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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Rev. Jesse Jackson Wants Obama to Come to Chicago, I Just Want Him to Do SOMETHING.

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( Since the shooting death of 15-year old honor student Hadiya Pendleton, millions of black and brown eyeballs have turned toward the White House, wondering if there is a racial disparity between our beloved president’s reaction to the deaths of white vs. black children.  Millions saw the president cry in front of the press after the tragedy involving the kids in Sandy Hook, but have watched him respond coldly to the slaughter of over 500 black children on the south side of Chicago.   If those kids in Connecticut had been black, I dare say that the whole gun control conversation never would have happened.

Rev. Jesse Jackson of Rainbow/Push and other ministers are now calling for President Obama to come to Chicago to speak on gun violence in the same way he went to Colorado and Connecticut.   Rev. Jackson recently made this statement:

Chicago is in a state of emergency. Lives are being lost. Fear is growing. Local officials, ministers and community activists are working diligently but cannot break the cycle. We’re seeing more than one funeral a day. Our children are traumatized. Many are afraid to go to school.

In this crisis, we need the president’s leadership. President Obama can provide the knowledge, vision and inspiration to bring us together to address the crisis. He can speak to the children to calm their fears.

We are making this call collectively that the president bring the weight of his bully pulpit and bring resources,” T. Lane Grant, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, said.

We have a modern-day Sandy Hook every day in Chicago. We didn’t have 20 kids killed in one place. But we had 26 kids shot at Harper School alone,” Bishop James Dukes, Helping Hands of Englewood, said.

Pendleton’s death struck a cord with many because they can’t find a way to explain away her murder:  She wasn’t a gang banger, she wasn’t “running with the wrong crowd,” and she wasn’t hanging on the corner in the middle of the night (black kids are rarely considered innocent victims, for they are not allowed to make mistakes).  Hadiya was just a good student, waiting with her band mates for her mother to pick her up.  You see, people (even black ones) have a way of concluding that when a black child dies, it’s somehow his/her fault.  This is how many of us becomejackson-obama convinced that black kids deserve the violence around them, thus giving our leaders a reason to pay more attention to dead white kids.

The “blame the black child” racism is sickening, and what’s saddest is that it usually comes from black people seeking to excuse Obama from performing his presidential duty.  The three-fifths clause, which once declared black people to be far less than human, is still administered by some of “us” who believe that we don’t deserve the same respect and attention that the president has served to gays, illegal immigrants and white people.  The president’s decision to compare a fight in a gay bar to the civil rights march in Selma Alabama  is a firm reminder of just how little he and Valerie Jarrett think of the black struggle for real equality.

The mere request for equality, even if made humbly, is often blasted by those who seek to discredit the messenger  rather than actually determine the validity of the message:  For instant Obama defenders, the words “I care about Hadiya Pendleton” will surely be replaced by the words ‘I hate Jesse Jackson.”  Or, perhaps they will blame Hadiya for living near a neighborhood where black people are killing each other, without recognizing the fact that white people kill each other too.

Oddly enough, we’re being more than generous to the White House by only asking that black people receive equal attention relative to other groups.  The fact is that we actually deserve MORE attention, since we gave the president MORE support.  For some reason, this logical math equation doesn’t compute for those who seek to worship Obama rather than simply support him:  When you give more, you get more, unless you are naive and ignorant enough to ask for less.

The area of Roseland and Englewood is where he was an organizer, so it would be so meaningful. So we reach out to him not as a political challenge, but as a moral appeal,” the Rev. Jesse Jackson said.

Even a request presented as humbly as the one stated by Jackson is likely to be met by vitriol from those who would rather talk about how much they dislike Rev. Jesse Jackson than to speak up for the poor little girl who died.   Suddenly, some of us have decided that we don’t need Rev. Jackson’s voice any longer, and have gladly traded it in for a voiceless man in Washington who doesn’t even care to say a peep about nearly depression-era black unemployment or a documented discriminatory effort by the prison industrial complex so astonishing that it has ruined most black women’s chances to find a suitable husband (Clinton or Bush would never be allowed to get away with such a thing).  

This is the era of Black McCarthyism, an odd period in history where even those who voted for Obama are handily persecuted by those who feel that we must bow to the president as if he were Jesus Christ himself.  I reject this notion entirely and believe that all truth-tellers must make it clear that no one man’s political success is more important than the protection of our community.

President Obama, who earned the extraordinary distinction of being the first bi-racial president in American history, is at risk of having his legacy in black history tossed into the trash.   Even more interesting is that I don’t think he really cares, not unlike the man who wonders why his mistress loves him so much when he rarely picks up the phone to call her.  The black community, who supported Obama more than any other group, has sat to the side and quietly allowed the White House to put every group in the front of the line except for us.  

The meaningless chants about Obama being “everybody’s president, and not just the president of black America” have even been echoed by the president himself.   I dare the White House to respond to calls for support from gay rights groups by saying, “I’m not just the gay president,” or tell Latino groups that Obama is not the president of illegal immigrants.  If he were to do such a thing, they would never give him their votes.

Of course, there are those who might read my words and somehow conclude that I’m a traitor because I refuse to worship any politician. They might be livid over the fact that I’ve openly questioned whether a bi-racial man raised in Hawaii by white people can truly connect to many parts of the black experience.  As much as we hate to admit it,  Obama may have cried for the white kids because he was once a white kid himself.  Obama was never a poor black boy on the south side of Chicago.

I respond to the critics by saying that anyone who will let black children die in the midst of an unnecessary mandate for silence is not a friend to African American advancement.   Those who refuse to speak up for Hadiya  Pendleton might as well have put the bullet into that little girl’s back themselves, since countless deaths of children living today can be avoided if the president takes decisive action.  In spite of what we have been led to believe, black children are people too, and those who care must strike the fear of God into those who dare act as though the suffering of our children is irrelevant.

It’s time for black people to show the self-respect that the Obama Administration believes we do not possess.   If the Obama Administration’s treatment of black Americans does not match that which is provided for other constituencies, then one can only conclude that his presidency has been a disaster for the black community.   When even the NAACP president (long a strong ally of President Obama) says that African Americans are far worse off under this president, we can see that the cat of racism has been let out of the bag.  Racism is most sinister and destructive when it has a black face.  I challenge anyone to present evidence to the contrary.

