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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

No Excuses For Cheating!

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( Alright lets get to it, this weeks rant n rave post is about those of you who choose to cheat on your mate, and have the audacity to throw out some dumb ass excuse. I hear people say that they cheat because they do not get the time that they deserve from their significant other, they’re mate does not satisfy them sexually, and/or they were cheated on by their mate so they are seeking revenge. You know what I call this…Bullshit! The only excuse for cheating is… I wanted to! Just leave it at that and you will get more respect from me.

Lets just say that you are not happy with your mate at the moment forCouple with a secret whatever the reason maybe. Fine, thats life and people will not always make you happy, and you know what, people do not make you happy, you have to do that for yourself with GOD’s help. People can only complement you by treating you how GOD would have them. I’ll save that speech for another post, now back to the cheating. So yeah, you are not happy wit your mate right, ok, now the solution to this is to see what is wrong with your relationship and try to fix it if possible.

Now, instead of doing this, you mean to tell me you plan on making things better by hopping in the sack with another person, and your excuse is that “you were not happy“. Pardon my language but, NEGRO PLEASE (MALE OR FEMALE)! Now how did this help you with your relationship? Not at all! When you go back home, you are going back home to the same problem that you left with, only now you got laid by another person, and sooner are later they will be mad that they are not the main chick or dude.

If you cheated, you wanted to because it was already on your mind. If you are not happy with your mate, get rid of them if you feel like you want to try something else. Why go out there and get some from somebody else, and then throw up some lame ass excuse about why you did it. When you love someone and you are not happy about how you are getting treated, try to make it work, and if it does not, get the hell on.

Cheating does not fix anything but that nature that was rising. Excuses for cheating is like a drug addict saying that they took a hit of crack because they got depressed. No, you took a hit of that crack because you wanted it and you were looking for a reason to fire it up. What do you guys think?

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