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Beyonce tumblr, A Look Into The Life Of The One And Only Queen.

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( Beyonce is a well known figure; she is a fashion icon, a proud mother, a singer, songwriter, and even a movie star. She has amassed a small fortune over her career, with her 2009 income topping that over 80 million dollars. Beyonce is hard working attitude and devotion to the people has taken her to where she is today, and as many would agree, she deserves every penny that is handed to her.

Who Is Sasha Fierce?

Beyonce is an incredibly famous pop singer; however her fame originated in her first band, Destiny’s Child in which her vocal talent granted her access to the music industry. In 2005 she left the band to pursue her own career as a solo artist, which rocketed her into stardom, as she became one of the most famous female pop singers to ever grace the face of the earth. Destiny’s ChildBeyonce-shares received a great reception from the audience, leading them to perform a song for the hit film “Men In Black” in 1997. The song drove the audience wild, as they begged for more from the female fronted pop stars, driving them to release another album, which was self titled.

Beyonce has said that the band takes influences from R n’ B, and aspects of soul, but the upbeat tempo and catchy dance moves place them in the modern genre of pop. Following Beyonce disbandment, Destiny’s Child took a serious blow to their career, losing their star singer left them in an unpredictable situation, and many began to doubt the future of the band. Destiny’s Child released their last album in 2005, and it is again unknown what lies ahead for these feisty females, all we know is we can expect great things from Beyonce, and maybe even her daughter, Blue Carter.

Her Career After Destiny’s Child

Beyonce is known for her feminist attitude, and this is displayed in the film “Austin Powers- Goldmember” as she plays the part of Foxxy Cleopatra in the hit comedy set. She has been in many films, however she has always stated that music is the true path to her heart, she loves what she does, and she certainly does it well. She writes her own songs the majority of the time, an aspect which gives her great credit amongst the music industry, and her incredible voice will certainly go down in history as one of the most versatile. Her vocal pitch reaches up to a huge 3.6 octaves, meaning that she can sing at will in several different tones. She uses her motivation to put emotion into her songs, and her feminist views are also reflected in this, leading to the birth of songs such as “Independent Woman” and “Survivor”.

Beyonce tumblr has truly become an icon amongst many, and she is highly respected for everything she has given the entertainment industry. She has taken her inspiration from many idols, including the likes of Michael Jackson, and Lionel Richie, however through her devotion she has also inspired many herself.

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