Dr. King reminded us that people must be judged by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.   This also goes for Obama and the binder full of white men who shape his presidency.  It’s time to open our eyes.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins 

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit



25 Responses to “Rev. Jesse Jackson Wants Obama to Come to Chicago, I Just Want Him to Do SOMETHING.”
  1. Rameses says:

    exactly @toomanygrandkids….and thanks in reference to my cousin…..I get so annoyed when black people say “we gotta save our people.” Save? Save niggas? I want them out the picture because then maybe the civilized among us can get some work done….niggas are hindering progress and many of them have degrees too. I love it when black people say “you think you better than me?” I reply “I didn’t say it but it I agree with it.” If you say that to someone, you’re admitting to yourself that person is better than you. I know I’m better than these race hustling ass niggas with their piece of crap degrees. That is a fact. Until they have a forum on why so many females are investing in prostitute culture, they can’t say a damn thing to me because my mother never shook her ass on tv. My mother was a well read woman and was a seeker of knowledge. But they can have all these symposiums on black men. But never about why you have such an infatuation for prostitute culture amongst black women. Why aren’t black females trying to be more like Michelle Obama? Oh I forgot: being intelligent is being white. Put a black family in the white house and negroes still can’t get it together. Just goes to show you, at the end of the day, these niggas are just talk. In 2010, these negroes let the very republicans they hate so much take over congress because they didn’t turn out the vote in 2010 like they did in 2008. Beyonce sells more than Indie Arie…this shows you where the mentality is amongst most of these black females who are always complaining their is no representation of them. Niggas ain’t ever satisfied I tell ya lol

  2. toomanygrandkids says:

    So sorry to hear about your cousin, Ramses. And you are correct about the ‘village’ comment. How can good and honest members of a village rightfully discipline the children when you’ve got moms and dads who don’t appreciate their child(ren) being told what to do b/ their child(ren) ain’t yours. Like Bill Cosby said, “So many children get away with this and that b/c mom and dad allow it.” Unfortunately, Mr. Cosby stated his observations at least 50 years too late. Even if I had heard what Bill Cosby had said 30 years ago, my own life would’ve been much different today.

    There’s a program that I just simply fell in love with. It’s titled “What Black Men Think”. They discuss slavery, racism, crime, etc. What I appreciate/respect the most is their honesty, straight-forwardness, and they don’t play the race/blame card. Steve Perry, I think that’s his name. He had a program on BET called Save Our Sons or something like that. Anyway he stated that, “The most dangerous person in the black community is the black man himself.” While I do agree and don’t agree b/c I’d word it differently. My version: “The most dangerous person in the black community is the ni**er. The reason I worded that way is b/c I find out very disrespectful to group good, decent black MEN in the same category as ni**ers. No way do MEN go around terrorizing ppl and neighborhoods nor do MEN sell drugs. Black men do not transform homes into crack havens and brothels. That’s what ni**ers do. If anything, black men will move out of the ghetto/hood to a much safer neighorhood b/c his character(istics) don’t blend with the boyz in the hood.

  3. Rameses says:

    Yeah I remember when I tried to holla at this chick some years ago who made subs at Kroger (domestic job). I came in with my friend because i liked the sandwich I had made there before. I said to her “I know your man must love you the way you make these sandwiches.” She said “I don’t cook” with a sense of pride. I said “so how do you expect to get married?” She replies “he gonna have to figure it out.” Now juxtapose that with the Philipine chick beside her, with a nice diamond ring on her finger, married, and guess who her husband was? A black man!!!!!!lol!!!! she was bragging about not cooking for her man, yet she was basically performing the same domestic work she would do for her husband (children too) for basically 7.00 dollars an hour!!!! LOL!!! But her competition was right beside her and winning while she was there bragging about being a loser….and she had two kids by a drug dealer who used to beat on her I later found out…..women who say stuff like “why you doing all that” really are trying to get you to adopt a rebellious nature towards your man so you can lose him, so they can either try to screw him or have you lonely like them. They try to get you to be on their team on that “black” shit. But really it’s a survival of the fittest thing. You’re fit enough to have a man around and they aren’t, so they try to get you to buy into the typical behavior from negro brawds (combative females who are unruly) so you can prove your blackness because to be a black woman, you have to roll your neck and eyes, disrespect black men, and don’t cook for him. yeah don’t pay those losers any attention. While your husband and you taking trips together to different countries, they will be eating their Popeye’s chicken gaining more weight approaching 270 lbs…..lo

  4. toomanygrandkids says:

    When I experienced this aspect of the black women vs. ghetto-minded female, it floored me. When I actually heard black females put down/disrespect black women for having/keeping a clean/halfway clean house! And since these women were married or living with a man, these ghetto females turned into a matter of slavery! Hearing comments like, “Ain’t no man worth slavin’ over”, “Cha, that bi**h is crazy doin’ all that slavin’.” Those comments came from females who use slavery as an excuse to NOT clean their homes or keep it so filthy, there’s not a clean space to sit down. Believe me when I tell you this: BLACK WOMEN DO NOT SEE CLEANING AND COOKING AS SLAVERY, ESPECIALLY NOT IN HER OWN HOUSE. BLACK MEN DO NOT VIEW A WOMAN WHO CLEANS AND COOKS AS A SLAVE.
    Ghetto females are against black women who don’t live/think like them. On more than one occasion, a female has said, “I don’t do no cookin’ on Saturday. (Insert her man’s name here) knows I ain’t cookin’, so he fends for himself.” Okay, cool. That’s her and her man’s understanding. But why does me preparing fried chicken or leftovers(like spaghetti) from the day before have to be an issue with her? Then if that’s not bad enough, this heffa will blab it all over town to whoever will listen. Next thing I know I’ve got other females saying, “Yeah, I heard you was doin’ all this cookin’ on a Saturday.” I’m like, “WTH?” Warming up leftover spaghetti or even frying chicken is hardly ‘all this cooking’ like I’ve prepared a buffet. Ghetto females blow everything, every situation out of proportion.

    Black women LOVE cooking meal b/c 1.) It’s very important to have food. Without it, we would starve to death. No one starves in/at a black woman’s house. Oh, wait a minute, there are some ppl I won’t feed. Ghetto females and males, but I will feed their kids. And trust me, it has nothing to do with slavery.

