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Discussing Homosexuality: Why the ”Born That Way” mantra doesn’t work for Overweight people.

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( In our age of political correctness and “sensitivity” there is an interesting double standard that has emerged in our society in regard to being overweight versus being homosexual.   In spite of the large
number of scientific studies that link obesity to genetic and environmental factors, society as a whole will not accept that as an excuse for being overweight. 

Dartmouth Institute recently reported that blacks carry an obesitygene which could account for the 50% obesity rate in the blackcommunity. (ref:

So,  when it comes to being overweight, society does not care if you
were “Born That Way”.  After all, who wants to be fat? The vast majority of society will tell you it is a matter of “behavior modification” when it comes to body weight.   Over the decades we have been inundated with  books, pills, exercise products and television shows all with the purpose of helping you loss those pounds with little regard that you may have a geneticwho_knows_logo predisposition to being a little heavier than your neighbors.  

Even the most sensitive among us say, “It’s not about looks, it’s about your health”.   But if you defend your weight by saying, “Obesity runs in my family” a frequent retort is “Your genes do not control you” or one of my favorites,
“Your genes do not write your destiny.   Mo’Nique  tried used her television show “Fat Chance” to convince us that being a little heavy should not distract from the inner beauty of a person but I don’t think most of us was buying that argument.  There are magazines for plus size women but I rarely see them common public areas or hear them being discussed around most of the women I know.  You can easily find many studies via the internet showing that overweight people are being discriminated against in the public sphere at levels that may even exceed racial discrimination. Defending “fat” people against discrimination is becoming a cottage industry in the legal circles.

Also, the current health care laws are becoming more of threat to the
livelihood of overweight workers as companies are being forced to
streamline costs.
By contrast, the “Born That Way” mantra is one of the major arguments
homosexuals use to garner acceptance of their lifestyle choice and the
need for legal accommodation.  Just as in the case with obesity, you
can find many studies over the internet linking genetic and environmental influences to sexual orientation. The basic foundation of this argument is that sexual orientation is genetically influenced therefore to deem homosexuality as immoral or deviant would be “unfair”.  It is this argument that has placed many people on the fence in terms of how they approach the issue of homosexuality in our society.  In fact, any hint that homosexuals can and should modify their behavior for health reasons alone, regardless of their genetic disposition, would be regarded as “mean-spirited” or “hate-speech”. Just ask Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil.
But, how is it that this line of reasoning readily accepted in the context of sexual orientation but not obesity?   Perhaps great marketing is the answer.
I believe the reason lie in the messages promoted over the decades that being overweight is not healthy or desirable under any circumstances or for any reason.  In fact, we are told that someone who chooses to be overweight or content with their “girth” is considered to be a person of low self-esteem and burden to society.

There is no national movement via news, movies and television to bring acceptance and normalization to the condition of being overweight. Actually, it is quite the opposite. For example, the state of Georgia launched an anti-obesity campaign that stigmatized parents of obese children.  The ads were considered so harsh that many called for their removal. Unlike homosexuality, there has never been any “mystic” or “pride” about being fat or any prestige earned by hanging out with your heavier associates.  However, to have “gay” friends automatically placed you in the group of the “chic”, “avant-garde”, “cool” and “tolerant” thanks to decades of mass media influence. 

The defenders of homosexual lifestyle choices via the same mass media system have skillfully deflected any negative characterizations of homosexuality in spite of its societal impact and health risks associated specifically with homosexual activity. Additionally, the other message promoted is that everyone that practices homosexuality really desire to do so.   However, this message flies in the face of studies showing high suicide rates and drug use among youths that participate in homosexual activity. Nonetheless, every effort is made to “normalize” this particular behavior in young people with no consideration as to whether it is actually the right course of action for their lives.

There is little discussion on how external factors within their circle of family or community could be the tipping point to consummate their “assumed” genetic disposition.  However, we as a society are definitely sure that they do not want to be fat.
In conclusion, society has decided that genetic disposition should never be used as an excuse to enable destructive behavioral choices; at least when it comes obesity.  There are a large number of human behaviors that are influenced by genetics that we do not enable such as alcoholism, obesity, drug addiction, Pica, eating feces (Coprophagia) and Tourette Syndrome to name a few.  We do not accept those conditions as “normal” simply because they are genetically influenced. We have figured out that it would be in the best interest of the person and society that they get the help they need under those “genetically” challenged conditions. 

However, the application of this conclusion is inconsistent when it comes to sexual orientation because we have been conditioned to believe that to question this particular genetic and environmental disposition is to stigmatize the person in the same way overweight people are on a daily basis. I would agree that homosexuals should be given the same respect as any other person. However, we as a society must think about whether the genetic or innateness argument used to defend homosexual behavior is valid and whether their lifestyle choices and consequences are in the best interest of the individual and society.
P.S  – Will someone please ask Lady GaGa and Beyonce to put a few
thick” honeys on stage with them sometimes…

Staff Writer; C. DeJuan Smith

One may also purchase/download this talented brother book which is self entitled; Being Black and Conservative.

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4 Responses to “Discussing Homosexuality: Why the ”Born That Way” mantra doesn’t work for Overweight people.”
  1. verberat says:

    There is nothing wrong with encouraging the acceptance homosexuality and bisexuality in society. It certainly won’t hurt anyone. It should be seen as normal and equal to heterosexuality, because it is! A huge benefit to society is that same-sex couples can adopt babies to give them a loving home and family.

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    CD Smith,

    Thanx for your explanation of this article. Clearly, my brain cells traveled a different route. Peace.

  3. CD Smith says:


    Basically, the article is demonstrating the double standard when it comes to the genetics argument concerning weight vs homosexuality.

    If you try to use the excuse that genes are the reason that you are fat, everyone wants to “help” you be “healthy”. They want to tell you what to eat, when to exercise, etc… In fact, if someone stated I like being fat, most people would think they were crazy or lazy.

    But if you are homosexual and use genetics (Born That Way) argument as the reason why you are “gay”, society has been conditioned to accept that and no one should interfere or question their “choice”.

    You can be attacked to even suggest that there may be some people that do not want to practice homosexually and want help.

    Bear in mind that prior to 1973, homosexuality was classified as a psychological condition.

  4. toomanygrandkids says:

    This article is nonsense. IMO, being overweight has nothing to do w/ homosexuality. If black ppl have this obesitygene, then why are some gay ppl in shape? Don’t they also carry this gene? There are gays who exercise, watch their diet, and stay active. If anything, overweight ppl should:
    1.) Stop piling mounds of unhealthy food onto their plates. 3-4 pcs of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and some type of bread, plus going back for seconds then falling asleep just may cause the obesitygene to swell up a bit.

    2.) Cease from eating all day, everyday. Overweight ppl find comfort in food. The more food they ingest, the better/more comfortable they feel inside. Traumatic experiences such as death or divorce may cause someone to over-indulge. Food becomes as addictive as drugs and/or alcohol.

    I’m unable to understand how the above examples have anything to do w/ ONLY homosexuals. IDK, maybe I’m not understanding this article.

    That “born this way” phrase is a bullshit excuse for acceptance. Females/Males are heterosexuals until they decide to “change” their lifestyles. If males and females were “born this way” then why did they become involved w/ someone of the opposite sex? Why were they even attracted to them in the first place? What really is the point of marrying this person and having babies if you were born gay?

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