to pay a “livable wage,” but to make a profit.  You not being able to raise your family on the wages your employer is paying is not their issue.  Before one starts a family, one must be able to financially afford a family.

Creating and raising a family is a personal matter between the parties involved and employers should not have to bear the burden of the private choices one makes.  This is a central tenant of liberalism—you make a private choice; and if things don’t work out, they will find a way to get you relief from some other source that had no involvement with your original choice.

D.C. is the personification of a liberal approach to addressing the high unemployment rate within the minority community.  The very people they are attempting to help are the ones who are hurt the most by their policies.  But in liberalism, it’s the thought that counts. 

Staff Writer; Raynard Jackson

Mr. Jackson is also founder of a political and industrial consultant firm which is based in Washington, DC; Raynard Jackson & Associates.



5 Responses to “No D.C. Bargin For WalMart.”
  1. Giuseppe says:

    Great post. Finally an article written from the busiess’ perspective. People need to realize they are trying to build a company, and make a profit. Can you imagine how irrate small business owners would get if you told them they had to pay reasonable wages and that their profit was not of major concern? Ha.

  2. Rameses says:

    Unfortunately dcarter your argument makes too much sense to seep through the sludge of liberal thought

  3. Dcarter910 says:

    @Vanesa, Do NOT resort to personal attacks by saying the author is against people who want to feed their familiies. That is a tactfully distasteful way to leverage a argument and is only used by people who do not have a valid argument. It’s why most black discussions tend to descend into shouting matches or fist fights.


    I was not against D.C. raising the minimum wage but they were trying to do so to an extreme degree. Walmart is one of the few companies that provides benefits for their full time workers and didnt have to be forced to by Government regulators. Also, it is not Walmarts job to provide wages that allow people to drive BMWs and Lexus brand cars (Washingtonians have very materialist mindset, I know…been here for a while). What Walmart or any company can do is provide people a job to feed, house and clothe themselves. If people want a better quality of living they should 1) get above high school education which Walmart provides tuition assistance for their full time employees and 2) Use Walmart as a stepping stone to something better because realistically..who is trying to retire at Walmart?

    Too many people are looking for Government and or Private companies to take care of them. If you do not go out and start having kids before you have obtain education and a job, if you are irresponsibly spending all your paycheck in the club then that’s your fault.

    And yes, Walmart makes Billions of dollars but instead of asking the companies to give much of that money away in higher wages, why not just do what the white people do and “BUY STOCKS!!!!”. Then you too can get a cut of that Billions of dollars. They are there to make money, not take care of hood rats and people who refuse to educate themselves above a high school diploma which is deplorable in the D.C.-Maryland area and doesnt even guarantee they can read.

    P.S. Why in the “heck” is the D.C. city council demanding that Walmart pay a “livable wage” when the D.C. city government doesnt pay that same wage? D.C. city government minimum wage is around 8.75? Soooo…please if you chose to ignore everything else, please help me understand that point.

  4. Vanessa Mitchell says:

    Wal-Mart’s low wages cost taxpayers….& they made how many “BILLIONS” last year? I don’t know about you & the distaste you show for people that want to feed their families (because you are sounding like you are pro Wal-mart). I don’t want my taxes subsidizing their employees. Haven’t you heard…. If the COLA kept up with inflation the min wadge would be more than they are asking for. Furthermore I don’t like your attitude towards struggling families. I am born & raised in DC & I have an awesome paying job… So don’t get it wrong… I’m not looking for a hand out. I want people to be paid a decent salary & Corporations to man up. I stopped shopping at Wal-mart years ago. After Pop Walton died his kids ruined the company. BTW they sell poisoned GMO vegetables & meat. I hope another retailer that pay’s it’s employees well will step in. I will not miss Walmart.

  5. Dcarter910 says:

    From business 101 to liberalism, you killed it! Also points to black leadership and the “scape goat” mentality.

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