  5. Rameses says:

    I totally agree…..has nothing to do with the man…it’s who you are…..that’s why I tell females all the time “you got to know who you are before you can accuse men for what they aren’t or are.” because once you figure out who you are, then you know what type of man you will never entertain being with. because I value the family stucture, there is no way I would try to marry a stripper. Why? Because her behavior displays she’s not worried about how she is perceived. And as far as I’m concerned, strippers are prostitutes. Even if they aren’t. That’s how I view them. Many of them, for the right price, will engage in sexual acts so I don’t separate the two. Now how do I look walking in public with this female as my wife and some random dude yells “hey diamond you still at magic city?” lol!!!! like I told a female friend of mine “the last thing you want to be is a woman at the mercy of a man with a lot of money and no morals.” you will be doing things you never thought you’d be doing for the sake of money

  6. Now, I want to explain the ‘black woman vs. ghetto-minded females. Like I said in my previous post, a ni**er wll disrespect a black man in his home. I’m not the type of black woman who’ll go along with that. One way of not encouraging a man’s friends (or relatives) is NOT walk around inside or outside of the house damn near naked displaying my body parts for the world to see. I train my mind to focus on the one man I’m involved with on an intimate level. Not his friends or relatives. They’re not THAT important. In my mind, the upmost importance is relating to this one man on a daily basis. Being a good, decent woman who’s able to be face to face(or eye to eye) with this man. I’m not saying that we are the perfect couple who agree on everything. Not at all. What I am saying is that I’m not a contestant in the ‘Look how many ni**ers I can pull’ or ‘Look how many ni**ers want me’ contest. It really has nothing to do with males as much as how I’ve trained myself/my mind. Whenever a relationship of mind ends, it’s b/c this male interrupted or threw in something that interfered with my womanhood and the type of woman I am refuses to accept it.

  7. Rameses says:

    couldn’t have said it better @toomanygrandchildren…..most people on here want you to say things politically correct….but what you say is true….but these same people will say “black people are not monolithic…we don’t all think the same.” but when a case like Trayvon Martin’s death comes up, they want us to automatically believe that he was innocent. I’m not saying he wasn’t. But neither do any of these race baiters. They immediately are making it a racial thing. But Zimmerman is Hispanic. Based on what I see from black people’s children, I’m more likely to believe that he was up to no good than innocent. And not because I look at white people as angels. It’s because I see so many devilish black people!!!! it has nothing to do with white folks how I feel about these negroes. I’m supposed to feel sorry for a female with 7 kids with 5 different fathers? I’m supposed to feel sorry for gang members who terrorize their communities and get blown away? Not at all. It ain’t happening. I had a cousin murdered in 2001 behind niggas. I barely made it in time for his funeral because I found out so late. Over stupidity. My cousin was hanging around these young niggas, with no goals, and it cost him his life. But these niggas want me and others to look past their hurt, and feel more sorry for niggas who come from a disadvantaged background? What the hell do I care about your background when you murdered a family member of mine? I don’t care. Your family need to keep your heathen ass in line. I hate when people say “it takes a village to raise a child.” Mother and father are first in that equation. It’s not society’s job to raise your child. But these liberal negroes want you to. I laugh when you say years ago you saw the tv show with the man saying a woman needs to sit town and be quiet and got offended, only years later to see how out of control these black females are. You won’t ever see me on here co-signing weak black men. No one on here can ever say I said make excuses for weak negroes. However, when you see a group of men who are in so much fear of the women in their group, theywon’t hold them accountable for their actions because they are scared they will not get any sex from them, then you know you are dealing with suckas. No self-respecting man would compromise his principles for a piece of flesh. That’s weak as hell to me and I’m a man. I don’t do it. You got dudes in their 40s and 50s who say “man I’m still scared of my mama.” Is that normal? I’ve never heard a white boy say he was scared of his mama as a grown man. Matter fact, they don’t even fear their mothers as boys. Because you’re not supposed to. These women don’t lay a hand on their boys at all because they know a boy should never be raised to fear a woman because this will make him a mam’s boy, and no good for any woman with sense. That’s what a dad’s there for. No mother should ever put her hands on her son unless she wants him to grow up soft or gay. Once a man is in fear of a woman, his life is over. I knew dudes who I was friends with who had these problems. WHich is why I don’t deal with em. these dudes get their personality from these females. I’ll tell a black woman, with sense this: if you come from a strong family background and you meet a man who was raised solely by his mama, this might not be the man for you. There’s always exceptions to the rule. But from what I’ve seen, you will be getting a train-wreck of a dude. Some dudes fight through it. That’s why the military is such a good place for men who never had a father because they get that manly discipline they didn’t get as young boys. If you’ve seen the movie “Antwoine Fisher” Derek Luke’s character displays these emotions I’m talking about. The one thing that helped him was the fact that he saw what environment he was taken from. His fiancee supported him as well and the counseling he got helped also. But he needed a lot to get through that. The military helped, his woman helped, and counseling helped. Most black men don’t get all three of these things. If he has a plan and you see he’s really moving forward then sure move forward. But if you got to constantly boost his confidence with encouragement, tiring yourself out emotionally, then I would say move on. A man should be confident whether he is with a woman or not.

  8. toomanygrandchildren says:

    not ‘my’ kind of ppl, even though ‘we’ are black. Oh, and the titles ‘sistah’ and ‘brother’. Puh-leez! If I’m involved with a man and at least one of his friend makes a pass at me, that’s a blatant form of disrespect to me. A ‘brother’ disrespecting another ‘brother’s woman and home. That’s one reason why I say ‘black men vs. ni**er. Self-respecting black men wouldn’t sacrifice a friendship over raging hormones, but that’s right up a ni**ers alley. Ya know, if the white man is the devil and enemy of the black man, then the ni**er is a demon and the closest and worst enemy of the black man. B/C ni**ers can be rich and powerful(Jesse) they are capable of slithering among ppl and depositing evilness/hatred in a cunningly manner. Or, the ni**er could be a drug dealer who’s lifestyle has been glorified throughout the history of black history. In fact, and Idk if black men know it or not, but ni**ers are just as jealous of you as white men. Behind your back, ni**ers refer to you as ‘Uncle Tom’ simply b/c you have a legit occupation AND it may be a white-owned company. They know/observe you taking care of your families, financially or otherwise. And heaven forbid you have a decent woman/wife and as a couple you get along and you’re happy, ignorant ni**es will call you suckers, punks, pu**ies, and pu**y-whipped. They’ve got some nerve when they can’t even keep their winky-woo in their pants. Black men who read and write are called nerds, corny, and/or corny nerds. Yep, sounds like ignorance and division to me.

