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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Black Women: Should Women Be Held Accountable For Provoking Men To…

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( Now I was in a conversation with a young lady the other day about women provoking men, and she stated that the blame could not ever be put on the woman when something disrespectful happens to them, which I agree. However, I think that women should always be careful when doing certain things. A woman has the right to wear what she wants, dance how she wants, and act the way she wants without being disrespected. The point I want to make is that women do get disrespected by us men, especially when doing certain things.


Take a look at the picture above, she is doing what ever she feels, but will it be a shock to you if she gets groped when she gets off of that car? I can almost guarantee you that while she is on the car she is being referred too as a bitch or a hoe, and she thinks that it’s cute. Now she might not be those things, but she will be called those things because of the way she is acting.

She does not deserved to be raped, or touched, but more than likely she will be touched, and she will think that its cute until somebody takes it to far. The next time these guys see another young lady acting in this manner, they will think that it is ok to do the same exact thing. Now act like this in front of some rapist and see what happens. He would be dead wrong, but the woman will be the one going through the pain, so why give him something to loose control over. It’s like going through a crip hood wearing all red, yeah I have the right to wear what I want, but I would not be surprised if I did not make it out of that hood.

A man should never hit a woman right, well I agree with that, but should a women keep putting her hands in a mans face after he says stop? I mean women will try a man to the fullest with the thought that he can’t hit me for whatever reason. Now Ladies, most men have a button that you can push that will put him in a “YOU TRYING MY MANHOOD FRAME OF MIND” and you do not want to keep hitting that button.

Now let’s say that you get smacked for trying him, would you understand why you got smacked? Now as a man, I’m not going to push a woman’s buttons with certain things because I know that she will catch a attitude. I mean say something about a woman’s kids and see what you get. As a man, I’m not going to provoke a woman to do something that could spark something controversial, so would you as a woman?

Staff Writer; Kataurus Braswell

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5 Responses to “Black Women: Should Women Be Held Accountable For Provoking Men To…”
  1. toomanygrandkids says:

    YES! Not only should women be held accoutable for provoking men, they should also be held accountable for wearing tight, skimpy clothing AND shaming respectable black women. If I were to see a young female doing that on a car (or anywhere else), I’d feel ashamed of being a black woman. If those males attacked her while I was present, I probably wouldn’t even try to help her or call 9-1-1. Seems to me that if any female of any age craves that much attention then she deserves to receive the attention these males give her. Every type of attention isn’t the best kind of attention.

  2. Papacool says:

    Once again the major point missed is the environment in which the young lady is getting her groove on. Gyration of her body parts in a manner that can be suggestive can result in unexpected consequences. Most of the time a person may not be aware of the affect they are causing. But on the other hand when a person decides to get dressed and goes out partially naked, asking why people react the way they do is senseless. Wearing clothes that are extremely tight that causes body parts to be revealed is not the way to go. For example, a man in Louisiana made the national news for wearing his pants in a hanging manner that displayed his backside. The man was promptly arrested. I hear that the hanging style originated in prison and serves as a way to signal others that one has been experienced. Since I have never been I do not know the validity of this subject and I do not really want to know. I made this point to also include the males as well as the females in my commentary. The pride in looking your best at all times seems to be a thing of the past and it seems that more people are into the shock and awe facet of living. The bolder the colder. I would never consider raping a women or man but people need to be a little more considerate when stepping out. Provoking someone has always been a part of human nature and was designed to cause certain reactions and provide the basis for arguing the Constitution and the freedoms that we have. Just because they made shirts with profanity on them does not mean you have to wear them in public. Although I can not totally agree with some of the things I have seen, I do understand why things happen as a result. Stay cool and peace out, Papacool.

  3. Rameses says:

    I love you Ms. Johnson….wise words…you have my great grandmother’s first name…..I lived in Atlanta when they had “freaknink” and you wouldn’t believe how these females were out there in public….it would have made you cry…..this is why many black men can’t find wives…this behavior right here

  4. I don’t get it. I truly with all sincerity don’t get it. Why would any woman put herself out there like that. It has nothing to do with my rights as a woman when it come to degrading myself, and or my gender. Rights and degrade shouldn’t even be in the same sentence.

    Yes I agree just because a prostitute is on the streets,doing what she does doesn’t give any one a right to murder her. nevertheless the game she is in puts her in jeopardy of being abused, misused, and yes killed. A female who does what this young lady is doing is opening herself up to the same type of sick character that are in some men.

    The word is not rights, it should be accountability. I held am held accountable to the consequences of the decisions I make for my life. If I want to get on top of a car half naked and gyrate around move my body as if I was at home having sex in bed, do this in public in the midst of a bunch of strange men of whom I don’t have a clue of the type of character they are and or if they could be some kind of pervert to the umph degree, then I am accountable for the results of the decision I make to do such an act. Are the results of my actions morally right,a resounding NO! Nevertheless they are the results of your decision, “Your life, Your decision, Your consequence.

    I am a 63 year old women, raised 5 daughters and one son. I have never in my life seen women who choose to degrade themselves, not men degrading them, but they make a conscious choice to degrade themselves. I have instilled in my daughters, and I am instilling in their daughters, the art of being, taking pride in, loving and embracing their womanhood. Being a lady at all times, conducting themselves with the utmost in intelligence, manners, dress and character.

    I pray for that young lady on the car as well as others like her. What pain, and hurt and low self esteem she must be in to put on such a performance. Who taught her to draw attention to herself in such a way, who didn’t give her the attention and care and love she needed as a child that caused her to beieve this is what she should do to receive it. Filling the empty void in her life by dancing this way on a car. God help her, really, God help her.

  5. Rameses says:

    like my friend asked this black woman “would you rather be right or wise.” Yeah technically you have the right to say what you want, but is it wise to test a Man’s manhood? No self-respecting Man should ever take abuse from a female. And why would any woman want to challenge a Man in the first place? I mean I’m a Man but you won’t see me challenge Mike Tyson. Most men, in comparison to women, represent Mike Tyson in terms of physical strength. Why provoke that to fight you? It’s a shame that you even have to write an article about this type of stupidity. I’ve never seen an article written by any other group of men concerning this topic. Only black men. Something’s wrong with that picture

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