  9. toomanygrandchildren says:


    Beautifully written! Much respect to you. I know of, not only the self-hate, but the hatred that black females (and males) spew onto the community. Years ago, a black man said something like, “There comes a time when black women need to sit down and be quiet.” He said it on Phil Donahue or Sally Jessy Rapheal(sp). I forgot which one, but it was a show about black relationships/marriages. Anyway, I’m on the other side of the tv and I’ve got my hands on my hip, got the neck roll going and I’m like, “Oh, uh-uh. No he didn’t say that. Who does he think he is? He lucky I’m not on that show….” Well, you get the picture. Now fast forward not even ten years later(time can really fly by). I took what he said, changed it a bit and came up with my own motto: “These b**ches oughtta sit the hell down and shut the f**k up!”
    By that time, I had seen/heard how ignorant, disrespectful, and selfish females really were towards everybody and each other. But what REALLY shocked me was that many black males were the same way. I also realized that this type of ignorance causes division within a group/race of ppl that has nothing to do with other races. There’s no such thing as, for example, being selfish(or evil) and being in a fulfilling relationship at the same time, under the same roof. IMPOSSIBLE! When I took notice to this happening around me and even with a couple of my own relationships, I divided black ppl into four groups: Black men vs. ni**ers. Black women vs. ghetto-minded females. The reason I use the ‘vs.’ is b/c this means war. A real battle has been taken place among black ppl that requires more than a band-aid covering. Tempers flaring and egos bursting lead to serious injuries and senseless deaths. Especially throughout an environment that operates on hatred and evil towards your own kind.

    Many times I don’t appreciate it when black ppl say ‘us’, ‘we’, and ‘our’ when referring to ni**ers and wh**es b/c I feel as though these are

  10. Rameses says:

    much love @toomanygrandkids……I just watched a documentary called “Dark Girls” and it was the same BS this clown boyce espouses…..this dude on youtube called black people “professional victims.” I agree with him. there is a direct correlation between fathers not being in the home and this having an adverse on children, no matter what group you come from. But one minute you got these so-called intellectuals (more like intellectual homosexuals) saying “black women are so strong they can raise kids by themselves” then, on the other hand they say “the reason why these kids are messed up is because they have no fathers in the home.” Which one is it?

    They make it seem like black women can do no wrong, do no wrong, are perfect, then try to lay all the blame for black people’s ills on black men. But if you operate by their logic, since most black men are raised by unmarried black women, and since these women are always described as “strong”, then by definition, the men should be strong too huh? They are all over the place with their lack of logic. Jesse Jackson had an out-of-wedlock child, with a black woman (I think a secretary), while married. But this is black people’s leader? Same dude MLK didn’t even like because he thought he was an attention seeker. I mean look at these niggas and that’s what they are to me and I don’t want any white person getting on here talking about they don’t like me using that word with their liberal ponk asses.

    Even in criminal street culture, you have a sense of honor. If you go against the grain, and do something that violates man law, you get dealt with. But with these dudes, they clearly show they are not men, with their weak ass articles, overly emotional like they mamas, and end up looking bout as stupid as their moms look when they start referring to themselves as cougars. Why does it matter that barack was raised by primarily by whites? If anything, he probably experienced more upfront racism than these niggas ever did. But he is supposed to be less “black” when it suits one of these infantile ass negroes assessment of “blackness.” But see how black people are so quick to strip other blacks of their “black card.” If you pursue education you’re considered “white.” If you light skinned you’re not really black. If your hair texture is silky you’re not black. I mean who do these niggas think they are. All of them follow in the same line of WEB DU Bois ponk ass.

    Negro spent all his life fighting Garvey’s notion of Pan Africanism, only to try to be buried in Ghana to give off the notion he was about the “motherland.” If these black women are so strong, shouldn’t they be able to at least discipline their children instead of unleashing these demons on the public. Majority of black men are weak as hell because they think with a woman’s mind (a woman’s mind who hates herself). The “Dark Girls” documentary proved what I have been saying for years: black women are psychotic. I had an ex who I told was beautiful all the time. She was dark. But she felt unattractive, even though plenty of black men were pursuing her while I was with her and I even had to check a nigga on the phone behind it. But she took her frustrations out on me for her being dark.

    Now I’m dark so when I expected her to love me, this was a futile exercise. She didn’t love herself. She had natural hair I loved too. She hated that too. But when she was with a white boy, do you think she demonstrated these issues she did when with me? Nope. All that time I spent encouraging her, saying she was beautiful, even when she was 230lbs, do you think she valued my perception of her? Hell nah!!!!! But she valued the white boy’s notion of her beauty and didn’t clown on him one time. I saw a black female on youtube who said “the first time she felt beautiful was when a non-black person told her she was.” Now think of that for a second.

    If you go to the club, and you see attractive black females, we all know they get attention. If you are an attractive black females, physically, you get hit on all the time to the point black women complain about getting attention (which is arrogant in itself being that many women would love that attention and maybe if they used the attention to get a ring on their finger, then men would know that they are off-limits but that’s another story for another day). But she used the word “felt” which is very important. She never said ” a black man never told her she wasn’t beautiful.” She said she never “felt” beautiful until a non-black person told her. Even on the documentary, a brother said he loved dark-skinned women. So this notion of them not receiving attention is false. If a dude says he loves dark-skinned women, he gets praise. But if he says he only likes light-skinned women, he only likes them because they are close to white, so he really hates himself. But as we see in the documentary, the ones who are practicing the hatred of dark-skinned the most is dark-skinned women!!!!! Talk about psychotic!!!! One girl mother said if she was lighter, she would be more beautiful.

    I spent years being attracted to dark women, but now, I don’ care for them. They display some of the most self-hating behavior I’ve ever seen. One thing I can appreciate about light-skinned women is that they at least have a certain confidence about being quality. I’ll choose confidence over low self-esteem all day. I’ve given dark-skinned women compliments and they would just keep walking: no thank you or nothing. Turn their lip up and all that if you just speak. But their mamas were the ones who called them ugly!!!! If they should hate anyone, it should be their mama. So imagine 18+ years of this. Even as grown women, black women value the opinion of their mothers when it comes to their self-concept. matter fact, majority of my relationships have been ruined because of the influence of their black mothers. Real talk.

    These women have their confidence stolen from them by their mothers from infant to adult, to the point that when they are adults, they spend so much energy trying to get love from their mother they never will get because these mothers, although it sounds crazy to say, hate what they gave birth to. This self-hatred amongst black people has been primarily projected onto them by their mothers. Hate is a learned behavior as we all know. No one comes out the womb hating. I tried to figure out why my ex was so combative with me. And it wasn’t until I revisited some of our old communications on email, that I realized she hated being dark. Even though she had boyfriends from college in in 1999 wanting her back. She hated herself and I actually remember in 2006 us having an argument about her perming her hair (which I didn’t want her to do.)

    When she went natural, her hair texture was actually silky, which was ironic because perming her hair was counterproductive because the hair texture she wanted to have by perming, she already had it naturally, yet she still felt bad about because it was natural!!!! The very hair she wanted with a perm she got naturally, but still hated it!!!!When I say these women are sick, that is an understatement. Now imagine the problems we would have had had we had a child? What if she would have wanted to perm our child’s hair (something I’m totally against)? I’d be ready to break a chick’s neck if she permed my daughter’s hair. Can you imagine what I would have had to deal with from this black woman, who in public, acted like she was the shit, but behind closed doors, was nothing but a wimp.

    All this black woman shit she talked, but in secret, she hated being a black woman. Most black women suffer from this pathology, and I don’t want to hear nothing about no white people doing anything to them either. White people are not forcing black women buy hair from Koreans. Look at all these sites where black women are so happy to get white men. They say when black men get white women, they feel that they have a trophy. Pleaaaaassssse!!!! When these black women get that attention from these white men (and I’m not racist, just stating facts) they feel like they own the world.

    When I asked my ex “if you could trade in your silky texture hair for that nappy hair, would you do it” and she said no, it proved to me right then and there that all this proud to be a black woman stuff is a joke. Look at how black women grilled Gabby Douglass. White people loved the girl. But who was the ones showing her hate so much? Black women. Mind you, Gabby wasn’t “twerking.” She wasn’t in rap videos with thugs smacking her on her ass. No baby mama. She was perfecting her craft.

    Accomplishing things as a teenager many of these tramps couldn’t imagine. Yet, blogs, with self-hating black women writing on them, made fun of this girl with no remorse. Black women in their 40s can learn something from Gabby Douglass. Like close your legs. Damn if Gabby Douglass can avoid being a baby mama, why can’t a woman in her 20s or 30s can’t? Oh I forgot: slavery and jim crow. Keep using that black people and see how quick you wipe yourselves out. Notice how people don’t even court your vote anymore. Even your vote is insignificant. How does 40 million people vote become insignificant? Simple: ratchet culture.

  11. toomanygrandkids says:

    Here’s one more thing I want to post about Jesse Jackson. It’s a comment made by a white guy. The topic of discussion was when Jesse called us ni**ers. I have an opinion, but I would appreciate your thoughts:

    “Using the n-word (mind you I’m not actually saying the n-word b/c then I’ll be a racist white male open for attack by every black civil rights activist out there) is a double standard in this country. I’m a white male who believes the n-word is one of the most racist and derogatory words in the English language. I would never use this word b/c I believe that when a person uses the n-word it shows that they have no class. It shows that they are most likely uneducated and have no other words to call a black person except the n-word. Funny thing (as I mentioned earlier)I’m not black, I’m white. So you may be wondering why do I care? To be honest with you, I don’t care. Do you know who else doesn’t care? Blacks. Blacks aren’t offended by the n-word. They have to pretend to be offended by the n-word to make sure they make any white male who uses it a racist. How dare you say such a thing! You may ask, What do you mean? If blacks were really offended by the n-word, they wouldn’t use it in their everyday language or in their music. However, they do. I don’t go around calling my white friends a ‘whitey’ or calling them ‘my caucasion’. This is where the double standard is in this country. I can’t use the n-word but blacks can. Blacks can call me whitey and I can’t scream racism. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson should be screaming racism about that.”

  12. jdgwisd says:

    Doc, this is by far the worst essay you’ve written on this blog. I’m tired of blaming others for the mess we put OURSELVES in. Where our intellectuals can best be put to use is to focus upon usable social and economic strageties to allow for racial growth. I’m personally tired of the blame game. If WE are not willing to help our communities, no one else will. And to expect outside sources to help us with our problems is silly. Doc, this was a terrible essay for two reasons: A) No focus on black self help. B) allowing the hatred of one man to cloud your intellectual judgment. I usually get better arguments from your essay, even when I don’t agree with the content. This was a P… poor essay. This is why I have little use for black intellectuals, even though I’m one myself. ……All sound and fury, signifying nothing.

  13. toomanygrandkids says:

    That’s something Klansmen say towards black men. Why would Jesse say that about Obama? Jesse would say that about ANY black man. Especially if he’s jealous and has hatred for that person. He’s jealous of Obama on many levels. Obama was elected president and Jesse wasn’t. Back in ’88(I think), Jesse ran for president, and thank goodness, he didn’t win. I gave shout-outs to three groups of ppl responsible for Jesse’s loss. Black ppl who had the good sense not to vote for Jesse, white ppl who dislike black ppl, and the white ppl who do get along w/ black ppl. Which left a small amount of folks who actually voted for him. Now Obama’s president, and Jesse wishes it was him. He’s very jealous of Barack. Inside the body and mind of Jesse Jackson lies a Klansmen.

    4.) I read online that Obama told a group of mostly black men to start/help raise their own children and to step up and be real fathers. Well, it seems Jesse didn’t like that. Supposedly, that’s when he made the Klan remark. Jesse, Martin, and Al should’ve been brave enough to preach that, and kept preaching that back in the 60’s. But noooooo. Constantly preaching ‘the white man this, the white man that. Racism/ Slavery this, racism/slavery that’ was way more important to them than keeping black families intact and building/owning black businesses. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that the civil rights movement brought about an anti-black conscious. Not sure if that’s the word I want to use, so maybe you guys can help me out.

    I really didn’t mean to go on and on, well, maybe I did. But there were so much I wanted to say, especially about Jesse. Guess I went a little overboard, huh?

  14. toomanygrandkids says:

    Jesse and every other so-called black leader refuses to tell black ppl that its their OWN IGNORANT BEHAVIOR that lands them in trouble. Did tis jac**ss say he wanted Obama to do something? Let me see what Obama can do:

    1.) He could tell them to STOP shooting up entire neighborhoods. Jesse wouldn’t like that b/c he doesn’t like how Obama tells ni**ers how to behave. Till this day, Jesse has a long-standing relationship w/ gangs/gang members from all four corners of the world. He’ll go visit them while they are in prison or on death row. His half-brother’s serving a life sentence for the usual gang banging/drug dealing s**t–murder, drug traffickicking, murder-for-hire, etc. Everyone who Jesse’s half-brother wanted to kill or have killed was black. One of those ppl was a BLACK WOMAN. And his half-brother was a millionaire. No way is Jesse gonna agree w/ Obama telling ni**ers to stop living the dangerous lifestyle that lands them in prison, on death row or in the grave b/c he agrees with that lifestyle. Plus, Jesse blackmails/cons big corporations out of millions of dollars–forHIS BENEFIT. His son’s following in his daddy’s footsteps.

    2.) One black preacher accused Jesse of ‘vitually inventing black racism’, which is far worse than racism. Jesse and Al overloaded black ppl’s minds w/ racism(and slavery) to the point that EVERYTHING/EVERY SITUATION is racist. BUT THEY ARE WRONG! I agree w/ Ramses: There was nothing wrong or racist about that woman protecting herself against intruders. Jesse fails to realize that everyone has the right to self-defense, even if they are defending themselves against black perpertrators. But Jesse doesn’t see blacks as criminals b/c he’s criminal-minded himself. Surely, a well-rounded criminal isn’t gonna lecture wild and out of control criminals on their behavior.

    3.) Is Jesse KKK-ish? He called Obama a half-breed ni**er, and if that wasn’t bad enough, this FOOL stated that he wanted to cut his n**s out.

  15. toomanygrandkids says:

    I just found your article this morning and I must say that it’s very interesting indeed. I totally agree w/ Ramses (you are the truth!) and Lloyd Christmas(my sentiments exactly).
    Jesse Jackson’s a scam artist/con-man, and race hustler/pimp. He also craves and loves the attention he receives from an audience. I don’t live in Chicago, but I hear about Jesse. Everywhere he goes, Jesse stirs up confusion and hate. He’s so full of bull. Ever since I was a young girl, I wondered why adults liked/admired him, only to realize years later that he was playing them all those years before. Jesse’s been blaming slavery and racism for black ppl’s problems. But that’s not true.

    Back in the 60’s when all of those different black organizations began forming should’ve been an indication that there was a major division among black ppl. If I would’ve been an adult during the Civil Rights Movement, there’s no way in hell I would’ve participated in it. I don’t believe that it required blacks to be assaulted in that manner to obtain civil rights. Bogarding/Forcing themselves into white-owned/white-only establishments wasn’t the ONLY answer. A much better/more realistic plan would have been for Jesse, Al, and all of those other civil rights activist to march into/around BLACK neighborhoods ONLY and set forth some rules pertaining to restraint and discipline among black ppl. Every who’s black is not going to agree w/ the Black Panther Party. I never did and never will. I will admit that after all of their bulls**t, some of them attended colleges and universities. But what was the use of shouting, “Honky this, and pig that,” when they ended up entering a white college? Some Bllack Panthers became criminals. They claimed to be pro-black but they injured and/or killed black ppl. And whenever civil rights activists spoke about it, if they spoke of it, they’d blame racism and slavery. Or, their all-time favorite:THE WHITE MAN!

  16. Paula says:

    My opinion is simple..we as black folks accept our community..example liquor stores; asian/koren/mexican/hispanic can open at any time with no opposition from the community..another sign of the time..LOL our young black men..I actually witness in a meeting a white guy invited a young(supporsely college graduate) to kiss his ass..the young man made hissing sound as to say bend over I WILL…SAD..SAD…WEHAVE LOST A RESPECTFOR OUR BLACK children lives/community and yes, I watched the president cry…ok…but the President can’t, let me repeat myself..can’t stop the killing in our community only we inviting the President to Chicage isn’t going to change one doggone thing..we need to march in our neighboors when this happen..where is the outcry when a kid that looks like us killed in the neighbor..Let take back our community by taken care of our neighbors/watching out for their homes when at work/looking out for the kids playing and when we see someone out of the law..keep your porch/deck light on..criminals don’t like an area when it light and they think someone is watching…one last thing..I do recall the Preident call attention to our Black Men about being responsible parents..stay out of the system..get a job..any job if U need to work to so what..two jobs at McDonalds can be a good salary start until u take a trade/college etc. to better yourself.

  17. Forget You.. says:

    Its too bad that i think you have crossed… Straight into lunacy. Do you need to be back in the spotlight; to the point of making foolish statements to get attention. Well you got my attention and from here on out, I think I can speak for myself. I do not need your speaking for me or my family. You want to be back in the spotlight, Go fix your sons problems.
    As for me leave me out of your foolish agendas.

  18. Ramses says:

    No doubt hoodgirl that’s why I love ya because you are one of the few females on here who understand morality and business. Black people need to understand both go hand in hand

  19. Ramses says:

    WOW!!!!! This is the most hateful argument I have ever read from you dude. Your anger is so misplaced I don’t know where to begin. I want to start with this statement first:

    “Suddenly, some of us have decided that we don’t need Rev. Jackson’s voice any longer, and have gladly traded it in for a voiceless man in Washington who doesn’t even care to say a peep about nearly depression-era black unemployment or a documented discriminatory effort by the prison industrial complex so astonishing that it has ruined most black women’s chances to find a suitable husband (Clinton or Bush would never be allowed to get away with such a thing).”

    You are blaming the prison industry for making it hard for black women to have husbands? Dude have you approached black women in the past 20 years? Do you know how much psychological issues and problems black women have? And I am not being funny either. Marriage requires a level of commitment and sacrifice that many black women care not to offer to many black men. This is truth. Many black women who would have met Barack as a community organizer would have turned him down because he didn’t make enough money.

    Secondly, it’s a large reach to actually link the two together in the first place. “The reason why black women don’t get married is because there are too many brothers in jail, thus making it hard for them to find mates” argument is not backed by sound reason at all because if you actually did a sample of most black women, from various socioeconomic backgrounds, you would find that marriage is not on the top of the list in terms of black women and their goals. Studies have shown this. You exist in a liberal bubble that cause you to say some of the most idiotic things that I just can’t believe you really believe. If you really believe the stuff you’re saying then black people have no hope seriously because black people like what you say not surprisingly because they tend to agree with people who say there problems are not due to their own hand.

    Let’s get to the heart of the matter: the moral fiber of black people as a group of people has eroded to the point of no return. You can go to any major part of this country where black people dominate as a demographic and see the decay in their neighborhoods, the few businesses they have, and the people as well. People’s environments are a reflection of the people in it. If you have a violent neighborhood, then you have violent people. Poverty tends to do two things: motivate you to do better or motivate you be criminal-minded. Too many black people have not used poverty as a way to motivate themselves to do better. I was talking to my preacher friend and me and her both agreed that black people hate the word authority. And this was a black woman in agreement with me. As soon as you tell black people something that is truthful about themselves when it comes to their negative way of thinking, they become agitated like a demon. Who is prepared on here to say that a teenager who goes out here and shoots someone should not be executed? Too many times we feel sorry more for the criminal than the victim. First and foremost, I would think a people like black people, who have collectively been attacked in this society, would be the major proponents of gun rights, but instead are begging for gun rights to be taken away. The Panthers used to ride around and monitor the police but what they really need to do is ride around and monitor the behavior of black people because the criminal element is out of control. It’s funny how when the topic of out-of-wedlock mother comes up, black people get quiet on this front or make all types of excuses. Why is that?

    Why does out-of-wedlock mothers get a free pass on their irresponsible behavior but the President is called to answer and atone for their sins? But once again, when black women’s behavior gets analyzed honestly and openly, it’s termed women bashing. We all know that a woman can’t have a child by herself but ultimately the responsibility falls on her shoulders who she chooses to have a child with. In a GRE prep class I took, they said it costs about $300,000 to raise a child properly. Some people will never see this amount of money ever in their lifetime. So why should these people have children who can barely provide for themselves, let alone a child? There is a direct correlation to the out-of-wedlock mothers out here and the criminal element they produce and project onto the world in the black community and outside of it as well. White boys are not coming into black neighborhoods and killing black people. But there are black boys going into white people’s areas and killing them for flat screen tvs. In Georgia recently, a white woman shot a black man, ex-con 5 times in the neck and face for breaking into her home with a crowbar and scaring the hell out of her and her children. I guess she was racist for defending herself right? If she hadn’t had the gun that her husband taught her how to use at the range, and have him on the phone to assure her how to use it, no telling what would have happened to her and her children and I support her blasting his dumb ass too. Because I hate nigger shit. White people have never burglarized my home but niggas definitely have.

    This statement is so reprehensible I can’t even put into words:

    President Obama, who earned the extraordinary distinction of being the first bi-racial president in American history, is at risk of having his legacy in black history tossed into the trash. Even more interesting is that I don’t think he really cares, not unlike the man who wonders why his mistress loves him so much when he rarely picks up the phone to call her. The black community, who supported Obama more than any other group, has sat to the side and quietly allowed the White House to put every group in the front of the line except for us.

    Now he’s bi-racial? When did black people start using the term “bi-racial’ to describe someone they considered black? You hate this man because of his clear connection to white people from a biological perspective. You don’t feel he’s authentic enough as a Man do you. He has to fit inside of your box which is an ignorant one that consists of labels that don’t really mean anything. However, when all these deaths in the inner cities were happening on Clinton’s watch, I did not see one of you negroes blast him at all. Where were you’ll at? Hmmmm? As long as he was playing the saxophone for you jungle bunnies, and laying the pimp game down on you telling you what you wanted to hear (like it’s not your fault that you had all these babies out-of-wedlock) you had no problem. But as soon as Barack comes into office, he’s required to come up with a cure for the nigger syndrome? GTFOH. Is it so hard to close your legs as a woman? I mean seriously.

    Did not the government have abstinence only programs out here to teach girls and boys the dangers of teenage pregnancy? Yet black people said that was too unrealistic!!! Are you kidding me? Damn I’m a Man and I can keep it in my pants. Why can’t black women? Penis is not so good that it’ll have you sleeping in a cardboard box eating ramen noodles. Having children is always an economic decision and should be weighed heavily before a female engages in it because I do not want to hear any arguments about women being independent and don’t need a man if they are choosing to have children out-of-wedlock. When men were much more in control of their families in the 20’s, if a Man was divorced from his wife, he got the children automatically because family was the responsibility of men, including his wife. So even though there was no more marriage, men still were obligated to their children. Men did not receive government assistance to aid them in taking care of their children. However, since courts are more prone to give women children in custody battles, why is it that women who fight for equal rights so much, are always asking the government to intervene on their behalf when it comes to child rearing monetarily?

    If we want things so equal, then why don’t women who have children, and get control of them, be made to take care of them just like men were made to take care of their children in the 20’s in case of divorce? Because women are clearly showing in this country that they are the least capable and responsible when it comes to taking care of children, especially by themselves. The last thing i would want, based off of what I’ve seen, is to be raised by a single mother. That is a death sentence for the most part for real. I lived with my Dad since I was two, after he and my mother divorced, and he didn’t have all types of women around me like that.

    Many children, who grow up with a single mother, see a revolving door of men and think this is normal behavior for a woman. Yeah if she’s a prostitute. So what you have is women who behave like prostitutes in terms of their sexual promiscuity, yet having the role of mothers, not the sense of mothers. And you’ll wonder why these kids are screwed up? We have had 60 years of this out-of-wedlock experiment and it has proved disastrous. The music genre known as “Rap” has given us since 1993 videos showing females as hoes. And each year after that it got worse to the point “Tip Drill” has become the norm. But Barack is responsible for that right? Why don’t you see Indian women exposed like that? Because there are clear consequences for a female to objectify herself in a sexual manner (she gets cast out of her family and she does not get married by an Indian man). There is no need for government intervention at all: this is something enforced culturally within the ethnic group. Indian men only believe in marrying virgins. They believe in bringing back a woman to his family that his mother would approve of and I can guarantee you that no Indian mother would ever approve of her son marrying a whore, Indian or not. There used to be a time when black women acted the same way. Now you have black mothers who stand in the way of their sons becoming husbands because they use their sons as de-facto husbands, stunting their growth.

    Black people have misunderstood the world completely. Majority of the people in the world operate by the Old Testament standards in terms of family building and marriage customs. There are places where women are checked first to see if they are virgins before a Man enters them. These people make sure they protect Men from getting themselves enveloped with women who will only bring them down through their sexually depraved ways. This is why prostitutes exist: if you wanted to experience sex with no responsibilities, these women were available for you in that capacity but you didn’t marry them. Now you have men out here marrying and procreating with women who are more in line with Julia Robert’s character in “Pretty Woman.” Only in America can you have a movie that depicts a love story between a prostitute and a businessman!!!! You will not see businessmen fall in love with prostitutes, especially white ones, in America. Because they have something to lose and will not lose it to a prostitute. Look at what happened to Eliot Spitzer. He resigned from the Governor position because his sexual relations were revealed by that stupid brawd. His identity was supposed to be kept hidden, yet they snitched on him.

    But when it came out, you had people feeling sorry for the chick!!! When have we ever as humanity felt sorry for prostitutes? When have they ever been given rights? In America, in the last 60 years, they have been given rights. And as long as there is no repercussion for their behavior, then you will continuously see black people get annihilated in the streets by their own kind because there is no male around to put a boot up these kids asses. And to me, there is nothing worse than some bad ass kids. I hate ’em with a passion. Because they reflect on the parent. Let me rephrase that: the lack of parenting reflects negatively on the kids. They show the parent has done a poor job rearing their child. Which is why it’s ludicrous to put the killing of black people, by other black people including kids killing kids and adults on Barack’s shoulders. Sandy Hook had children being attacked by an adult male with no ability to protect themselves. Hadiya was killed by someone who comes from an environment where all people show a lack of regard for life. If black people really did regard black life, then why do so many of them take it? Sandy Hook was an isolated incident. Hadiya’s case is all to much the norm. Colombine, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook are unexpected: Chicago’s murder rate is the norm. That’s the difference. And the blame is placed directly at the feet of black people and their dependent-minded selves who think government will solve all of their problems.

    And then you say this:

    “Of course, there are those who might read my words and somehow conclude that I’m a traitor because I refuse to worship any politician. They might be livid over the fact that I’ve openly questioned whether a bi-racial man raised in Hawaii by white people can truly connect to many parts of the black experience. As much as we hate to admit it, Obama may have cried for the white kids because he was once a white kid himself. Obama was never a poor black boy on the south side of Chicago.”

    Dude you blaming him for being raised by people with some sense? Do I sense a little bit of jealousy there? Are you jealous that his background was much more structured than yours? Dude your hate is very much prevalent in your articles regarding Barack. Black people think this type of criticism will get them somewhere with this President but it won’t. You can critique respectfully because I never saw any of you clowns critique Clinton this way at all and he wasn’t so great for black people either. I believe that the best way for black people to get themselves back to respectability is to attach themselves to the republican Party and the core values of it because these values used to be the norm for Blacks but now seem outdated.

    Blaming Barack for the deaths in Chicago is a ponk move if I ever saw one and niggas like you make me wanna puke. Moral values start at home first and if your home environment is broken, then you will more than likely be a broken person entering into society and causing problems for not only yourself, but others as well. Niggas like you, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West are corny. Read so many books, but have no common sense whatsoever.

    This question by dcarter says it all:

    “I wish people would stop tap dancing around these self evident truths…sure we might not have an answer but that doesnt mean we have to ignore the question. Why does ignorance and mental dependency seem prevalent in blacks?”

    My answer would be that despite their complaints, blacks are quite content to be a subservient class of people. They are not interested in freedom at all: only the notion of freedom. Like some women are only interested in the notion of love, but not really interested in making the sacrifices necessary that demonstrate love. As soon as black people are required to make sacrifices (like stop being morally depraved) their first response is to blame someone else for their nigger shit. That’s why I love my South American bros and sisters because even though they have slavery as apart of their history, they still have pride in themselves. They are not perfect but they at least are trying. Black people have all but given up on themselves as a collective unit and this is why I call ’em losers. I have no use for stupid articles like this written by someone who claims to be educated because wherever you went to school, I can promise you you do not add value as an alumnus at all.

  20. hoodgirl says:

    @Dcarter910 great comment. We tend to focus too much on others instead of self, family and community in that order. Above all we must abandon the victim mentality as Dr. Benjamin Carson suggested so that we can reach our full potential.

  21. ulo media says:

    Dcarter910 you are absolutely right!

  22. ulo media says:

    Great article – still our black males embracing gangster rap is a Major reason they kill each other. No one in our so called leadership got the guts to say it. Therefore not a damn thing going to change.

  23. Dcarter910 says:

    No offense Mr.Boyce but at this point you are beating a dead horse. We have shown through and discussed time and time again that through the WILLFUL ignorance of black people, they will continue to support Barack Obama and anyone that ignores and destroys the black community. Recent point; Chris Rock comes out and says that Barack Obama is like the father of our country, we should listen to him because when we dont bad things happen. That is some subservient negro attitude that has left the continent of Africa in a perpetual state of being ruled by dictatorships. Black people prefer dictators that tell them what to do, what to believe and does not ask them to do anything for themselves.

    Most black people are closed minded and have a very dependent attitude. I dont know how to change it but it’s evident. Someone is going to ask me for proof of these statements, you want proof? Ask yourself why websites like this are far and few in between? Why is it surprising and refreshing to meet and communicate with open minded mentally independent blacks? Why anywhere in the country where blacks are the majority, whites, asians and middle eastern people run the stores and local government.

    I wish people would stop tap dancing around these self evident truths…sure we might not have an answer but that doesnt mean we have to ignore the question. Why does ignorance and mental dependency seem prevalent in blacks? Not just American Blacks but especially Africa. Africa is the most minerally rich continent on earth and yet Chinese are coming in buying huge swaths of land, developing it and exporting all the resources back to China while the local governments get rich and the African people kill each other over the pennies the Chinese give them? Why? There are no industries that blacks are the leaders in. Even middle easterners are the best when it comes to making home made bombs.

    I dont hate or dislike black people. I am just tired of seeing one thing, wanting to believe something else and thus arguing for fantasy.

  24. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Jesse Jackson is a bigot. He brainwashes the African American community into thinking their problems is always someone else’s fault. He preaches onsense and as soon as his followers can understand that, the sooner the African American communities, in Chicago especially, can begin to strengthen and fight crime together. This scumbag was caught on tape mocking and criticizing the President. He’s a liar and a snake. His family members are criminals. He’s all washed up. 1983 was 30 years ago.

  25. Marcus Vessey says:

    That is a deep article Boyce on many levels.

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